Gel Blaster Starfire XL Review: A Thrilling Experience

By Tavish Archer
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“This one is pretty cool,” my buddy Kieren said as he picked up the Gel Blaster Starfire XL – “but…it kind of looks very similar to your Surge XL”. He had received it as a gift from his uncle and was understandably overjoyed to finally have a new blaster, especially one of the most powerful ones.

After a closer look at the blaster in his hands, I had to agree. Its design was exactly the same as my blaster, except it was purple instead of white and had a small, square attachment installed in place of the feed neck. We later discovered that the strange thing was a Starfire Activator – a special attachment that illuminates glow-in-the-dark gellets.

“Well, let’s see if it’s actually as good as my gun or just borrowed its look!”, I told my friend, giving him a playful pat.

In the end, Kieren’s new gel blaster gun actually proved to be just as impressive. With both of us being nerds when it comes to toy guns, we spent quite some time checking out every detail. Eventually, after seeing the awesomeness, I bought a Starfire XL too and decided to review it.

Gel Blaster Starfire XL Review

ThrilloGaming Verdict

The Starfire XL is hands down one of the coolest gel blasters available today. What sets it apart from the rest is its Starfire activator. This magical attachment infuses the gellets with UV light, making them glow like little neon fireflies when the lights go out. It’s absolutely mesmerizing!

Aside from that, playing with the Gel Blaster Starfire XL feels like living in the world of alien warfare games. And it’s not just about the experience—the performance of this gun is off the charts. With an adjustable muzzle velocity of 170-250 FPS, a rate of fire of 12 RPS, and a shooting range of over 150 feet, it stands out as the best choice on the market.

Gel Blaster Starfire XL features


The glow-in-the-dark Starfire gel balls can make the game much more enjoyable when playing in dark or dimly-lit areas. It’s fun to see the luminous orbs zipping around, and it truly enhances the sci-fi vibe.

The blaster significantly improves its overall performance with a maximum muzzle velocity of 250 FPS and a firing rate of 10 balls per second.

You can hit targets from as far as 150 feet, which is certainly an amazing perk. Your odds are much better if you can take out opponents while staying outside their range.

As I mentioned earlier, the three-shot burst fire mode is a great feature to have. It enables you to fire rapidly yet maintain control.

The user-friendly ergonomics make this gel blaster perfect for long games and tournaments where you’d have to carry it for extended periods.


While gravity-fed hoppers are simple, they have one flaw – the position of these hoppers prevents you from aiming properly.

While its design is great, this blaster is a tad bulky and might be hard for younger kids to play with.

It is slightly expensive compared to the average gel guns in the market.

Starfire XL

Gel Blaster Starfire XL Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 5/5

Shooting Power: 5/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.7/5

Ease Of Use: 4.7/5

Value For Money: 4.9/5



Discovering Starfire XL’s Design And Quality

The Starfire XL carries a strikingly badass appearance. The first time I held it in my hands, it honestly felt reminiscent of futuristic guns seen in sci-fi and alien warfare movies. The captivating color combination of purple, white, and green makes it truly stand out, exuding a unique charm.

Apart from its stylish, sleek, and lightweight design, the day and night edition blaster also boasts incredible ergonomics. Design features like the large grip make it remarkably comfortable to carry and aim.

Speaking of durability, the Gel Blaster Starfire XL didn’t disappoint. Crafted from high-quality, sturdy plastic, it can endure the rigors of intense battles. Even the small yet crucial details, such as the fins, are constructed with top-notch materials to withstand any impact damage. It’s a reliable companion that’s built to last.

Design of Starfire XL
Design of Starfire XL

Testing The Performance of Starfire XL Gel Blaster

Having extensively tested this blaster, I must admit that it ranks among the best Orbeez guns due to its exceptional rate of fire. Coupled with its fast muzzle velocity and long shooting range, the Starfire XL truly stands out as a powerful blaster.

Sounds cool? Absolutely!

Now, let’s delve into the critical performance factors that warrant your attention, guiding you toward making an informed decision that will elevate your experience to new heights.

1. Adjustable Muzzle Velocity

Let me tell you, folks, the adjustable shooting speed of this blaster is truly a game-changer! With a muzzle velocity range from 170 to 250 FPS, this blaster suits all adults. I used a chronograph to test the speed and found it to be quite satisfactory.

And that’s not all! If you believe that the default 250 FPS isn’t suitable for your children, you can easily lower it to a safer speed.

Whether I want to take precise shots at long distances or unleash a rapid-fire barrage, the Starfire XL is a fantastic choice. It’s like having multiple blasters in one, easily adapting to any situation. I can’t express how thrilled I am to have this level of control over my blaster’s performance.

2. High Rate Of Fire

Muzzle velocity is not the only parameter that defines how powerful a gel blaster gun is, my lad. Allow me to present the ultimate rate of fire for any gelly ball blaster. This is determined by the number of balls or rounds shot in a second (BPS or RPS).

In full-auto mode, it fires up to 12 RPS. As a passionate gamer and a big fan of machine guns in FPS games, I genuinely enjoyed the fast firing rate of this blaster. It adds an exciting element to my gel blaster battles, keeping me fully engaged.

3. Multiple Shooting Modes

This is another key selling point for the Starfire XL. Unlike many other gelly ball guns available on the market, it has 3 distinct shooting modes suitable for different types of games:

  • Full-Automatic Mode: This mode delivers the highest firing rate. All you have to do is hold down the trigger, and the Orbeez gun will send out a constant stream of 12 rounds per second.
  • Semi-Automatic Mode: This mode requires you to manually press the trigger for each shot, just like real semi-automatic weapons. It has the lowest ammo usage and wastage, but you need to be quick at shooting. It is ideal for long-distance shooting.
  • Three-Shot Burst Mode: This unique shooting mode allows the blaster to shoot a short burst of three shots each time you press the trigger. I absolutely love this firing mode since it’s perfect for keeping the opponent team suppressed without using up too many ammo unnecessarily.

4. The Longest Shooting Range

With a maximum shooting range of 150 feet, the Gel Blaster Starfire XL proves to be an excellent choice for players who prefer a sniper role, supporting their teammates from a distance.

During a gelly ball party, we had the opportunity to witness Kieren’s skills with his new gun. Impressively, he strategically eliminated opponents before they could get too close, allowing him to contribute effectively to the team’s victory.

So, based on our experience, it’s a reliable option for those seeking precision and providing valuable support to their allies.

5. The Large Hopper Capacity

This beast comes with an enormous XL hopper that can hold a whopping 1,000 numbers of gel balls. Trust me, you won’t be running out of ammo anytime soon, no matter what game mode you’re playing.

But when you do, hydrate the additional glow-in-the-dark 5000 rounds in a container and prepare for your next game. It’s that easy! I even tried my leftover UnlocX gellets with my Starfire XL and it really works!

Glow-in-the-dark Gellets with Starfire Activator
Glow-in-the-dark Gellets with Starfire Activator

6. The Pin-point Accuracy

In our gel blaster adventures, the Starfire XL Gel Blaster proved its accuracy at long ranges, keeping our shots on point, while its sleek design provided remarkable stability. However, with a gravity-fed hopper on the top, aiming is a bit inconvenient since aiming sights aren’t an option.

7. Low Wastage Of Gel Balls

When it comes to ammo wastage, the Starfire gel blaster has got you covered. Most bullets hit their target, so there’s no need to worry about wasteful shots. However, in full-auto mode, the ammo is spent quite quickly due to its speedy firing rate.

Thankfully, as I’ve experienced, the triple burst mode is there to save the day, helping you conserve ammo while still maintaining a rapid rate of fire. Finding that sweet spot is key!

Glow-in-the-dark gellets with Starfire XL
Pre-hydrated gel balls with Starfire XL

8. Battery Capacity And Charging Process

Get ready for some serious power with the Starfire XL’s robust 1800 mAH rechargeable battery. It keeps you in the game for around four hours on a full charge, ensuring endless fun. Remember, the Starfire activator needs separate AAA batteries and doesn’t rely on the main battery.

Charging is a breeze too, thanks to the convenient USB-C fast charging port located at the bottom. Just plug in the included USB-C cable and power it up!

Minimum Age Requirements

Unlike many other Orbeez guns on the market, the manufacturer suggests a minimum age of 14+ for the Starfire XL. However, this is likely because the blaster is exceptionally powerful.

In my experience, I found that the XL version of Starfire model is ideal for adults, while the normal version is better for kids. If you’re looking for a blaster suitable for younger children, you can also consider getting the Gel Blaster Surge Gen3 instead.

Price Range Evaluation: Starfire XL’s Worth

With a price tag around $100, it is a bit costly Orbeez gun. However, it’s important to recognize that the cost is justified, given its top-tier performance and impressive features.

In terms of ergonomics, performance, and aesthetics, it unquestionably delivers outstanding value for your money. Prepare for an all-around blasting experience that’s truly worth every penny!

Gel Blaster Starfire XL Specifications

BrandGel Blaster
ModelStarfire XL
ColorPurple and White
Maximum Range150 feet
Muzzle Velocity170-250 FPS
Rate of Fire12 RPS
Shooting ModesSingle Shot, Triple Burst, Full Auto
Charging CableUSB-C
Included Ammo5,000 (dry) + 1000 (ready to use)
Additional FeaturesStarfire Activator, Shoulder Strap, Adjustable FPS, Safety Glass

How Did I Test Gel Blaster Starfire XL?

My journey with this blaster has been an incredible experience. This unique blaster has completely changed the way I play the game with its special Starfire Activator and glowing gellets. After many hours of practice, I’ve learned how to make the most of this blaster and I’m excited to share with you.

Step 1: Unboxing The Starfire XL Blaster

Opening the package of the was an exciting moment. Inside, a trove of essentials awaited me:

  • The imposing gel gun blaster, ready to unleash its power.
  • An ample supply of 5,000 mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark Starfire water beads.
  • Protective safety glasses for worry-free gameplay.
  • An indispensable USB charging cable, ensuring uninterrupted action.
  • The innovative Starfire Activator, unlocking the blaster’s unique glow effects.
  • A medium-sized hopper filled with 1,000+ regular ammo (hydrated), poised for action.

This ensemble set the stage for thrilling gel blaster adventures, and I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Starfire XL unboxing
Unboxing Starfire XL

Step 2: Charging The Blaster

Upon receiving the Starfire XL, its battery was already fully charged and ready for action. However, I quickly learned the simple process of charging it up for prolonged excitement.

The USB-C port located beneath the blaster was just as familiar as my smartphone’s charging port. Connecting the charging cable and letting it power up was incredibly convenient.

The icing on the cake was the LED charging indicator that turned green once the blaster was fully charged. If the light stays red, it’s a sign that the battery is running low and needs a recharge. So simple, yet so powerful!

You can follow my detailed guide to recharge any gel blaster here.

Step 3: Setting Up The Starfire Activator

When it comes to the Gel Blaster Starfire XL, there’s a unique step that sets it apart from other blasters. To power up the Starfire Activator, you’ll need to insert a pair of AAA batteries (not included in the package, but its easy to manage them easily). The process was a breeze:

  • Unlock the green door of the battery compartment and swing it open.
  • Gently place the batteries in their designated slots, ensuring proper alignment.
  • Firmly shut the door until it clicks into place.

With the Starfire Activator now powered up, I was ready to dive into the world of glow-in-the-dark gel blasting.

Step 4: Growing The Gellets

While the Starfire XL initially came with pre-hydrated gellets and a hopper, I eventually needed to replace them. Rehydrating the leftover gel balls was a simple process. The other option was to grow the new ammo provided in the box.

Just take the dry gel beads and soak them in a bucket of water. It’s important to note that it may take around 3-5 hours for the gel balls to fully expand and reach their optimal size. However, if you’re looking to speed up the process, I have written about some techniques that you can try.

Step 5: Loading The Hopper

Now, it’s time to load your hydrated glow-in-the-dark gellets into the gel blaster hopper. However, before you do, take a moment to ensure that the balls are properly drained before placing them into the hopper. It’s crucial to prevent any water from leaking into the inner components of your blaster.

This way, you’ll have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience without any unwanted moisture causing issues. Here is an in-depth guide to load a hopper with gel balls.

Step 6: Attaching The Hopper

Once you have a full hopper, securely screw it into the Starfire Activator, which conveniently doubles as the feed neck. Now, take the feed neck and slide it into the top rail of your gel blaster, ensuring that the arrow on the feed neck is pointing forward.

It’s important to note that while you do this, it’s a good idea to turn the blaster upside down. This precautionary step helped me prevent any accidental spills of the gel ammo, ensuring they stay where they should be.

Step 7: Adjusting The FPS

The Gel Blaster Starfire XL arrives with its default muzzle velocity set at 250 FPS. However, there are times when I prefer a lower velocity, and luckily, I can easily adjust it down to 170 FPS.

To do this, all I need to do is unlock and slide off the buttstock by pressing the green button located underneath it. As I remove the stock, I discover a green velocity adjustment knob that gives me full control over the blaster’s power.

Now, you have the flexibility to fine-tune the muzzle velocity to your desired level, further enhancing the fun. I even tested the rated muzzle velocities with my chronograph and found the results to be very satisfactory.

Step 8: Put On The Safety Glasses And Start Playing

Don’t forget to put on your safety glasses before you start playing with your gel blaster. It’s really important to protect your eyes during gelly ball games because it can be very dangerous if you don’t.

Once you have all your safety gear on, choose the blasting mode you want and start shooting those glow-in-the-dark gellets from your blaster. Have a blast and stay safe!

Here is an informative unboxing video of the Starfire XL:

Should You Invest In Gel Blaster Starfire XL?

In my experience, it is a true game-changer in the realm of gel blasters. With its XL hopper accommodating 1,000 rounds, you’ll rarely find yourself running low on ammo during intense battles.

While aiming can be a bit tricky due to the top-mounted hopper, the blaster compensates with remarkable accuracy at long distances and unwavering stability. Although it’s priced slightly higher, the toy gun delivers impressive performance, essential features, and is a noteworthy investment.

“I guess my Starfire XL is as good as our old toy… just even cooler,” Kieren said with a grin as we were packing up after the games. Well, I had to agree. His gun had actually proven to be just as great in terms of performance and ergonomics.

After reading the Gel Blaster Starfire XL review, if you’re considering whether to get this blaster, I’d definitely recommend you go for it. It’s hands down one of the best blasters I’ve ever tried.

The Top Alternatives To Starfire XL

  • Gel Blaster Surge XL: I personally use this blaster, and it is also pretty amazing. In fact, it’s almost the similar as Starfire XL, besides the color difference and the fact that it doesn’t come pre-equipped with a Starfire activator and has a slightly lower rate of fire.
  • UnlocX 4-in-1 Gel Blaster: With a high fire rate of 11 balls per second, this modular blaster from UnlocX is pretty powerful too. It not only packs a punch with a 200 FPS muzzle velocity, but you can even switch between 3 modes – pistol, blaster, assault, and rifle by attaching or removing different components.
  • Splatrball SRB1200: Like Gel Blaster, SplatRball is another leading brand of Orbeez guns. SRB1200 is the best gun they offer, with an impressive ammo capacity of 1200 splat balls, a 210 FPS muzzle velocity, and a high firing rate of 11 balls per second. Its drum magazine also goes underneath the barrel, which means you can aim down the sight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does gel blaster Starfire XL hurt?

The Starfire XL does not usually hit hard enough to cause any serious bruising, but the gellets do sting quite a bit if they hit bare skin, especially at close ranges. It’s best to wear full-length clothing to protect yourself when playing with gel blasters. When my friends and I play, we also follow a mutual rule to always avoid shooting anyone in sensitive areas, such as the neck or the face.

Where can you play with Starfire XL?

If the regulations in your locality do not restrict the public display and/or use of gel blasters, you can play with them in a variety of locations as long as you don’t disturb anyone. Outdoor spaces such as backyards and fields are excellent choices for such games. However, ensure that there are no people nearby who might accidentally get hurt due to stray bullets. Additionally, you can find numerous gelly ball arenas that offer exciting playing environments, complete with cover structures and other features.

What type of gel balls can be used with this blaster?

The Gel Blaster Starfire XL comes with glow-in-the-dark gellets—branded gel balls from the manufacturer designed specifically for its blasters. You can also use gel balls from other brands as long as they are the right size. However, you have limited options when it comes to glowing gel balls. If you’d like to use those, the Starfire rounds from Gel Blaster are your best choice.

How long does Gel Blaster Starfire XL take to charge?

It takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to charge up 100%. Once fully charged, the battery lasts around 4-5 hours of playing.

Where can you buy Starfire XL Gel Blaster?

Buying this toy gun shouldn’t be a problem – you can look for it in nearby toy and hobby stores. However, it would be even easier to buy the blaster online.

What accessories are compatible with this blaster?

This blaster can obviously be equipped with a Starfire activator since it already comes with one. You can also attach the shoulder strap that comes in the box to make the gun easier to carry. If you often play in dark environments, consider purchasing a suitable flashlight to attach to the blaster. However, I wouldn’t recommend using a scope, as the hopper on top of the blaster could obstruct your line of sight.

What to do if your Gel Blaster Starfire XL is not shooting?

Your Starfire XL gel blaster might stop shooting due to various issues. The most common reason is a dead battery – simply charge your blaster, and it will be ready to go again. If this solution doesn’t work, troubleshoot for other problems like a clogged barrel or a damaged motor. Depending on the issue, you might need to have the Orbeez gun professionally repaired or replaced.

Review:Gel Blaster Starfire XL
Summary:The Gel Blaster Starfire XL impresses with its futuristic design, adjustable power, and high-rate firing. With modes for various playstyles, a large hopper capacity, and accurate shooting, it’s a standout choice. While its top-mounted hopper may hinder aiming, the XL delivers top-tier performance and exceptional value.
Author:Tavish Archer
Rating:4.9 (out of 5)

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