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Ever wondered how fast those gel balls travel? It’s all measured in Feet Per Second, or FPS. When it comes to FPS, I’ve had my fair share of gaming experiences. With my nephew, I set my Gel Blaster Surge to 90 FPS, but when I team up with my gamer friend, we pump it up to 200+ FPS.

Why does FPS matter so much? Well, it’s a major game-changer. A gel blaster gun with a lower FPS might be safer for home use, but a higher FPS gives players a distinct combat advantage in competitive matches.

But there’s more to the story. I’m ready to uncover the ins and outs, from its advancements and limitations to the safety precautions, all from the perspective of someone who’s been right in the action.

Gel Blaster FPS

How Powerful Are Gel Blasters?

In the world of gel ball games, we’ve got some awesome guns to choose from: Gel Blasters, Orbeez guns, and splatter ball guns. What’s cool is that these toys have three ways to shoot: single shot, semi-auto and full-auto.

If you’re all about accuracy and hitting your target exactly where you want, the single shot mode is your jam. It’s like being a sniper, taking careful aim from a long distance before each shot.

On the flip side, if you’re into spraying shots at targets and creating a crazy barrage of gel balls, then the full-auto mode is where it’s at. Think of it as having a powerful machine gun at your hand.

The semi-auto mode falls right between the other two. Usually, when you press the trigger in this mode, most blasters shoot 3 rounds of gel balls. It’s like a controlled burst of firepower. This mode is a real game-changer, especially when you’re up close in battles.

The majority of gel ball guns are designed to shoot at a velocity of 90-200 FPS. Some high-performance blasters can achieve FPS of up to 280. For example, a Surge XL, one of my most favorite gel blaster, has a shooting power of 250 feet per second.

It’s important to keep in mind that different countries and regions have their own laws and guidelines about the maximum speed or muzzle velocity allowed for gel blasters. In the United States, these rules can vary based on local regulations or state laws.

Can A High FPS Penetrate The Skin?

Gel ball blasters are generally designed to prioritize safety by minimizing the risk of skin penetration, thanks to their lower projectile speeds. However, there’s a rare chance of harm, particularly in sensitive areas.

Once the muzzle velocity goes over 300 FPS, there’s a potential for bruises or even skin penetration. This is why both paintball and gel blaster speeds typically stay under 300 FPS.

When it surpasses 350 FPS, the danger becomes significantly higher, potentially leading to severe injury or even fatality, necessitating immediate medical attention.

From my own experience, I’ve tried blasters with 200 and 250 FPS and found them manageable. Beyond 200 FPS, you’ll usually feel a quick stinging sensation and see a pink mark on exposed skin. Notably, facial injuries are rare.

The critical point: Always prioritize safety by wearing protective gear like goggles and masks when using these toy guns – IT’S AN ABSOLUTE MUST.

The FPS Range Of Gel Blasters

When it comes to gel blaster games, FPS levels are like the secret sauce, but they’re only part of the recipe. Skill and strategy mix in to make the real magic. You’ve got two choices: go for a high FPS gel gun or upgrade your current blaster. Let’s dive into the FPS ranges for blasters, exploring the pros and cons along the way.

600 FPS

First off, forget about a 600 FPS gel blaster from the market – it’s a no-go due to safety. Keep in mind that high muzzle velocity might not be allowed everywhere, so you need to double-check the rules before you even think about using these blasters. And honestly, shooting gel balls at such high speeds? That’s a risky game you want to avoid.

500 FPS

Experts agree: a 500 FPS blaster is a bad idea. It’s not practical, costs a bunch, and worst of all, it could be dangerous. We’re talking about the kind of power that’s against the law in many places and not the kind of fun you’re looking for.

400 FPS

Another caution flag for a blaster hitting 400 FPS. The thing shoots real fast, which is cool, but it’s also a major accident waiting to happen if you’re not careful. Seriously, think twice before you even consider using something this intense. In many arenas, organizers provide participants with 400 FPS blasters, but their use is limited inside.

300 FPS

This is the maximum allowable limit for a lot of gel blaster guns. You can either upgrade an existing one or buy a new model. Think JinMing Gen 9 M4A1, HK416D Gel Blaster, SCAR V2 Gel Blaster, or a tricked-out J9 Gel Blaster. But here’s the twist: these might not be all that easy to find in the market.

250 FPS

A 250 FPS blaster is the goldilocks zone – just right. It’s the standard for a reason. It’s fast enough for adults to enjoy the fun. Also, many gel blaster models can be tweaked to hit that 250 feet per second mark, so there’s a bit of DIY fun in there too.

Some examples are: EMERBU Modified Gel Ball Blaster M4A1, Scorpion EVO, Noxew m4 cob gel blaster, and many more.

200 FPS

Personally, I love to play at 200 FPS- the average muzzle velocity of gel blasters. It’s a nice balance of speed and safety for the family. It’s like the sweet spot for adventure without going overboard. Models like SplatRball SRB1200 Full Auto, UnlocX Splatter Ball Gun, Large AKM-47, and Oskeray AK74 gel blaster fall into this range – pretty rad choices.

Below 200 FPS

Now, let’s talk about the sub-200 FPS category – the safety zone. Gel blaster models like Gel Blaster Surge Gen2, Gel Blaster Surge Gen3 (with adjustable FPS), UnlocX Gel, and Anstoy Splatter Ball Blaster reside comfortably in this realm. These options promise a fun-filled experience while prioritizing safety for kids.

Bottom line: FPS knowledge is your best friend for making smart gel blaster moves while keeping the fun and safety meters in check.

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FPS Of Some Popular Gel Blaster Guns

Gel BlastersFPS Range
Gel blaster surge Gen390-170
Gel blaster surge XL250
Gel blaster Starfire XL250
Anstoy gel blaster180
Lasermag M416 gel blaster200
Nerf Pro gel blaster150
Voswuen M4A1 gel blaster280
Unlocx gel blaster200
AKM47 gel blaster180
Scorpion gel blaster200
JMX2 gel blaster150-160

While choosing the best gel blaster, keep this crucial tip in mind: higher FPS equals higher risk of injury. Gel blasters with a muzzle velocity of 200 to 280 FPS are the most powerful ones available in the United States. As you gear up for the game, prioritizing your safety is non-negotiable. Powerful Orbeez guns and splat guns with a FPS rate of more than 200 should not be placed in the hands of minors and must be handled carefully.

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer is a Recreational Gamer, Author, and Co-Founder of ThrilloGaming. He holds a degree in Sports Management from Mississippi College (MC), Unites States. His experience and proficiency in the field allow him to provide winning strategies, creative ideas, and expert advice.

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