Is Your Splat R Ball Gun Not Shooting? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Tavish Archer
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Picture this: you’re brimming with excitement, eagerly anticipating a weekend filled with exhilarating splat games alongside your closest friends. The thrill of the impending battle courses through your veins… until the unthinkable happens. Your beloved Splat R Ball gun refuses to shoot, leaving you utterly dumbfounded. I’ve been there, and let me tell you, it’s a maddening experience.

Not too long ago, I stood in Jeremy’s backyard, ready for an epic splat gun showdown. But as I gripped my toy, disbelief washed over me—my splatter ball gun was not shooting anymore.

The culprit? The issue turned out to be rather simple – a dead battery. Oddly enough, I had diligently charged it for hours before the battle. Alas, a mysterious wiring issue deprived the battery of power. Thankfully, Jeremy lent me his trusty old Splat R Ball SRB400.

Throughout that day, I pondered the potential obstacles my splatter ball gun might encounter and their possible remedies. From a simple barrel cleaning to the daunting task of motor replacement, numerous issues can bring our beloved splatrball guns to a halt. Today, I’ll unveil the 12 most common malfunctions that can jeopardize these incredible toys from shooting and how to can solve them.

Splat Gun Not Shooting

1. A Dead Or Low Battery

Similar to other Orbeez guns that run on batteries, Splat R Ball guns stop shooting when the battery is low or dead. My situation perfectly demonstrates this problem, although the root cause lies in the issue with charging. If your splatter ball gun has a battery level indicator, it should be easy to check the remaining charge in the battery.


Feel free to recharge the battery and see if the gun springs to life once more. Another option is to explore the inner workings of the Orbeez gun to ensure the battery is snugly connected and secure. In my experience, a faulty connection hindered the charging process. If you suspect a problem with the battery, it might be wise to visit a toy store and have it swapped out for a new one.

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2. A Jammed And Gunky Barrel

Keep in mind that the splat balls fired by your gun are quite soft and prone to breaking. With frequent use, residue from these gel beads starts to accumulate inside the barrel. Over time, this mix of residue, dust, and dirt forms a thick, sticky layer that obstructs the gun from shooting any more splat balls.

Luckily, I’ve managed to keep my splat gun clean by giving it a periodic maintenance. However, it took me a while to realize that the inside of the barrel needed attention until I noticed the formation of the gunky layer.


Don’t fret, cleaning up the gunky mess inside your splat gun’s barrel is a breeze. Grab a soft cloth and carefully reach inside the barrel to remove as much of the gunk as you can. Then, gently disassemble the barrel and use a soft brush to clean the areas that are harder to reach. Within just a few minutes, you’ll have a sparkling clean barrel, good as new.

When reassembling the gun, take your time and follow the instructions in the manual diligently. Ensure that the barrel is aligned correctly and that the pins and springs find their designated spots. If you feel unsure, you can always refer to helpful YouTube videos—I did the same when I first took apart my splatrball gun for cleaning.

3. Using The Wrong Kind Of Ammunition

According to the official website, it’s crucial to use only the Splat R Ball-certified ammunition in your splat gun. Using the wrong kind of ammo not only hinders the shooting performance of your splatter ball gun but can also potentially cause damage to it.


Firstly, keep in mind that you’re only to use splatter balls in a Splat R Ball gun. In case of other manufacturers, check if they have any specific recommendation. Gel balls beyond a diameter of 7.5 mm aren’t designed for splatrball guns and would jam your toy instead. The same goes for splat balls of incorrect hardness – the gun won’t be able to shoot the balls properly that are too soft or hard.

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4. Old And Disintegrating Ammo

In addition to selecting the proper ammunition for your Splatrball gun, it’s essential to consider the freshness of the splat balls. During my experiments on the durability of splatter balls, I discovered that gel beads become brittle over time and may even develop mold.

When large pieces of the gel material break off from the splat balls, they can accumulate inside the barrel, leading to blockages and jams. Moreover, the altered size and texture of the damaged splat balls can cause the Splat R Ball gun not shooting them accurately.


Preventing this problem shouldn’t be challenging at all. Simply stay vigilant and observe your splat balls as they age. If you detect any signs of mold or deterioration, it’s time to swap them out for fresh splat balls.

5. Wiring And Motor Issues (For Electric Splat R Ball Guns)

Complications in the wiring or the motor can pose more significant challenges, potentially necessitating repairs for your gel gun. Just like any electronic device, the wiring has a vital role in supplying power to the motor when needed. If the wiring is faulty, the motor won’t receive the necessary power, resulting in a halt to its functioning.

Conversely, if the motor malfunctions, it may generate insufficient or no power at all. The motor is responsible for generating the force required to propel the splat balls out of the barrel. Without a properly functioning motor, your splatter ball gun would be rendered ineffective.


If you possess some knowledge of electronics, you can venture to disassemble the splatrball gun and investigate the problem yourself. With the right tools, you might be able to mend any faulty wiring on your own. However, if you prefer, you can always seek assistance from a professional to have it repaired. In the event that the motor is the culprit, your sole choice is to have it replaced with a new one.

6. Inadequate Pressure (For Gas-Powered Splat Guns)

Another possible explanation for your non-functioning splatter ball gun is insufficient pressurization. When a splat gun is not properly pressurized by air or CO2, it fails to propel the balls with the necessary force because the barrel lacks the required amount of gas.


To determine if your gun is adequately pressurized, employ an air-pressure gauge as your trusty tool. Keep an eye out for any signs of corrosion, as they often indicate leakage and insufficient pressurization. Before measuring the pressure, ensure that all the wiring connections to the air tank are secure. Once you’ve addressed the pressurization issue, your splat gun should be up and running once more.

7. Faulty Trigger Or Firing Mechanism

In this case, the problem with the Splat R Ball gun is a faulty trigger or firing mechanism. This means that when you pull the trigger, the gun fails to shoot or fire the balls as intended. There may be several issues causing this problem, including damage, misalignment, or malfunctioning components within the trigger and firing mechanism.


Check the trigger and firing mechanism for any signs of damage or malfunctions. Ensure that the trigger is moving freely and that the firing mechanism is engaging properly. If you identify any issues, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or contact customer support for further assistance.

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8. Insufficient Lubrication

Lubrication plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance of the splatter ball gun’s moving parts. Without sufficient lubrication, friction and wear can occur, leading to reduced functionality and potential damage to the Orbeez gun.


Regular lubrication is essential for optimal performance of certain Splat R Ball guns. Consult the user manual to confirm if your gun requires lubrication and adhere to the recommended instructions. Apply the specified lubricant to the relevant components as instructed. Following proper lubrication practices helps minimize friction, ensure smooth operation, and maintain the longevity of your Splatrball gun.

Lubricating splat gun

9. Magazine Issues

If none of the previous fixes work, the problem can be related to magazine or hopper issues in the Splat R Ball gun. This includes improper seating or functionality of the magazine, as well as obstacles obstructing the smooth feeding of balls into the firing mechanism. Overfilling the magazine can also lead to feeding problems.


If your gel blaster gun has a magazine or hopper for holding the balls, make sure it is properly seated and functioning correctly. Ensure that the balls are feeding into the firing mechanism smoothly and without obstruction. If there are any issues, disassemble and reassemble the magazine according to the specific manufacturer’s instructions.

Avoid overfilling the magazine or hopper with balls, as this can lead to feeding problems, causing jams and preventing proper shooting. So, never overfill the ammo magazine.

10. Firing Mode Selection

Beginners often encounter this particular problem with their new splatter ball gun. These toy guns have firing modes like single-shot, where a single ball is fired with each trigger pull, and burst fire, where multiple balls are rapidly fired in succession with a single trigger pull. But users may encounter difficulties when attempting to choose the appropriate mode for their desired shooting style.


Ensure that you have selected the appropriate firing mode for your requirements. There is usually a knob or a switch near the trigger to swap between different firing modes. Refer to the user manual for instructions on how to switch between different firing modes.

Switch for firing mode on Splat R Ball gun

11. User Error

Splat guns can also stop shooting due to user error or incorrect technique. The issues users may encounter with the toy gun not firing properly could be due to their own mistakes or lack of familiarity with the correct operation.


Double-check your shooting technique to ensure you are operating the Orbeez gun correctly. Make sure you are firmly gripping the gun, properly pulling the trigger, and maintaining a steady aim.

12. Your Splat R Ball Gun Is Too Old

Lastly, it’s possible that your beloved Splat R Ball gun refuses to shoot because it has aged and suffered considerable damage. Due to their intricate and swiftly moving components, splat guns are susceptible to significant internal wear and tear. In some cases, the most practical solution is to bid farewell to your old splatrball gun and embrace a new one.

If your gel ball gun consistently encounters recurring issues, it serves as an indication that repairs are futile and the problems will persist until it inevitably ceases to function altogether. Instead of enduring the hassle and potential expenses, it would be wise to acquire a new splatter gun promptly, rather than waiting for the current one to reach its breaking point.


This is pretty straightforward – replace your old and worn-out splatter ball gun with one of the best splat gun on the market. I’ve had the pleasure of personally testing and evaluating various Splatrball guns, so I can provide you with valuable insights to aid your well-informed purchase decision.

Here are some more quick tips to make your splat gun shoot again:

As you can see, the reason why your splat gun isn’t shooting can be credited to a number of issues. Thankfully, most of them are relatively simple, and you can fix them yourself. However, severe damage or wear and tear to crucial components may leave you no choice but to get the Orbeez gun professionally repaired or replaced altogether.

Either way, I hope you’ll diagnose the issue with your splatter ball gun quickly and can get it fixed soon to get back in the game. I was able to get mine running again by simply fixing the faulty connection that was cutting off the power supply while charging. If you do have to get a new Splat R Ball gun, evaluate your options carefully before making the decision.

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer is a Recreational Gamer, Author, and Co-Founder of ThrilloGaming. He holds a degree in Sports Management from Mississippi College (MC), Unites States. His experience and proficiency in the field allow him to provide winning strategies, creative ideas, and expert advice.

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