Gel Blaster Vs Splatrball Gun: Which Is Better And Why?

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Step into the world of thrilling battles where imagination meets reality, and let me be your guide through the exhilarating realm of gel blasters and Splatrball guns. As a seasoned player who has experienced the adrenaline rush of real-life competitions, I’m here to explore the ultimate showdown between these two awe-inspiring toys.

In this article, I will delve deep into the mesmerizing world of gel blasters and splat guns, deciphering their strengths, weaknesses, and distinct features. Join me as we unravel the mysteries behind these Orbeez guns, uncovering the secrets that lie within their design, performance, and overall gaming experience.

Whether you’re an experienced player seeking new adventures or a curious soul ready to step into the world of squishy gel balls for the very first time, this comparison of gel blaster vs splatter ball gun will arm you to make an informed choice. So, lock and load, my friends, as we embark on a journey that will redefine your understanding of fun and unleash your inner child!

Gel Blaster Vs Splatrball Gun

The Rise Of Gel Blasters: A Closer Look At This Innovative Toy

As someone experienced with gel blasters, I can tell you that they are incredible toy guns that unleash water-filled gel beads. The combination of their ammunition and their striking resemblance to blasters from sci-fi movies and games is what gives gel blasters their well-deserved name. It’s fascinating how these toy guns come in various designs, mimicking realistic firearms like sniper rifles, AK-47s, MP5s, UZIs, and many more.

Now, in this particular case, I want to focus on the brand that shares the same name – Gel Blaster. Although there are plenty of other manufacturers that offer similar toy guns classified as gel blaster guns, I must say that the Surge and Starfire models from the brand Gel Blaster truly stand out. These models possess exceptional features, stunning designs, impressive range, remarkable speed, and outstanding accuracy.

However, it’s worth noting that gel blasters possess several distinguishing design features and characteristics that set them apart from Splat R Ball guns. For example, all Gel Blaster models utilize top-fed hoppers to store and feed gellets into the Orbeez gun, showcasing an innovative approach. Additionally, many gel blaster guns pack a punch with their superior power, surpassing what SplatRBall guns can deliver, although there are exceptions.

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Playing with gel blasters

Advantages Of Gel Blasters Over Splatrball Guns

You can adjust the muzzle velocity and set a lower FPS suitable for kids or small fields.

Gel blasters (Surge and Starfire) can shoot much farther than most splat guns.

The maximum muzzle velocity you can get in a gel blaster beats the most powerful Splat R Ball gun by a large margin.

I love the triple blast mode available in Gel Blaster Surge XL and Starfire XL.

Smaller gel blaster models are available for kids aged above 9 years, while the minimum recommended age for splat guns is 14 years.

Limitations Of Gel Blasters

I’m not a big fan of gravity-fed hoppers available with gel blasters, as they somewhat block the line of sight and make it harder to aim.

The starting price for gel blasters is slightly higher than that for Splat R Ball guns.

Popular Gel Blaster Models

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Splat R Ball Guns: Understanding The Basics And Beyond

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Splatrball guns, and I must say they are quite similar to gel blasters in terms of functionality and enjoyment. These fantastic toys are manufactured by the renowned brand, Splat R Ball.

While there are resemblances between gel blasters and Splat R Ball guns, one key distinction catches the eye—the position of the ammunition magazine. In the case of splatter ball guns, the spring-powered magazines are located underneath the barrel. This not only lends a more realistic appearance to the guns but also facilitates aiming and shooting, enhancing the overall experience.

When it comes to aesthetics, Splat R Ball guns have their own distinct color theme. Bright orange parts take the spotlight against a white or grey background, creating an eye-catching combination. The design of these Orbeez guns often replicates that of assault rifles and submachine guns, which particularly resonates with gamers like myself who have an affinity for such weaponry.

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Playing with splat r ball gun

Benefits Of Splatrball Guns Over Gel Blasters

The spring-powered magazines make Splatrball guns more realistic to shoot and allow you to aim down the sights.

Splat guns are quite sturdy and durable, with their strong ABS and nylon composite bodies.

Compared to the Gel Blaster XL models, the relatively compact design makes SplatRBall guns easier to wield and quicker to aim with.

You’d get a slightly higher ammo capacity in the Splat R Ball SRB1200’s drum magazine.

Disadvantages Of Splat Guns

Some of the smaller splat guns (SRB370 and 375 mini) have very low ammo capacity – less than half the hopper capacity of a gel blaster gun.

Since there’s no way to adjust the muzzle velocity, even the small Splat R Ball guns like SRB 375 are recommended for children aged at least 14 years or above.

Popular Splat R Ball Gun Models

  • Splatrball SRB1200 (Amazon Link)
  • Splatrball SRB400
  • Splatrball SRB400-SUB (Amazon Link)
  • Splatrball 375 mini
  • Splatrball ‎SRB370

Gel Blaster Vs Splatrball Comparison

While both gel blasters and splatter ball guns are quite popular and offer great value for money, I decided to compare and check which is really better – both on paper and practically. For this, I considered the whole range of Orbeez guns from both brands.

Point Of DifferenceGel BlasterSplatrball Gun
Muzzle Velocity90 to 250 FPS (adjustable), depending on the model135 to 210 FPS, depending on the model
Rate Of Fire8 to 12 rounds per second7 to 11 rounds per second
Range100 to 150 feet50 to 100+ feet
MaterialHigh quality plasticHigh-quality ABS and Nylon composite body
Shooting Modes2 to 3 modes (Triple blast, Full-auto, and semi-automatic)2 modes (Full-auto, and semi-automatic)
BatteryRechargeable batteries with USB-C fast charging500 to 1800 mAh rechargeable battery
Age RequirementRecommended for kids older than 9 yearsRecommended for kids aged at least 14 years or more
Magazine/ Hopper Capacity800 to 1000 gellets375 to 1200 splat balls
AccuracyHigh accuracy, especially for long-distance shooting with the XL modelsHigh accuracy and easier to aim down the sights
Price$49.99 to $99.99$49 to $109.90

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The Differences Between Gel Blaster And Splatrball Gun

Muzzle Velocity

For those passionate players in search of the ultimate gel ball gun, look no further than the extraordinary world of gel blasters. Specifically, the Surge XL and Starfire XL models reign supreme in terms of muzzle velocity, measured in FPS (feet per second). With an impressive firing speed of 250 feet per second, these gel blasters far surpass the might of SplatRBall guns. To put it into perspective, the highest muzzle velocity achievable with a Splat R Ball gun is 210 FPS.

On the other hand, if you’re in pursuit of a gentler blaster suitable for young ones, the pistol models from Gel Blaster (Surge and Starfire) and SRB370 or SRB375-mini from Splat R Ball are ideal choices. Their muzzle velocities range from 90 to 170 FPS, striking a balance between thrilling gameplay and safety for both kids and adults alike.

One notable advantage of Gel Blaster toys is the flexibility they offer in terms of adjustable muzzle velocity. Every gel blaster model comes equipped with two different muzzle velocity options, allowing players to tailor their shooting experience to their preferences. In contrast, SplatRBall guns typically have a fixed muzzle velocity, limiting customization possibilities.

Rate Of Fire

When it comes to engaging in intense, competitive matches, the fire rate of a gel blaster or splat ball gun becomes a critical consideration. In the heat of battle, having a weapon with a higher rate of fire can truly make all the difference. It provides you with a significant advantage when going head-to-head with opponents and allows you to exert control over the battlefield.

While both gel blasters and splat ball guns offer a high rate of fire, it’s worth noting that gel blaster guns have a slight edge in the full-automatic mode. Splatrball guns typically achieve a fire rate ranging from 7 to 11 balls per second, providing a steady stream of ammunition. On the other hand, gel blasters exhibit an even faster rate, capable of spitting out an impressive 8 to 12 balls every second, further intensifying the action.

Considering the importance of fire rate in competitive scenarios, opting for a gel blaster with its slightly higher rate of fire can grant you that crucial split-second advantage. It enhances your ability to unleash a rapid barrage of gel beads, overwhelming your opponents and solidifying your position on the battlefield.

Shooting Range

When it comes to the shooting range, gel blasters effortlessly outperform splat ball guns, highlighting yet another area of superiority. It’s astonishing to witness the capabilities even the least powerful Gel Blaster models possess. Take, for instance, the pistol-style Surge blasters, which can effortlessly reach distances exceeding 100 feet. The more formidable XL models push the boundaries even further, boasting an impressive effective shooting range of 150 feet.

In comparison, while less powerful SplatRBall guns such as the SRB 375 offer a range of over 50 feet, models like the SRB1200 (review) can hit targets beyond the 100-feet mark with reasonable accuracy. Although the range of splat guns is by no means subpar, it becomes evident that even the least powerful gel blasters showcase similar shooting distances as the top-notch Splat R Ball guns.

This disparity in range emphasizes the incredible capabilities of gel blaster guns. Their ability to project gel beads over considerable distances allows for engaging gameplay scenarios, whether you’re sniping opponents from a distance or engaging in dynamic close-quarter battles. The extended shooting range of gel blasters provides players with increased flexibility and strategic options, enabling them to dominate the field with precision and efficiency.

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When it comes to durability, there is a noticeable difference between gel blasters and splatter ball guns, despite both being constructed from plastic materials. Splat R Ball guns, in particular, are designed with toughness in mind. The utilization of robust ABS plastic and composite bodies ensures a higher level of damage resistance. This resilience becomes crucial in the fast-paced and impactful nature of a splat ball game, where the risk of cracks and breakages is ever-present.

While gel blasters are undoubtedly high-quality toys, I couldn’t help but notice that they may not possess the same level of durability as SplatRBall guns. Gel blasters often incorporate additional design features and integrations, such as colored fins, which may enhance their appearance but also introduce potential vulnerability points that could lead to damage.

In a world where game enthusiasts seek toys that can withstand rigorous activity and endure the challenges of intense gameplay, the sturdiness of Splat R Ball guns sets them apart. Their durable construction ensures that they can endure the rigors of splat ball matches, allowing players to engage in spirited gameplay without the constant worry of their weapon succumbing to wear and tear.

Shooting Modes

When choosing a gel blaster or splat ball gun, the available shooting modes play a pivotal role, as they can provide you with a valuable tactical advantage. Both types of Orbeez guns typically offer two shooting modes: semi-automatic and full auto.

In the semi-automatic mode, you have complete control over each shot, requiring you to press the trigger every time you want to fire. This mode grants you precision and allows for strategic decision-making during intense gameplay scenarios.

On the other hand, the full-automatic mode unleashes a continuous torrent of gel beads, firing at the highest possible rate the blaster can deliver. This mode provides a relentless stream of firepower, perfect for suppressing the enemy or engaging in rapid-fire exchanges. The full-auto mode remains active until you switch back to semi-automatic.

What sets the Gel Blaster Surge XL and Starfire XL apart is the inclusion of a third firing mode: triple burst. As the name suggests, this mode unleashes a volley of three gel beads with each trigger pull. Personally, I find the triple burst mode particularly exciting and effective. It allows me to overwhelm opponents with a rapid firing rate, swiftly incapacitating them without expending excessive ammunition.


Like most Orbeez guns, both gel blasters and splat guns come equipped with rechargeable batteries, offering the convenience of easy charging using modern Type C cables. This eliminates the need to remove the batteries for charging purposes, streamlining the overall user experience.

However, it’s important to note that the battery capacity can significantly vary among different Splat R Ball gun models. For instance, I must admit that I found the battery capacity of the SRB 375 somewhat lacking, with only 500 mAh. This limited capacity may result in shorter play sessions and more frequent charging requirements, potentially causing inconvenience during gameplay.

On the other hand, the Splatrball SRB 1200 boasts a high 1800 mAh battery capacity, ensuring that you can engage in gameplay for several hours without interruption. The ample battery capacity of the SRB 1200 offers an extended playtime, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the excitement of the game.

A larger battery capacity not only allows for extended playtime but also helps alleviate the hassle of frequent charging. By investing in a gel bead gun with a higher battery capacity, you can enjoy longer-lasting gameplay sessions and minimize interruptions caused by low battery levels.

Age Requirement

When purchasing a toy gun for a kid, it is essential to consider the recommended minimum age requirements set by the manufacturer. While Orbeez guns are generally deemed safer, it is crucial to ensure that children are of an appropriate age to handle the toy responsibly and adhere to all safety guidelines.

In this context, gel blasters are a suitable choice for younger kids, as the minimum age requirement for some of these blasters is at least nine years. Gel blasters provide an exciting and engaging experience for children who are beginning to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. With proper supervision and guidance, younger kids can safely enjoy the immersive world of gel bead battles, fostering their imagination and strategic thinking.

On the other hand, the brand Splat R Ball recommends their splat guns for children aged 14 years and above. The higher age recommendation reflects the potentially more intense gameplay experience these guns offer. Splatrball guns are designed to cater to the preferences of older children and teenagers who may appreciate the additional features and complexity provided by these advanced toy guns.

Magazine/ Hopper Capacity

One of the standout features that I truly appreciate about the Splatrball SRB 1200 is its remarkable large drum magazine, boasting an impressive capacity of 1200 splat balls. This ample ammunition storage ensures that you can engage in extended gameplay sessions without the constant concern of running out of ammunition. It provides a sense of reassurance and allows you to focus on the thrill of the game, rather than worrying about replenishing your supply of splatter balls.

In comparison, the largest hopper capacity available for gel blasters is typically around 1000 gellets. Although it may not match the impressive capacity of the SRB 1200, it still provides a substantial amount of ammunition to sustain gameplay without the constant need for reloading. The reasonable hopper capacity of gel blasters guarantees that you can immerse yourself fully in the action, knowing that you have an ample supply of gellets at your disposal.

Even smaller gel blasters are designed with large hoppers, accommodating over 800 gellets. This ensures that players using these models can enjoy extended periods of play without the interruption of frequent reloading, maximizing their participation and enjoyment in gel bead battles.

However, certain splat guns, such as the SRB 370 and SRB 375, feature smaller magazines that hold less than 400 splat balls. While these Orbeez guns may offer a more compact and lightweight design, their smaller magazine capacity necessitates more frequent reloading during gameplay. This could potentially disrupt the flow and intensity of the battle, requiring players to strategize their ammunition usage and manage their resources more carefully.


When it comes to accuracy, both gel ball guns—gel blasters and splat R ball guns—deliver commendable performance, ensuring that your shots hit their mark. However, there are notable differences in terms of aiming and accurate shooting experience.

Splatrball guns offer a distinct advantage in terms of accuracy as they allow you to aim down the sights, simulating the experience of using a real firearm. This feature enhances your precision and enables you to take carefully aimed shots, resulting in a higher likelihood of hitting your target. The ability to align your sights with the target creates a sense of familiarity and control, particularly for players who enjoy a more realistic shooting experience.

On the other hand, gel blasters typically have hoppers fixed on top, which can occasionally obstruct your line of sight when aiming. While this may pose a slight challenge to achieving pinpoint accuracy, it does not significantly diminish the overall performance of gel blasters. With practice and adjustment to the blaster’s design, players can still achieve satisfactory accuracy and enjoy the excitement of gel bead battles.


When it comes to pricing, both gel blasters and Splat R Ball guns offer options that cater to various budget ranges. While there might be slight differences in the initial cost, it’s important to consider the overall value and features provided by each model.

Splat R Ball guns generally have a slightly lower entry point in terms of price, making them an attractive option for those looking for an affordable gel ball gun. However, it’s essential to assess the specific model and its features to determine if it meets your requirements and preferences.

On the other hand, the Gel Blaster Starfire XL, priced slightly higher than the SRB 1200, offers unique advantages that might justify the additional cost. It’s crucial to consider the added value provided by the Gel Blaster Starfire XL, such as its extended effective range, customizable shooting modes, or any other distinguishing features that enhance your gaming experience.

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So, Gel Blaster Or Splatter Ball Gun: Which Is Better For You?

From power and range to accuracy and shooting modes, both gel blasters and Splat R ball guns bring their own unique strengths to the battlefield. While gel blasters boast impressive power and a diverse range of designs, Splat R Ball guns offer enhanced accuracy and a realistic shooting experience.

While budget considerations are important, it’s equally vital to evaluate the overall quality, durability, performance, and features of each gel ball gun within your price range. Assessing these factors ensures that you make an informed decision and select a gel ball gun that not only fits your budget but also meets your expectations in terms of functionality, reliability, and enjoyment.

Ultimately, the decision between gel blaster guns and SplatRBall guns should be based on a balance of affordability, desired features, and overall value. By considering these factors, you can find the gel ball gun that offers the best combination of price and performance, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the thrilling world of gel bead battles without compromising on your gaming experience.

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