How To Make Your Gel Blaster More Accurate And Powerful? Tips and Tricks

By Tavish Archer
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Greetings, fellow gel blaster enthusiasts! Welcome to another blog.

Are you tired of missing your targets or feeling like your shots are not as accurate as they should be? Nothing is more frustrating than taking careful aim and having your shot miss its mark. Fortunately, I found several simple and effective ways to improve the accuracy and power of your gel blaster.

“Speed is good, but accuracy is everything,” — once my school senior and mentor said while playing gel blaster in our backyard, and I have followed that ever since. In this post, I will discuss some practical tips and tricks to help you make your gel ball blaster more precise and powerful. Get ready to take your skills to the next level and dominate the battlefield like never before!

How To Make Gel Blaster Accurate

1. Upgrade The Barrel

The inner diameter of the gel blaster barrel determines how tightly the gel ball fits inside the barrel, which affects the amount of air that pushes the gel ball out of the barrel. The tighter the fit, the more consistent the shot and the better the accuracy. As I experienced, a barrel with a 7.5 mm inner diameter and 9.5 mm outer diameter helps the most in achieving this.

When the barrel is too wide, the gel ball has more room to move around. It can cause wobbling or deviation in the trajectory of the gel ball as it exits the barrel. This can result in a loss of accuracy and range. On the other hand, when the barrel is too narrow, it can cause friction between the gel ball and the barrel. This can reduce the velocity and overall performance of the gel blaster.

Besides, a metallic or steel barrel is more reliable than the plastic one. Upgrading to a higher-quality barrel with a smooth finish can also reduce friction and improve accuracy and power of the splatter ball gun.

2. Install A Hop Up

In my experience with gel blaster guns, I have learned that the hop up system is essential in improving accuracy and power by stabilizing the trajectory of the gel ball. A hop up consists of a bucking and a nub that create backspin on the gel ball as it exits the outer barrel. This helps to counteract the natural spin that would cause the gel ball to curve downwards due to gravity.

I have also found that the hop up attachment can be adjusted to fine-tune the backspin on the gel ball. This feature is especially useful for compensating for variations in gel ball weight, wind speed, and other environmental factors that can impact the trajectory of the gel ball. So, it’s worth considering investing in a quality hop up system to elevate your gelsoft game.

Here is an informative video guide by Bradley Philips upgrading the barrel and hop up of a gel blaster:

3. Upgrade The Gearbox

The gearbox in a gel ball blaster is a critical component that is responsible for the firing mechanism and the overall performance of the gun. Upgrading a nylon gearbox to a metal gearbox, including gearset, piston, tappet plate, spring, cylinder head and nozzle, can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the gel blaster gun.

One of the main benefits of upgrading the gearbox is the improvement in consistency. A high-quality gearbox like V2, V3 and Kublai will have a smoother action and reduce the amount of vibration that occurs during firing. It leads to a more consistent firing process, which in turn, improves the precision of the Orbeez gun, making it more powerful.

Upgrading the gearbox can also lead to an improvement in overall durability and reliability. When I tested, a high-quality gearbox made of stronger materials withstands the wear and tear during regular use. This improved durability ensures that the firing mechanism remains consistent and reliable over time, leading to better accuracy and overall performance.

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4. Use Heavier And High Quality Gel Balls

When a gel ball is fired, it is subjected to several forces that can cause it to deviate from its intended path, such as air resistance, gravity, and wind, reducing its accuracy. Using heavier and hardened 7.5 mm gel balls always helped me to stabilize the trajectory. It also make them less susceptible to those factors due to their greater mass and momentum.

Based on my firsthand experience, using high-quality gel balls with consistent size and shape can also help to achieve better perfection. When a gel ball is fired from a gel gun, inconsistencies can cause it to behave unpredictably, affecting its trajectory and accuracy. To tackle this, the best gel balls are manufactured to strict standards, ensuring consistency in size and shape, leading to a more predictable flight path with improved accuracy.

5. Regular Practice Is The Key

Whether it’s gel blaster, Orbeez gun or splat gun, pro-level accuracy is ensured by regular practice. Just by reading blogs or watching videos and collecting multiple tips from experts, you can’t reach the goal of more accuracy. You need to use your gel blaster properly and practice.

So pick the gun and make a shooting target in your backyard, and start practicing proper shooting techniques such as proper grip, stance, and breathing. I always try to make a 360° position and practice firing from different corners. Always try to make crawling, standing, or kneeling— the mock drill should pay a huge sweat in summer vacation. Practice regularly as much as from the odd position.

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6. Clean Your Gel Blaster Gun Regularly

Over time, dirt, debris, and other foreign particles accumulate inside the barrel and other parts of the blaster, which can negatively impact its performance. These particles can cause friction, affect the airflow, and even alter the trajectory of the gel balls. Regular cleaning helps to remove these particles and ensure that the blaster is functioning at its optimal level.

So, after each session, I always make cleaning the gel blaster gun a regular habit. For the shortcut method, I use a swab with a stick to clean the tough hinges of the gun. Disassembling the splat gun is tough for beginners, so this step is not recommended at the learning stage, instead, focus on the basics.

7. Install A Powerful Battery

A high power gel blaster battery can improve accuracy by providing a consistent and reliable source of power to it’s internal components, particularly the motor that drives the gearbox and firing mechanism. When a gel blaster battery is low on charge, it may not provide enough power to the motor to drive the gearbox and firing mechanism at a consistent rate. This can result in the blaster gun firing at an inconsistent rate, leading to reduced perfection.

By using a high power 7.4V or 11.1V battery with 1800 mAh or more capacity and charging it properly, the motor is supplied with a consistent and reliable source of power. This allows it to drive the gearbox and firing mechanism at a consistent rate. This in turn leads to a more consistent and accurate firing process. As I observed, such a battery can also provide a higher rate of fire, allowing for faster and more accurate shots.

Those tips are applicable not only to gel blasters, but also to Orbeez guns and splatter ball guns that shoot gel balls. It’s important to note that accuracy is not just dependent on one factor but a combination of various factors working together.

Experimenting with different upgrades and techniques to find what works best for your specific blaster is crucial. With some research and experimentation, you can make your gel blaster more precise and enjoy a more satisfying shooting experience.

Happy blasting!

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer is a Recreational Gamer, Author, and Co-Founder of ThrilloGaming. He holds a degree in Sports Management from Mississippi College (MC), Unites States. His experience and proficiency in the field allow him to provide winning strategies, creative ideas, and expert advice.

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