Upgrading Your Gel Ball Gun: A Guide to Attachments, Accessories And Mods

By Tavish Archer
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Back when I first tried out an Orbeez gun, little did I know that one day I would become an absolute gel blaster nerd, eagerly exploring every new attachment and accessory. To be fair, the temptation to upgrade a blaster for better performance is simply irresistible.

It’s more than just the functional aspects of the mods. Trust me, it feels fantastic to wield a customized splat gun, dominating your opponents while being fully aware that your creativity is what gives you the edge. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of the most essential gel blaster upgrades.

Gel Blaster Accessories And Attachments: Glow-in-the-dark Gellets, Gel Bead Hopper, Collapsible Ammo Tub, Drum Magazine, Shooting Target For Practice, Gel Ball Blaster Vest, Safety Goggles, Stylish Masks, Laser Attachment, Starfire Activator and Rechargeable Battery

1. Gellet Depot

This was my very first gel blaster accessory, and honestly, one that I highly recommend purchasing if you plan to enjoy extended parties. A gellet depot is essentially a bucket or tub designed to hydrate and store Orbeez.

My depot is collapsible, allowing me to adjust its height anywhere between two and eight inches as needed. I can even shrink it down into a disk-like shape for convenient storage and transportation when it’s not in use.

But that’s not all—with features like a built-in strainer similar to the one from Gel Blaster, you can also hydrate the beads directly and easily drain out the water. It’s quite compact – large enough to hold over 10,000 water beads, yet small enough to carry around with ease.

2. Hop-Ups And Barrels

If you’re looking to give your splat blaster a substantial performance boost, a barrel upgrade and a hop-up are exactly what you need.

Attached at the end of the barrel, a hop-up unit is a mod that improves the trajectory and long-distance accuracy of the gel beads by adding backspin as they exit the gun. To put it simply, this nifty extension provides your blaster with a significant range enhancement.

Replacing the default barrel with a higher-quality unit may also help by increasing muzzle velocity, accuracy, and range. I modified one of my splatter ball guns by installing a metal barrel – the reduced friction worked wonders, even though it became a bit heavier.

3. Glow-In-The-Dark Gellets

Not all upgrades need to be functional modifications with performance boosts. Some accessories are desirable simply because they’re cool – like glow-in-the-dark gellets. These are exactly as the name suggests – special gel balls designed to illuminate in the dark.

Investing a bit more in glow-in-the-dark gellets compared to regular ammo is worth it if you frequently engage in matches in dark settings. The sight of glowing balls soaring through the darkness adds a sci-fi vibe.

My personal favorites are the Starfire ammo offered by Gel Blaster, though they can also be found from other brands. You can check the list of the best gel ammo to explore it further.

4. Starfire Activator

Now, your glow-in-the-dark gellets won’t light up by themselves – they first need to be activated through exposure to light. While leaving them under strong light for a while should do the trick, using a Starfire Activator is a much more effective and quicker way to go about it.

Equipped in place of the feed neck, this special attachment charges up the gellets with UV light as they pass from the hopper to the barrel. It’s an incredible gem for science fiction fans.

A Starfire Activator costs around $20, which is reasonable enough. Gel Blaster Starfire and Starfire XL come pre-equipped with this game-changer, priced only $10 higher than their Surge (non-Starfire) variants.

5. Tracer Unit

Before purchasing a Starfire Activator, consider whether you might prefer a tracer unit instead. My friend Kieren has this cool barrel attachment, and I must admit, I’m a bit jealous. A tracer unit adds realism to the gameplay experience by introducing a captivating visual effect to the gel balls.

As the beads pass through the unit, its sensors detect their movement. This action triggers the LED within the tracer unit, causing it to emit a brief burst of light that illuminates the gel balls as they exit the barrel. This not only creates a visually striking display but also enhances the visibility of the balls’ trajectory.

Furthermore, some tracer units utilize UV light, which effectively illuminates glow-in-the-dark gellets, similar to how a Starfire Activator operates.

6. Tactical Mounts, Sights And Scopes

These attachments are upgrades to provide you with more of a tactical advantage than a direct performance boost, although they do enhance the blaster’s accuracy. If you have experience playing FPS games, especially ones with customizable weapon loadouts, or if you have real-life experience, you’re likely aware of how sights and scopes can offer a significant advantage.

However, when considering a gun with a sleek sniper-style scope, it’s essential to consider your role and play style. Telescopic scopes are designed primarily for long-distance shooting, such as providing cover fire to your teammates from the backline. Nevertheless, at close ranges, they can limit your field of view, potentially allowing opponents to eliminate you before you detect their presence.

For those who prefer close-range skirmishes, reflex sights are the optimal choice. If you adopt a mid-range or versatile play style, a holographic or low-magnification sight (like an ACOG type) is recommended. It’s worth noting that these fantastic sights and scopes are only compatible with bottom-fed splat guns, as a gravity-fed hopper mounted on top would make them impractical.

However, you can still utilize laser sights/pointers with any Orbeez gun, including those equipped with gravity-fed hoppers. While a laser sight won’t assist in aiming down the sight, it can significantly enhance hip-fire accuracy. I once had the opportunity to try an Anstoy gel blaster that came pre-equipped with a laser sight – it was undoubtedly a nice perk.

Tactical mounts or rails are straightforward attachments that allow you to affix scopes and sights if the gun doesn’t initially accommodate them. Gel Tactical has an awesome collection of sights and scopes.

7. Auto-Resetting Targets And Smart Targets

If you’re new to this game or looking to improve your accuracy for competitive events, investing in an electric gel blaster target practice set is a wise choice. While you can certainly practice using cans and bottles, the auto-resetting and smart target sets transform your practice into a mini-game complete with a scoring system.

Furthermore, the auto-reset feature eliminates the requirement to manually reset all the targets after each round, thus saving you both time and effort. I highly recommend these accessories to beginners looking to practice at home.

8. Stock

If you’re unfamiliar, the stock refers to the handle-like (often somewhat triangular) extension located at the rear end of a gun, in this case, your gel gun blaster. It plays a role in maintaining the gun’s stability during firing, thereby reducing ammunition spread.

Consequently, it enhances accuracy and minimizes wastage. To achieve this, all you need to do is brace the stock against your shoulder while aiming through the sights or secure it beneath your armpit.

Many gel blasters are equipped with intriguing stocks (examples include Surge XL, SRB1200 and UnlocX’s modular gel gun), some even being removable or extendable. If you don’t already have one, you might consider whether it’s feasible to attach a new stock. Opting to swap the default part for one better suited to your preferences could also be a worthwhile consideration.

9. Sling

I initially used an Orbeez gun sling when testing the SplatRball SRB400-SUB – it’s equipped with a carrying sling and a sling clip to facilitate easy transportation of the gun.

If your blaster doesn’t have a stock, the sling can also be employed to secure the gun against your shoulder by keeping it taut. Its primary function, however, is to assist you in carrying the gun when you’re not engaged in active play.

10. High-Capacity Magazines And Hoppers

If your water bead gun has a low ammo capacity, this upgrade is essential and highly recommended. A larger magazine or hopper reduces the frequency of refills, saving you significant hassle during your games. Personally, I favor drum magazines due to their impressive ammo capacity, often exceeding 1000 rounds.

While only a few Orbee guns, such as the SRB1200 and the CosmoxToys Sirius Rifle, come with drum magazines, you can always purchase one separately and replace your default magazine. If you find drum magazines too bulky, a sizeable spring-powered SLR clip serves as a decent alternative. Additionally, a clip can also serve as a foregrip – just exercise caution to avoid pulling it too forcefully.

Keep in mind that clips and drum magazines are compatible only with bottom-fed Orbeez guns. For top-fed gel blasters, the exclusive option is a hopper. These typically hold around 800 shots, although some of the larger hoppers, like those available with Surge XL and Starfire XL, can accommodate approximately 1000 gel balls.

11. Powerful Batteries

This upgrade falls into the realm of relatively advanced enhancements, typically aimed at hardcore players like myself. The battery capacity of a gel blaster can vary anywhere between 500 and 1,800 mAh. Opting for a higher battery power essentially extends your playtime per charge – a 1,800 mAh battery, for instance, could last around 4 hours or approximately 5,000 shots.

If you find that your splat gun’s battery depletes too quickly, feel free to consider a 1,800 mAh option (just ensure it’s compatible with your toy). In terms of voltage, the majority of blasters employ 7.4 V batteries.

However, for an exceptionally robust performance enhancement, contemplate switching to an 11.1 V battery. This higher voltage empowers the motor to operate more robustly, resulting in an increase in both muzzle velocity and firing rate.

However, it’s crucial to note that transitioning to an 11.1 V battery carries the potential to strain gears and other components, as they might operate beyond their intended capacity. As a proactive step, I would highly recommend prioritizing a metal gearbox upgrade.

Here is a nice collection of batteries for Orbeez guns, gel blasters and splat ball guns.

12. Metal Gears

As I mentioned earlier, investing in metal gears instead of nylon becomes imperative when opting for a more powerful battery. These gears, significantly more durable than standard plastic ones, exhibit better resistance to wear and necessitate reduced maintenance.

Although accessories like metal gears may not directly enhance your splat gun’s shooting range, they play a vital role in elevating FPS and firing rate without posing a risk of damaging the gun.

13. Stronger Springs

If you’re interested in tweaking your gun to achieve an FPS boost, think about upgrading the springs. Stronger springs cause the piston to strike the pellets with greater force, resulting in an increase in muzzle velocity.

The best material for gel blaster springs is SiCr, with silicon and chromium as the major constituents. Its tensile strength is unparalleled, making it a great choice for Orbeez guns.

14. Anti-Reverse Latch

While making modifications to your blaster with new components, it’s worth considering the installation of a dependable anti-reverse latch.

This critical component prevents the gears from rotating backward when the gun is inactive, effectively safeguarding both the gearbox and the motor from potential damage. Additionally, it ensures user safety by eliminating the possibility of accidental firing.

15. Custom Grips

One of my earlier gel blaster guns had an uncomfortable grip due to its design lacking ergonomic considerations. This design often left my fingers aching after extended parties. While pondering a solution, I came across custom grips.

Acquiring a tactical foregrip and installing it beneath the gun was the answer. The transformation was remarkable! The gun instantly became a joy to wield, and I experienced a notable improvement in my performance, all thanks to the enhanced stability.

16. Foregrips

These attachments help you grip the front side of the gel toy blaster. Foregrips come in a variety of shapes and sizes- some are vertical, while others are angled or stubby. They can be made from different materials, such as polymer or aluminum.

Additionally, some foregrips have built-in bipods, allowing you to stabilize your blaster on the ground. Choosing the right foregrip can help you control recoil and aim more accurately.

17. Suppressors

Gel blaster suppressors, also known as mock suppressors or silencers, are extensions to reduce the noise of your splatter gun when firing. They can also add a cool factor to your gun.

Some suppressors are made from metal, while others are made from plastic or foam. It’s important to choose a suppressor that is compatible with your blaster’s threading.

18. Charging Cable

Charging cables are the accessories used to charge the rechargeable batteries that power gel blasters. These cables come in different types and sizes depending on the type of battery and the charging port of the gel gun.

Some of the most common types of charging cables include USB cables, wall chargers, and balance chargers. When choosing a charging cable, it is important to ensure that the cable is compatible with the type of battery and the charging port of the gel ball blaster.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, there are numerous ways to enhance your performance and overall gameplay experience through various attachments, accessories, and modifications. This becomes especially significant if you’re aspiring to become a gel blaster pro, as experimenting with diverse upgrades can provide you with an advantage over your opponents.

However, exercise caution to prevent unintentional damage to your gun when undertaking alterations that might strain its internal components with excessive power. Keep in mind that while external modifications are acceptable, any changes involving the alteration or replacement of a component will void the warranty.

With this in mind, I trust this information is valuable. Feel free to experiment with various attachments and accessories to elevate your Orbeez gun into a high-tech blaster bound to inspire envy!

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