Can You Use Orbeez In Gel Blaster Or SplatRBall Gun? Know The Truth

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“Hah! I’m done with the overpriced gellets for my gel blaster and SplatRBall gun. I found cheaper Orbeez with a cost of only $5 for a pack of 15,000,” my friend Jeremy said, juggling with a packet of Orbeez balls. We usually use the gel blaster pellets offered by the same manufacturer as the guns.

Anyway, I warned him against using ordinary Orbeez beads in his splatter ball blaster. But, being a risk-taker, he brushed aside my warning, excited to save some cash. A few days later, he called me and said in a shaky voice, “I won’t be able to attend the Gel Blaster party. My gun is jammed, and I can’t fix it”.

He eventually cleared the blockage with my help and had fun at the party, but it was a lesson to learn. Before you make the same mistake as Jeremy, take a moment to read this article. I will give you the inside scoop on using regular Orbeez in your gel blaster or splat ball gun.

So, sit tight, and let’s dive in!

Can You Use Orbeez In Gel Blaster Or Splat Ball Gun

Can You Use Orbeez In Your Splat R Ball Gun And Gel Blaster?

Orbeez, splatter balls, and gel blaster balls (also known as gellets) are made of a super-absorbent polymer material that expands to manifold its original size upon soaking in water. All of them are generally spherical and are available in various colors.

So, where’s the difference between the two?

Well, I found that regular Orbeez balls aren’t always perfectly round and uniform. They aren’t always the same size either – some Orbeez can be too small or large for your splat ball gun and gel blaster, causing jamming inside the barrel or magazine. Even the hydrated beads’ hardness may vary from brand to brand. For these reasons, you should never use ordinary Orbeez in those toy guns.

Gellets, on the other hand, are manufactured specifically for gel blaster guns. That’s their intended use, unlike Orbeez. Especially when you get the best gel balls from a brand that also manufactures blasters, they’d be of the perfect size and shape.

Brands like Gel Blaster and SplatRBall naturally want their customers to use their compatible ammo in their guns and manufacture them accordingly. As stated on their websites, using any other kind of ammo or gellets from a different brand might cause problems to the blasters and void their warranty. Here are the certified ammo packs suitable for these toy guns, that can be used safely:

It would be wrong to claim that regular Orbeez balls can never be used in gel blaster guns. Provided that you find the right kind and size of spherical beads, you can certainly use them as gellets too. But I highly recommend staying away from cheap products from unknown brands without much repute.

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Wonders of Orbeez

Is There Any Orbeez That You Can Use In A Gel Gun?

You will need 6-8 mm hydrated gel balls, while 7.5 mm size works best with almost all gel blasters and splatter ball guns. However, you should still refer to the manual or any other instructions from the manufacturer regarding the gellet size. If you’re unsure about the diameter, just measure the gellets you received with the gel blaster and stick to that size when buying new packs.

As Orbeez beads are used for sensory play and decoration, they are available in various sizes. Even a small variation in the original size of the Orbeez (dehydrated) can make a significant difference to the final size you get upon hydrating them. So, if you’re going to use regular Orbeez in your gel blaster or splatter ball gun, make sure to pick the right size.

I’d strongly advise against using oversized or undersized Orbeez in a gel blaster. Undersized Orbeez can jam your blaster very frequently due to multiple balls piling up tightly in the barrel or the feed neck. Water beads that are too large might break apart due to the pressure and clog the inner components of the gun with their broken bits. Oversized Orbeez can potentially damage your blaster.

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Pros And Cons Of Using Orbeez In Gel Blaster Or Splat Gun


Orbeez are affordable and widely available.

They come in a variety of colors and can add an extra element of fun to your gameplay.

Orbeez can provide a unique tactile experience when fired from a gel blaster or splat ball gun

The price of ordinary Orbeez is far more affordable.


Using Orbeez in your splat ball gun or gel blaster can void the warranty and potentially damage the toy.

Orbeez can get stuck in the barrel of the gun, causing jams and misfires.

They may not provide the same level of performance or accuracy as certified ammo.

Ordinary Orbeez can leave behind residue or small bits of gel in the gun, leading to potential maintenance issues.

The size and shape of Orbeez may not be consistent, leading to inconsistency in gameplay.

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Important Factors That Determine The Compatibility Of Orbeez

Now, while I recommend using branded gellets from trusted manufacturers, they might not always be available. In case you have to use regular Orbeez in a gel blaster or splatter ball gun, make sure they are compatible. Here are a few factors that will help you decide:

1. Size

Firstly, you must narrow down your options by size. All Orbeez balls that are too small or too large for your blaster should be taken off the list. If you have some of your usual gellets left, compare them side-by-side to be sure.

2. Shape

This is very important – any Orbeez you put in a gel blaster gun must have a perfectly round texture. Any bumps or dents can cause them to jam the blaster or damage it in other ways. Don’t use Orbeez, which aren’t perfect spheres when hydrated.

3. Hardness

The water beads must be of appropriate hardness. When hydrated, they must be hard enough to survive the impact of the gun’s impact but soft enough to be painless. Excessively hard Orbeez can sting a lot and potentially cause bruises on bare skin from a close range. On the other hand, gel beads that are too soft would break apart before they even exit the barrel.

A good way to find compatible Orbeez with your blaster is to go by the reviews. When buying the Orbeez online, check for reviews from people who have already used the beads in gel blasters and splat ball guns.

Orbeez balls for recreational activities

Precautions To Use Regular Orbeez In A Gel Gun

Using Orbeez or water beads as an alternative ammo can add an exciting twist to your games, but it’s important to take precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some creative tips and important considerations to keep in mind before using Orbeez in your splatRBall gun:

Stick to the recommended capacity of the splat gun and do not attempt to modify it to hold more Orbeez. Overloading the blaster could cause it to malfunction or even jam.

Before playing with your Orbeez-loaded blaster, test it with a few Orbeez first to ensure that the gun is working correctly and that the balls are firing smoothly.

After each use, thoroughly clean your splatter ball gun to avoid jams or misfires. Disassemble it if necessary and clean all parts with warm water and mild soap.

Always soak the Orbeez for sufficient time, which is generally 4-6 hours. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation and do not go beyond that limit. Oversoaking the Orbeez balls may increase their size, make them fluffy, and reduce effectiveness.

Never try to artificially harden or freeze your Orbeez to use in the gel gun. Otherwise, they can cause jamming and eventually damage the blaster.


After conducting research and testing, I can confidently say that using regular Orbeez in a gel blaster or splatRBall ball gun is not recommended. Ordinary Orbeez are not designed to withstand the pressure and force generated by these guns, and they can easily break apart, causing damage and jamming inside.

Instead, it is important to use specially designed gel balls that are specifically made for these types of toy guns. These gellets are made with a thicker shell and are designed to expand properly when hydrated, providing a safe and enjoyable experience.

While it may be tempting to use regular Orbeez as a cheaper alternative, it is simply not worth the risk. Investing in proper gel balls will ensure that you have a safe and fun time while using your blaster gun.

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