Best Splatter Ball Gun To Buy In 2023: The Ultimate Guide

By Tavish Archer
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Kieren’s eyes lit up as he squeezed the trigger of the SplatRBall SRB1200, firing a flurry of colorful gellets at his opponents. It was his first time playing with a splat ball gun, and he was hooked. “I wish I had one of these,” he said, admiring the gun’s sleek design and accuracy. I understand the feeling since I already owned the same model.

As we left the arena, I knew I had to help my friend get his own blaster. So, I researched and tested the best splatter ball guns for 2023 and found ten of the strongest, fastest, safest, and most powerful models available. I had used some of them before, but I was excited to explore new options.

With my list in hand with the promise of a thrilling experience, I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to find his perfect match. In the end, I decided to write down this article to share my experience and help out others who are also looking for a perfect gel splat gun for themselves. So, let’s dive in!

Best Splatter Ball Gun

Top Picks For Splatter Guns (Quick List)

SplatRBall SRB1200 Splatter Ball Gun

1. SRB1200 Splatter Ball Gun (Most Powerful)

Features: 100+ feet range, 210 FPS speed, 11 RPS rate of fire, Full Auto mode, 7.4V 1800 mAh Li-ion battery, 1200 rounds magazine capacity, 6000 splatter balls

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UnlocX Splatter Ball Pistol V2

2. UnlocX Splatter Ball Pistol V2 (Best Range)

Features: 100+ feet range, 200 FPS speed, 11 RPS rate of fire, Full Auto mode, 7.4V 1200mAh Li-ion battery, 700 rounds magazine capacity, 3500 gel balls

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SplatRball SRB400-SUB Splatter Gun

3. Splat R Ball SRB400-SUB (Best SMG Design)

Features: 100+ feet range, 200 FPS muzzle velocity, 8 RPS rate of fire, Semi and Full Automatic modes, 7.4V 1800 mAh Li-ion battery, 400 rounds magazine capacity, 40000 splat balls

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Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic

4. Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster (Best Stylish)

Features: 85 feet range, 100 FPS speed, 10 RPS rate of fire, Semi and full Automatic mode, 7.4V Li-ion battery, 800 rounds magazine capacity, 10000 rounds of splatter balls

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SpblastB AKM-47 Splatter Ball Gun

5. SpblastB AKM-47 Splat Gun (Highest Ammo Capacity)

Features: 100 feet range, 200 FPS speed, 5 RPS rate of fire, Semi, Manual, and Full Automatic modes, Li-ion battery, 1500+400 rounds magazine capacity, 40000 splatter ball ammo

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6. YaGee Splatter Ball Gun (Best Design)

Features: 80 feet range, 200 FPS muzzle velocity, 8 RPS rate of fire, Semi and Full Automatic mode, Li-ion battery, 800 rounds hopper capacity, 10000 gel balls

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Ferllde Automatic M4 Splatter Ball Gun

7. Ferllde M4 Splat Ball Gun (Best Realistic)

Features: 75 feet range, 180 FPS muzzle velocity, 15 RPS rate of fire, Full Auto modes, 7.4V Li-ion battery, 1200 rounds magazine capacity, 50000 splatter ball ammo

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Coriardo M4A1 Splatter Ball Gun

8. Coriardo M4A1 Splat Gun (Best Scope)

Features: 80 feet range, 196 FPS muzzle velocity, 6 RPS rate of fire, Single and Full Automatic modes, Li-ion battery, 1000+ rounds magazine capacity, 30000 gel balls

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Herisona Splatter Ball Blaster with Drum

9. Herisona Splatter Ball Blaster (Best Budget)

Features: 70 feet range, 170 FPS speed, 4-7 RPS rate of fire, Manual and Full Automatic modes, Li-ion battery, 1000+220 rounds magazine capacity, 50000 gel beads

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Lohidy High Speed Splatter Ball Gun

10. Lohidy M4A1 Splatter Gun (Best Firing Rate)

Features: 65 feet range, 150 FPS speed, 15 RPS rate of fire, Manual and Automatic modes, Li-ion battery, 1000+200 rounds magazine capacity, 30000 splat ball ammo

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The Best Splatter Ball Guns of 2023: Complete Details

1. SplatRBall SRB1200 Splat Gun

Most Powerful Splat Ball Gun

SplatRBall SRB1200 Splatter Ball Gun


Muzzle Velocity210 FPS
Rate of Fire11 RPS
Material‎ABS+Nylon composite
ModeFull Auto
Battery7.4V 1800 mAh Li-ion
Magazine Capacity1200
Our Rating4.8/5

What Makes SRB1200 SplatRBall Gun An Excellent Choice?

The moment I laid my hands on the SRB1200 splatter gun, I just knew I had stumbled upon the best splat ball gun ever! The excitement was practically tangible as I gripped its sleek and lightweight design – I was ready to soak my opponents with squishy gel balls.

What truly makes this blaster stand out is its drum magazine, boasting an impressive ammo capacity of 1200 rounds. Loading up those squishy splatter balls and pulling the trigger was a revelation in itself – the speed and distance it covered left me genuinely amazed.

Unboxing SplatRBall SRB1200
Unboxing SplatRBall SRB1200

The motor in the SRB1200 Splat R Ball gun is an absolute powerhouse, propelling those balls at a jaw-dropping speed of 210 feet per second, easily covering over 100 feet in distance. Not to mention, the rapid-fire capability of up to 11 balls per second was like a symphony of splats that kept the fun going with every reload.

But let’s talk looks – this splatter ball gun is not just a performer, it’s a head-turner. Sporting a sleek and sophisticated appearance complete with cool blue LED lights on the sides, it’s a sight to behold. And don’t fret about legality – it is clearly a toy with a large orange tip, adhering to the rules and regulations in most areas.

In my personal experience, another star feature of this splat r gun is its remarkable battery life. Fueled by a 1,800 mAh battery that supports a whopping 5,000 shots per charge, I found myself lost in hours of play without a worry about losing power.

Shooting with SRB1200
Shooting with SRB1200

And yes, the price point might be a bit heftier compared to the alternatives, but trust me, it’s worth every penny. The SRB1200 outshines the competition in nearly every department – from FPS and shooting range to firing rate, magazine size, accuracy, and battery power – leaving other splat ball guns under $100 in the dust.

Let’s not forget the durability factor. Crafted from a robust blend of nylon composite and ABS plastic, this water ball gun has stood the test of time. I’ve been wielding this splat gun for over a year, and I can confidently say the investment was more than justified.

All in all, the SRB1200 splatter ball gun is an absolute must-have for any toy gun enthusiast looking to elevate their gaming escapades. It’s not just a blaster; it’s a gateway to an immersive world of splat-tastic excitement. Get ready to make a splash and claim your throne as the ultimate warrior!



Splat R Ball SRB1200 Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.8/5

Shooting Power: 4.9/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.8/5

Ease Of Use: 4.6/5

Value For Money: 4.9/5


Excellent battery life.

Easy to use and reload.

High-capacity magazine to hold enough splatter ball ammunition.

Decent accuracy over a long range.

Very good durability and impact resistance.


It does not have a semi-auto mode.

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2. UnlocX Splatter Ball Pistol V2

Best High-Range Splatter Pistol

UnlocX Splatter Ball Pistol V2


Range100+ Feet
Muzzle Velocity200 FPS
Rate of Fire11 RPS
ModeFull Auto
Battery7.4V 1200 mAh Li-ion
Magazine Capacity700
Our Rating4.5/5

How Was My Experience With UnlocX V2 Splatter Ball Pistol?

Being a dedicated splatter ball gun enthusiast, getting my hands on UnlocX’s V2 pistol in 2023 was a thrill. And let me tell you, the experience was nothing short of exhilarating. Right off the bat, the Sci-Fi-themed design grabbed my attention.

The fusion of yellow and black, reminiscent of Autobot Bumblebee from Transformers, instantly made me a fan of this gun. It’s like holding a piece of cinematic nostalgia in my hands. But there’s more to this design than meets the eye – its lightweight construction adds a practical touch to the splat gun pistol, making it a breeze to wield.

Unboxing UnlocX V2
Unboxing UnlocX V2 Splat Ball Gun

Now, let’s talk about capacity. The splat blaster’s magazine can house around 700 eco-friendly splatter balls, a notable step up from other guns I’ve handled before. This ample capacity translated to longer gameplay without the constant interruption of reloading – a true game-changer across different play modes.

And performance? This UnlocX splatter ball gun is a real powerhouse. With a speed of 200 feet per second (FPS), it can reach targets over 100 feet away. Add a rapid-fire rate of 11 rounds per second to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for winning on the field. But what truly left me in awe was the precision – this blaster’s accuracy is on point.

Equipped with a 1200 mAh battery, the splat gun keeps going strong for up to 5,000 shots per charge. I made it a ritual to top up using the included micro-USB cable after each session, ensuring I never fell short of power.

Shooting with UnlocX V2
Shooting with UnlocX V2

But here’s the kicker – UnlocX has thought ahead. The splat pistol comes with rails and T-channels, primed and ready for any attachments you might want to add down the line. It’s like they’ve designed it with the future in mind.

Now, the price tag for this splat ball gun might read around $60 (a solid 33% below the MRP) in most stores, but trust me, it’s an investment worth making.

All things considered, if you’re on the hunt for a high-performance, visually striking pistol blaster, look no further than UnlocX’s V2. It’s not just one of the best splatter ball pistols out there; it’s a testament to innovation and value for money.



UnlocX V2 Pistol Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.6/5

Shooting Power: 4.7/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.4/5

Ease Of Use: 4.6/5

Value For Money: 4.5/5


An excellent design resembling Sci-Fi-themed movies and games.

High muzzle velocity, shooting range, and rate of fire.

Powerful battery with short charging time to play for several hours.

High capacity magazine with an easy loading facility sets it apart from similar products.


Although there is no dedicated semi-auto mode, you can tap down and release the trigger to get a similar effect.

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3. Splat R Ball SRB400-SUB Splatter Gun

Best SMG Splat Gun

SplatRball SRB400-SUB Splatter Gun


Muzzle Velocity200 FPS
Rate of Fire8 RPS
ModesSemi & Full Auto
Battery7.4V 1800 mAh Li-ion
Magazine Capacity400
Our Rating4.5/5

What Makes SRB400-SUB Splat R Ball Gun A Top Pick?

As a fan of SMG-style splatter ball blasters, the SRB400-SUB took me by surprise in the best way possible. This MP5-inspired SplatRBall gun is like a pocket-sized powerhouse, delivering a punch with a shooting speed of 200 FPS, covering a range of approximately 100 feet.

What really caught my attention was the versatility of switching between semi-auto and full-auto modes, with the latter firing 8 rounds per second. From my own hands-on experience, I can confidently say that this splatter gun stands tall as a top contender for those seeking high-performance splat gun with safety as a priority.

Changing shooting mode on SplatRBall SRB400-SUB
Shooting modes on SplatRBall SRB400-SUB

Concerns about durability quickly faded as I held the SRB400-SUB SplatRBall gun. This blaster is built tough, instilling a sense of confidence. However, there was a minor letdown – the standard magazine capacity tops out at 400 rounds of ammo. While I wished for an extra drum mag included in the package, I managed to buy one separately to keep the action flowing.

The rechargeable battery of this splat gun left me quite impressed – boasting a hefty 1800 mAh capacity, it’s more than capable of keeping the game going for hours on end. Charging is a breeze: just disconnect the black connector from the battery and plug in the cable to its 3-pin connector.

While it might not sport an array of attachments, the splatter ball gun comes with a sling and a clip. These additions proved to be quite handy, allowing me to carry it conveniently while playing around the backyard. What’s even better is that the sling kit is removable, providing flexibility for different play styles.

Unboxing SplatRBall SRB400-SUB
Unboxing SplatRBall SRB400-SUB

This splatter gun blaster is a fantastic pick for special occasions like birthdays, parties, and holidays – whether it’s Halloween, Easter, Christmas, or New Year’s. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or simply someone looking to spread joy to loved ones (or yourself!), this splat gun hits the mark.

In addition to the SMG variant, the manufacturer also offers SRB400 (non-SUB), a realistic rifle-style splat ball gun with similar specifications. You can find it here on Amazon.

In my book, the SRB400-SUB reigns as the best SplatRBall gun for fans of the MP5-style SMG. With a decent range, power, speed, and firing rate, it’s an invaluable asset for dominating any game mode. Get ready to splat, conquer, and make memories!



SplatRBall SRB400-SUB Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.5/5

Shooting Power: 4.6/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.4/5

Ease Of Use: 4.7/5

Value For Money: 4.5/5


High shooting speed and range.

Availability of a semi-auto mode along with the full auto mode.

High-powered battery and user-friendly charging method.

Compact, lightweight, and portable design.


The magazine capacity is slightly lower than the previous water ball blasters.

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4. Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Splat Ball Blaster

Best Stylish Nerf Splat Ball Gun

Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic


Range85 Feet
Muzzle Velocity<100 FPS
Rate of Fire10 RPS
ModeFull and Semi Auto
Magazine Capacity800
Our Rating4.4/5

Why Is Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster A Great Choice?

Hey there, fellow splat gun enthusiasts, let me spill the beans on the Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster – a wet and wild dream come true!

From the moment I wrapped my fingers around this splatter ball gun, I could practically feel the excitement coursing through my veins. And can we talk about the design for a second? It’s like holding a piece of the future – sleek, stylish, and ready to make a statement on the battlefield.

But let’s cut to the chase – it isn’t just a looker. It’s the best splatter gun when it comes to performance. I mean, we’re talking fully automatic and semi-automatic modes. Want to drench your opponents with a rain of water bullets? Go full auto. Need that precision shot to take down a distant target? Switch to semi-auto. It’s like having two blasters in one!

Semi and Full Auto Modes on Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic
Semi and Full Auto Modes

And that battery? It’s a breeze to handle. Pop it in, slide it out – no hassle, just pure splatting fun. And speaking of fun, those gel balls that come with it? They add a whole new dimension to the game. It’s like a burst of excitement with every shot from this splatter ball gun.

Now, let’s talk about accuracy and range. This splat gun turns you into a water bead sharpshooter. I’ve never felt so in control, hitting targets left and right like a pro. And let’s not forget the adrenaline rush of seeing those water bullets travel farther than you’d ever expect.

But wait, there’s more! Customization is the name of the game here. Extendable stock? Check. Removable barrel attachment? Double check. You can tweak and tune this Nerf Gelfire Mythic splat blaster to fit your style, whether you’re a close-quarters combatant or a long-range ace.

Gel ammo with Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic
Splatter balls with Gelfire Mythic

Oh, and the speed demons among us will rejoice – this splat ball gun can fire up to a whopping 10 rounds per second. It’s like a storm, and your opponents won’t know what hit ’em. And that high-capacity hopper? Say goodbye to constant reload breaks. It’s all about keeping that action going, full-throttle.

Safety? They’ve got you covered there too. The included protective eyewear ensures you can splash and dash without any worries.

Now, let’s talk price. You won’t need to break the bank to snag one of these bad boys. It’s a splatter ball gun that delivers a punch without delivering a knockout to your wallet.

So there you have it, folks – the Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic splat gun. It’s not just a blaster, it’s a soaking experience that’ll have you grinning like a kid on summer vacation. Trust me, it’s a game-changer, and I can’t wait to see you out there, making waves and having a blast!



Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.3/5

Shooting Power: 4.3/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.4/5

Ease Of Use: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 4.3/5


Unique design and colorful- attractive to every age group- kids, teens, and adults.

Compact, lightweight, and easily portable. It is pretty easy to handle and shoot.

Priced at around $60, this one isn’t as expensive as the other products on this list.

The battery holds enough charge to play continuously for a long time.

High firing rate in full auto mode.


Slightly lower muzzle velocity and range compared to the previous picks.

5. SpblastB AKM-47 Splatter Ball Gun

Highest Ammo Capacity

SpblastB AKM-47 Splatter Ball Gun


Range100 Feet
Muzzle Velocity200 FPS
Rate of Fire5 RPS
ModesFull Auto, Semi Auto, Manual
Magazine Capacity1500 + 400
Our Rating4.4/5

What Makes SpblastB Splatter Ball Gun A Good Option?

As an avid fan of shooting games, my quest for the best splat gun recently led me to this remarkable AKM-47 automatic blaster. It boasts an exceptional fusion of shooting range, precision, power, style, and ammo capacity that has truly caught my attention.

What really caught my attention right away was its impressive power and steady performance. While the design of this splatter ball gun draws inspiration from the iconic AK-47 rifle, the inclusion of an attached scope is a game-altering enhancement.

This addition has transformed my targeting prowess, enabling me to achieve an astounding 70% accuracy from distances of up to 100 feet. It’s like wielding the precision of a sniper rifle with a splat ball gun!

But that’s not all – the design of this splatter gun is an absolute stunner. Its captivating color scheme and intricate pattern give it a visual allure reminiscent of stylish gun skins from my beloved video games. Furthermore, the detachable strap adds a practical touch, making it a breeze to carry around during intense backyard skirmishes.

Drawing from my personal experience, the standout feature of this gel splat gun is undoubtedly its extra-large drum magazine. With a jaw-dropping capacity of up to 1,500 splatter balls, it sets a new standard for ammo capacity– the highest I have ever seen!

And if that’s not enough, the package of this splat ball gun also includes a conventional 400-round clip magazine, allowing seamless swapping during heated battles. With a whopping 1,900 shots in a single load, I can engage in extended play sessions without reloading it frequently.

All in all, this drum splat gun is a clear winner in my book!



SpblastB AKM-47 Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.6/5

Shooting Power: 4.5/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.4/5

Ease Of Use: 4.6/5

Value For Money: 4.5/5


Attractive colorful design with multiple variants.

Long shooting range with high shooting speed and accuracy.

Availability of multiple shooting modes unlike any of the previous products listed.

High capacity of the magazines with easy reloading.


The rate of fire is lower compared to the previous picks.

6. YaGee Full Automatic Splat Ball Gun

Best Compact Design Splatter Gun

YaGee Splatter Ball Gun


Range80 Feet
Muzzle Velocity200 FPS
Rate of Fire8 RPS
ModeFull Auto
Magazine Capacity800
Our Rating4.3/5

Why Is YaGee Splatter Ball Gun A Remarkable Choice?

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out the YaGee automatic splat ball gun – an absolute gem for those who value pinpoint accuracy and effortless shooting.

From the moment the water beads blaster arrived in my hands, it’s sleek design and robust build quality left a lasting impression. It gave off the feel of a premium piece of equipment built to withstand the test of time. My personal experience affirmed its user-friendliness – assembling and operating this splat gun was a breeze, courtesy of the clear instructions included in the packaging.

Testing YaGee Splatter Ball Gun
Testing YaGee Splat Gun

And oh, the design! It strikes a balance between realism and playfulness, embracing a lightweight build and vibrant neon hues. This amalgamation makes it one of the best splatter ball shooters, ideal for both teenagers and kids. It’s no wonder my friend was compelled to invest in this model; its performance speaks for itself.

The trump card of this splat ball gun is undoubtedly its electric (battery-powered) operation. The speed and consistency it offers surpass the manual tugging of a spring-loaded mechanism. With an impressive muzzle velocity of 200 FPS (tested with a chronograph) and an effective reach of 80 feet, it is a truly standout option.

But hold on, there’s an added treat! The included ammo for this splatter gun introduces a captivating twist. These small splatter balls soak up water, grow to a size of 7.5 mm, and are then shot from the blaster. It’s a neat and environmentally-conscious touch, as they leave no mess behind and biodegrade with ease. So, it is definitely a great choice.



YaGee Splat Ball Gun Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.2/5

Shooting Power: 4.4/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.3/5

Ease Of Use: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 4.3/5


Aesthetically pleasing design with bright colors and graffiti.

Excellent accuracy over a long range.

High rate of fire and muzzle velocity.

Easy to use and maintain.


Comparatively less shooting range than the previous picks, although, this is good for younger players.

7. Ferllde M4 Electric Splatter Ball Gun

Best Realistic Splat Blaster Gun

Ferllde Automatic M4 Splatter Ball Gun


Range75 Feet
Muzzle Velocity180 FPS
Rate of Fire15 RPS
ModeFull Auto
Magazine Capacity1200
Our Rating4.3/5

Why Is Ferllde Electric Splat Gun An Awesome Choice?

I had the incredible opportunity to get hands-on with the Ferllde Automatic M4 blaster, courtesy of my clanmate Erik. And let me tell you, after spending a week putting it through tests, I’m genuinely blown away. It is indeed one of the best splat ball guns with a drum mag I’ve come across.

Alright, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. The Ferllde M4 splat gun isn’t just good – it’s in a league of its own when it comes to capacity and performance. Seriously, this realistic blaster knows how to make an entrance.

We’re talking about a firing rate that hits an astounding 15 rounds per second, the highest compared to any other splatter gun I have ever experienced. That’s like a gel bullets storm hitting your opponents square in the face, leaving them soaked and in awe.

It also features a shooting range of 70 feet, which proved to be decent enough for our backyard battles. And the power? Well, brace yourself, because this splatter ball gun fires at a lightning-fast speed of 180 feet per second. Yeah, you heard that right – it’s like the Flash decided to join your splat gun battle.

Close up to Ferllde Automatic M4 Splat Ball Gun
Close up to Ferllde Automatic M4 Splat Ball Gun

What truly impressed me, though, is the reliability factor. Jams? Practically a thing of the past. When you’re in the thick of the action, the last thing you want is your blaster throwing a tantrum. And that battery life? It’s got your back, giving you a whopping 2 hours of non-stop playtime.

Now, let’s talk accessories – this realistic gel splatter gun comes prepared to party. It’s like a splat buffet with a scope, removable rear stock, sight, and hand guard. They’ve even provided a drum magazine that holds 1200 gel beads, and you won’t have to worry about running out of ammo any time soon.

But hold on, it gets better. If you’re all about that compact action, guess what? The pistol versions of this M4 splat gun are ready to roll. With a range of 65 meters and a rapid-fire rate of 10 rounds per second, these little powerhouses are perfect for those who want to make a splash without breaking a sweat.

So, if you’re after the full experience, the Ferllde Automatic M4 splatter ball gun has got you covered. It’s not just a blaster – it’s a splatting adventure waiting to unfold. Get ready to leave your mark, one gel ball at a time!



Ferllde Splat Ball Gun Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.1/5

Shooting Power: 4.5/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.2/5

Ease Of Use: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 4.3/5


High firing rate in full auto mode.

It is easy to store and reuse.

Available with lots of attachments.

The large capacity of the magazine reduces loading frequency.

Availability of multiple variants in terms of design and color.


It does not have a semi-auto or manual mode.

8. Coriardo M4A1 Splat Gun

Best Gun With Scope

Coriardo M4A1 Splatter Ball Gun


Range80 Feet
Muzzle Velocity196 FPS
Rate of Fire6 RPS
ModeSingle Fire/ Full Auto
Magazine Capacity1000+
Our Rating4.2/5

What Makes Coriardo M4A1 Splatter Gun A Great Pick?

The Coriardo M4A1 Splat Gun recently crossed my path, and let me tell you, it left a profound mark. The attractive design, automatic firing mode, and useful accessories combine to present an exceptional option for those in search of the best splatter ball blaster that won’t break the bank.

In my firsthand encounters, what truly caught my attention were the twin aim attachments – a scope and a laser collimator – both proving remarkably handy in hitting targets at extended distances.

Additionally, the inclusion of a telescopic rear stock brought a delightful touch, granting me the freedom to tailor the blaster’s length for utmost comfort and unwavering steadiness.

In terms of performance, this Coriardo M4A1 splat gun showcases a range spanning 70 to 80 feet, making it an ideal companion for mid to long-range adventures. Although its firing rate of merely 6 rounds per second might not compete with some flashier alternatives, I found the overall accuracy and reliability of the launching mechanism to be more than satisfactory.

The drum magazine, another standout feature of this splatter ball gun, adds an extra layer of enjoyment with its capacity exceeding a thousand rounds. This translates into extended play sessions, minimizing the need for frequent reloads. This, combined with the excellent range and included attachments, makes it a great option for anyone looking for an all-around solid water ball gun.

Overall, this assault splatter rifle stands as a beacon of reliability and adaptability, a fitting companion for both casual play and competitions. Furthermore, given its price tag of under $50, it delivers unparalleled value that’s tough to match.



Coriardo Splat Gun Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.1/5

Shooting Power: 4.2/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.3/5

Ease Of Use: 4.4/5

Value For Money: 4.2/5


Very good design with bright color and an orange tip at the barrel end.

Several attachments for aiming and improving accuracy. Easy to shoot.

Availability of double firing modes unlike some of the previous blaster guns listed.

Decent magazine capacity and additional 50,000 splatter balls with the package.


The rate of fire (6 RPS) is comparatively less than the previous products.

9. Herisona Splatter Ball Blaster With Drum

Best Budget Splat Ball Gun

Herisona Splatter Ball Blaster with Drum


Range70 Feet
Muzzle Velocity170 FPS
Rate of Fire4-7 RPS
ModesHigh-speed Burst & Manual
Magazine Capacity1000 + 220
Our Rating4.1/5

Why Is Herisona Splat Ball Gun A Perfect Choice?

I was absolutely thrilled to get my hands on the Herisona splatt blaster, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint!

This M4-style splat ball gun may not have the fastest firing rate (ranging from 4 to 7 rounds per second), but it sure packs a punch with a maximum velocity of 170 FPS. I found myself nailing targets from 60 to 70 feet away, making it an ideal choice for newcomers and young players.

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the game-changing feature of this splat gun is its drum magazine. This bad boy can hold a whopping 1,000 gel bullets!

And for those quick reload moments, there’s a regular clip mag with a capacity of 220 rounds. It becomes your best friend when you’re engaging in epic battles with a group of friends.

Testing Herisona Splatter Ball Gun
Testing Herisona Splat Gun

Now, let’s talk design. This splatter ball gun isn’t just a looker – it’s a practical masterpiece. The foregrip placement is genius, providing rock-steady stability for those crucial shots, especially when paired with the scope, a game-changer for precise long-distance aiming. Plus, they included a couple of targets for you to hone your skills.

As my trials revealed, the firing modes of this water ball blaster are excellent – manual and automatic burst. Even when the battery runs, the manual mode keeps on working, ensuring uninterrupted playtime.

But here’s the kicker: all this awesomeness comes at a wallet-friendly price of under $50! Yes, you heard that right. The Herisona Splatter Ball Gun is living proof that you don’t have to break the bank for quality and performance.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best splat blaster that doesn’t compromise on excellence, you’ve just hit the jackpot. It’s time to play in style without emptying your piggy bank!



Herisona Splatter Ball Gun Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.0/5

Shooting Power: 4.1/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.2/5

Ease Of Use: 4.3/5

Value For Money: 4.1/5


Attractive design with two variants- red and blue.

Manual mode is a very useful addition to the normal automatic firing mode.

Easy to hold, aim and shoot.

The exceptional price range for the quality.


The average firing rate, speed, and shooting range are a bit less compared to the previous drum splat guns listed.

10. Lohidy M4A1 Splat Ball Gun

Best Rate Of Fire

Lohidy High Speed Splatter Ball Gun


Range65 Feet
Muzzle Velocity150+ FPS
Rate of Fire15 RPS
ModeSemi & Full Auto
Magazine Capacity1000 + 200
Our Rating4/5

What Makes Lohidy Splatter Ball Gun A Great Option?

Hey there, fellow gaming enthusiasts! I had the chance to put the Lohidy M4A1 splat ball gun to the test a some weeks back and let me tell you, it’s every bit as amazing as the buzz suggests.

Prepare for a game-changer, because this blaster boasts a mind-blowing rapid-firing rate of 15 rounds per second, catapulting it to the top of the charts as one of the best splatter ball guns for adults. This beast’s powerful gearbox launches gel bullets at a whopping 150+ FPS, turning your shots into a force to be reckoned with.

Hold onto your hats, because this M4A1 splat ball gun has a trick up its sleeve – not one, but two magazines, boasting a total ammo capacity of 1,200 rounds. The drum magazine takes the lead with a massive 1,000 gel balls, while the regular clip mag holds its own with a capacity of 200 rounds. Yep, you read that right. With this splat blaster at your fingertips, you’ll be raining down shots for hours.

But let’s not forget about the design – it’s a head-turner, to say the least. The color scheme chosen for this splatter ball gun gives off vibes reminiscent of my beloved Splat R Ball SRB1200, ensuring you’re always in the spotlight, no matter the occasion. The electric splat gun is the ultimate gift for your nearest and dearest, whether it’s birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, or the dawn of a new year.

Overall, the Lohidy M4A1 gel splatter gun is an absolute winner, a perfect blend of incredible mag size, lightning-fast firing rate, and unstoppable speed. If you’re on the lookout for a water ball blaster that oozes quality and reliability, look no further. It is the real deal and should be at the top of your must-see list. Get ready to blast, splat, and conquer like a true champion!



Lohidy Splat Ball Gun Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 3.8/5

Shooting Power: 4.2/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.0/5

Ease Of Use: 4.2/5

Value For Money: 4.0/5


Good design with availability in 3 color combinations.

Excellent rate of fire with a powerful shooting ability.

The inclusion of semi-auto mode alongside full auto makes it easy to use according to the user’s needs.

Very affordable pricing under $50 without losing quality.


The shooting range is comparatively shorter than the previous picks.

Testing Splatter Ball Gun

How To Choose The Best Value Splat Ball Gun?

Selecting a quality splatter ball gun might appear challenging, given the multitude of products available. After evaluating 122 items from 34 different brands, I have curated the top 10 picks. Now, let’s explore the criteria I used to narrow down this list.

Speed / Muzzle Velocity

Measured in FPS (feet per second), the muzzle is directly linked to the power of the gun’s gearbox. The more powerful it is, the faster the beads will shoot out. A high FPS Splat R Ball gun offers several advantages, starting with a greater range. Moreover, the gel balls cut through air resistance swiftly, resulting in more accurate shots.

The splat ball guns I’ve spotlighted above boast muzzle velocities between 120-210 FPS, which I tested using my chronograph. Personally, I’d lean towards blasters pushing at least 150 FPS. Here is a comparison chart for different muzzle velocities of splatter guns. One clear winner!

Rate Of Fire

The rate of fire is crucial in this game, as it indicates the number of splatter balls launched per second. For instance, a firing rate of 8 RPS (rounds per second) or BPS (balls per second) means the gun propels 8 gellets every second. A higher rate of fire not only signifies enhanced firing power but also provides a greater advantage.

Certain models feature a lower rate of fire, typically around 4 to 7 rounds per second (for instance, the Herisona Splatter Gun), whereas others can discharge as many as 15 rounds per second (examples include the Ferllde M4 Splat Ball Gun and Lohidy M4A1 Splat Gun). The rate of fire can also be influenced by the battery and motor employed in the blaster.

In general, higher voltage batteries (7.4 or 11.1V) paired with more powerful motors can elevate the rate of fire. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that excessively increasing the rate of fire can potentially compromise the water ball gun’s accuracy and efficiency.

Here is a comparative chart for firing rates (RPS) of different splat ball guns I have listed:

Rate of fire of splat ball guns

Battery Power & Charging Facility

While all splatter ball guns utilize rechargeable batteries, the level of performance can significantly differ. The battery capacity, often measured in mAh, might not hold much meaning unless you’re experienced in this area. But, as a thumb rule, always choose 1200 or 1800 mAh batteries for better performance.

For a more straightforward approach, consider examining the rounds shot per charge. Manufacturers might also provide information about the number of rounds the splatter gun can fire on a full battery charge, offering a more accurate gauge. For instance, both the Splat R Ball SRB1200 and UnlocX V2 can shoot 5000 rounds per charge, which is quite impressive.

Shooting Range

The effective shooting range of your splat gun is a factor that can make a big difference to your overall experience, performance, and play style. High-FPS guns have a longer firing range compared to others, providing an advantage against opponents with shorter ranges.

For support players who provide cover from the backlines, a short-range splat blaster won’t be very effective. I would recommend opting for a gun with a range of at least 65-70 feet for regular players and 100 feet for those adopting a sniper playstyle.

Here is a chart for shooting ranges of splat guns I have listed in this article:

Shooting range of splat guns


Regardless of your role in the team, you always need accuracy. Apart from the obvious advantage you’d gain over your opponents, higher accuracy also saves you a lot of gellets in the long run.

However, achieving accuracy isn’t solely dependent on your sharpshooting skills; the Splat R Ball gun also plays a crucial role. If the gearbox system lacks stability or power, you’re more likely to miss your target. Here are some tips and techniques to improve the accuracy of such a toy gun.

Firing Modes

You will find three types of firing modes in most splat r guns- full auto, semi-auto, and manual.

In full auto mode, the gun will keep firing as long as the trigger is held down, releasing a rapid stream of splatter balls until the magazine is empty. This mode proves particularly useful in close-range backyard games.

On the other hand, in semi-auto mode, the user needs to pull the trigger for each individual shot. After firing, the gun will automatically reload and reset the trigger, enabling a controlled and steady stream of fire. This mode is particularly well-suited for long-range friendly battles.

Manual mode indicates that the gun necessitates the user to manually cock and load each individual shot before firing, rendering it a slower yet more precise option. This mode remains functional even after you’ve exhausted the charge.

Types Of Splat Guns

Splatter ball guns come in various types, ranging from sci-fi blasters to realistic options resembling firearms such as Glock pistols, AK-47, SMG, machine guns, UZI, MP5, M416, shotguns, and P90. While the majority feature spring-loaded drum magazines, some are equipped with clip magazines or top-loaded hoppers.

If you’re often at the forefront of your team, engaging in close-range battle games, an Orbeez gun with a high firing rate might prove advantageous (examples include the UnlocX V2 pistol or SplatRBall SRB400).

Conversely, for long-distance sniping, improved range and aiming attachments, including a scope, become essential (for instance, SpblastB AKM-47 or Coriardo M4A1 Splat Gun).

Size, Weight, And Dimensions

Alongside other key factors, it’s important to consider the design and dimensions of a splatter ball blaster. Your personal playing style has a significant role in determining the most suitable option for you. But as a thumb rule, always prefer lightweight and compact blasters as they are easy to use.

This consideration becomes even more vital when buying a gel splat gun for younger players. It’s crucial to take into account the size and weight, ensuring that the gun is easy for them to handle. Kids might find it challenging to use a gel ball gun that’s overly large or heavy.

Design And Color

Of course, we all possess our unique aesthetic preferences. This is a wholly subjective matter for splat ball guns; what I find appealing in design and color may differ from your own.

While aesthetics may not directly influence your performance, it’s still worth considering whether the splatter gun you’re purchasing aligns with your personal taste and if you’d feel comfortable wielding it. Moreover, many guns offer various design variants, so be sure to explore them before finalizing your purchase.


Keep in mind that a splatter ball gun comprises numerous moving parts and is often used for long periods. Using these electric blasters in a game involves a lot of movement, which increases the likelihood of accidental falls, collisions, or dropping your gun.

Given these factors, it’s crucial to have a water beads gun that is robust and durable. Although they are primarily constructed from plastic, utilizing tough materials like ABS and nylon composites can provide the necessary sturdiness.

Ammo Capacity

As you may have already noticed, the magazine capacity can vary significantly from one splat gun to another. While some magazines hold fewer than 250 shots, others are large enough for more than 1,200 or even 1,500 rounds.

Opting for a larger magazine saves you the hassle of taking breaks to reload your gel gun during the game. Personally, I prefer a magazine capacity of at least 800 rounds of ammo, with drum magazines obviously being the best choice in this regard.

Here is a bar chart comparing magazine capacities of the splatter ball blasters listed in this article:

Ammo capacity of splatter ball blasters

Care And Maintenance

Similar to any gadget, splat ball guns also require care and maintenance. Frequent use can result in the accumulation of dirt and gel particles within the gun, while the moving parts should be lubricated to prevent wear and tear.

From my own experience, when purchasing a splatterball gun, it’s essential to ensure easy access to the inner components for maintenance. Most are designed to be straightforward to disassemble and reassemble.

Related: Splat Gun Troubleshooting Guide


Lastly, don’t forget to consider the price while evaluating your options. Having a predetermined budget will help streamline your decision-making process. As we’ve discussed earlier, you can discover top-rated splat ball guns for under $100 or even below $50.

Range analysis of splatter ball gun

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a splatter ball gun?

A splatter ball gun or splat ball gun is a sophisticated toy gun that shoots water-filled gel balls or water beads. Those are a variation of gel blasters and Orbeez guns that are quite enjoyable to play with, offering a realistic experience of shooting games in several aspects. While these guns are often marketed as a safe and fun alternative to traditional airsoft or paintball guns, it’s important to always use caution and follow proper safety guidelines. Here is a detailed guide on what splat guns are and what sets them apart.

Are splatter ball guns worth it?

Absolutely! Splatterball guns bring endless fun. Colors explode, laughter fills the air, and friendships grow. Worth? Beyond measure. Unleash your inner artist, and create vibrant chaos. Memories made, bonds forged. So, yes, splat ball guns are totally worth it!

Who can play with splatter ball guns?

Splatter ball guns are the perfect toys for outdoor recreational gamers aged 12 and above. I wouldn’t advise allowing players younger than 9 years to use one of these toys unless under adult supervision. Kids who are not yet able to play responsibly may risk injuring themselves or others.

What is the fastest splatrball gun?

The Splat R Ball SRB1200 gun is undoubtedly the fastest option, especially among the top products from reputable brands. With a firing speed of 210 FPS for gel bullets, it’s sufficiently swift for playing in almost any arena or your own backyard. The SRB400, also from the same brand, offers a rapid option with a shooting speed of 200 FPS.

What is the most powerful splat gun?

Once again, the SRB1200 stands out as the most powerful splat gun I discovered while evaluating all available options. Boasting a muzzle velocity of 210 FPS and a firing rate of 11 RPS, it certainly packs a punch. The UnlocX Pistol V2 is also impressive with ratings of 200 FPS and 11 RPS.

What are the best brands for splatter ball guns?

Within the realm of splatter ball blaster brands, several stand out, but not all hold the same level of popularity or reputation. For those seeking well-regarded options with a history of quality, service, and an extensive product range, Splat R Ball, Nerf (Hasbro), and UnlocX emerge as fitting choices.

How long does a splat gun last?

If you invest in a well-made splat gun from a trusted brand, you can expect it to remain functional for several years. While certain parts may experience wear and tear or potential damage over time, the option to replace these components ensures the continued usability of the gun.

How big should splatter ball ammo be?

The recommended size for splatter ball ammo falls within a range of 7-8 mm, with 7.5 mm being the most favorable size. It ensures that the tiny balls leave the barrel smoothly and hit accurately without jamming inside.

Conclusion: Which Splat Gun Will Suit You The Most?

Without a doubt, the SplatRBall SRB1200 emerges as the best splatter ball gun to buy in 2023. Its exceptional power, precision, range, and user-friendly nature make it a perfect fit for players of all expertise levels.

This splat ball blaster offers great value for your money, particularly if you’re a fan of shooter games or simply seeking a new way to enjoy quality time with friends. As viable alternatives, both UnlocX’s V2 Pistol and Splat R Ball’s SRB400-SUB stand out as excellent options.

Here is a comparison table of all the splatter guns I have listed in this article.

ModelBlast ModesShooting RangeFiring Rate/ SpeedOur Rating
Splat R Ball SRB1200Full Auto100+ feet11 RPS/ 210 FPS4.8/5
UnlocX V2 Splat GunFull Auto100+ feet11 RPS/ 200 FPS4.5/5
SplatRball SRB400-SUBSemi and Full Auto100+ feet8 RPS/ 200 FPS4.5/5
Nerf Pro Gel FireSemi and Full Auto85 feet10 RPS/ 100 FPS4.4/5
SpblastB AKM-47Semi, Manual and Full Auto100 feet5 RPS/ 200 FPS4.4/5
YaGee Splatter Ball GunSemi and Full Auto80 feet8 RPS/ 200 FPS4.3/5
Ferllde M4 Splat GunFull Auto75 feet15 RPS/ 180 FPS4.3/5
Coriardo Splat Ball GunSingle and Full Auto80 feet6 RPS/ 196 FPS4.2/5
Herisona Splatter GunManual and Full Auto70 feet4-7 RPS/ 170 FPS4.1/5
Lohidy M4A1 Splat GunManual and Full Auto65 feet15 RPS/ 150 FPS4.0/5

In the end, selecting a powerful, user-friendly, and efficient splat ball gun demands careful deliberation and thorough research to ensure that the chosen model aligns with your specific preferences and requirements. Reading reviews and gathering feedback from fellow users is a prudent step toward making an informed purchasing decision.

Investing in a high-quality splatter ball gun can significantly elevate your recreational pursuits or competitive gaming experiences, providing hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Take the time to pick the perfect water ball blaster for your needs, and prepare to immerse yourself in the excitement of the game like never before.

So, gear up for your next adventure with your splat gun and engage in spirited play with friends—just be mindful of not disturbing the neighbor or passerby! I trust you’ve enjoyed this journey with me; I appreciate your attention and time. Have a blast!

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