Beyond Just an Aesthetic: Why Do Toy Guns Need Orange Tips?

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If you’re a fan of toy guns like gel blasters, Splat R Ball guns, or laser tag guns, you’ve probably noticed that they usually come with an orange tip. You might have wondered why toy guns have this feature, and you’re not alone.

I never really paid much attention to the orange tips on Nerf guns because they already have a few orange parts, so I assumed it was just part of their design. However, when I started searching for a gel blaster, I realized that even the highly realistic imitation guns had orange tips.

At first, I felt a little disappointed that the orange tip spoiled the authentic appearance. But soon enough, I discovered the crucial reason behind this inclusion – and believe me, it serves a very important purpose.

Toy gun with orange tip on barrel

Why Do Toy Guns Have Orange Tips?

The reason behind the presence of an orange tip is precisely what made me slightly disappointed – it prevents toy guns from appearing too real. The orange tip serves as a clear indicator that your imitation gun is a toy, greatly reducing the likelihood of anyone confusing it for a real firearm.

But wait, why wouldn’t you want a replica gun to perfectly mimic an actual weapon? It seems logical to strive for maximum realism, doesn’t it? While playing with a realistic toy gun can be enjoyable and exhilarating, it can also put your life at risk. Here are three key reasons why different types of toy guns are equipped with orange tips.

1. For Your Own Safety

Picture this scenario – you suddenly find yourself amidst law enforcement officials in hot pursuit of a group of criminals, and you happen to be holding a replica gun. In such a tense moment, there’s a real possibility that they might mistake you for one of the wrongdoers and perceive you as an immediate danger. Their first instinct could be to neutralize the perceived threat, even with the use of lethal force.

Of course, I sincerely hope you never encounter such a harrowing situation. Nonetheless, there have been far too many instances where the police unintentionally shot someone carrying a toy gun, and we can’t ignore the potential risks involved.

Carrying a realistic imitation gun also puts your life at risk by escalating tension in a stressful encounter. Imagine finding yourself in a confrontation with someone armed with a real firearm. If they feel threatened by your replica gun, there’s no guarantee that they won’t shoot you in self-defense. Here is a report of such an incident on Vice, where the victim was carrying an airsoft gun.

2. To Keep You From Misusing Toy Guns

Remember what I mentioned earlier about people feeling threatened by a realistic toy gun? It’s not just a hypothetical concern. There have been real cases worldwide where individuals successfully attempted bank robberies using toy guns.

The presence of the orange tip acts as a preventive measure, discouraging you from misusing your toy gun to intimidate others by making them believe it’s an actual firearm. In fact, certain states have enacted specific laws against such behavior. The orange tip serves as a reminder to use your toy gun responsibly and avoid causing harm.

3. Preventing Unnecessary Panic

Lastly, the rule mandating orange tips on toy guns serves another important purpose: preventing unnecessary panic. Imagine walking down the streets with a replica gun that looks indistinguishable from the real deal. It could easily ignite fear and lead to people calling the police.

The orange tip plays a vital role in ensuring that an imitation gun doesn’t appear too realistic, averting potential problems and alarming situations. By maintaining this distinct visual feature, we can help avoid needless anxiety and the unintended consequences that could arise.

Which Toy Guns Need Orange Tips?

The laws regarding toy guns and their orange tips can vary from state to state. However, as a general rule, most imitation guns, especially replica guns like gel blasters, Orbeez guns, nerf guns, splatter ball guns, laser tag guns, airsoft guns, and the others that shoot projectiles, are required to have an orange tip.

In the past, only toy guns brought into the city or imported needed an orange tip. But recently, new regulations were introduced across different states, making it mandatory for all toy guns to have orange tips before they can be sold.

According to US federal law, the sale of all toy guns without orange tips indicating their toy status is prohibited. The upcoming rule of “Marking of Toy, Look-Alike, and Imitation Firearms” by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, effective from 06/26/2023, states that-

“A blaze orange (AMS STD 595A–17 color 12199) or orange color brighter than that specified by the AMS standard color number, marking permanently affixed to the exterior surface of the barrel, covering the circumference of the barrel from the muzzle end for a depth of at least 6 millimeters.”

Federal Register

For example, New York has strict regulations and demands brightly colored replica guns. In fact, the sale of black, blue, silver, and aluminum-colored toy guns is prohibited in the state.

Closeup of orange tip on imitation gun

Is It Illegal To Remove The Orange Tip?

The legality of removing the orange tip from a toy gun depends on various factors, including local laws and regulations. In the United States, federal law mandates that replica guns must be sold with an orange tip to distinguish them from real firearms. However, the law typically does not explicitly prohibit the removal of the orange tip once the toy gun is purchased.

That being said, it is important to note that individual states and local jurisdictions may have their own specific regulations regarding the removal of orange tips. Some states, such as California, may have laws in place that prohibit altering or removing the orange tip of a toy gun.

Assuming it is legally permissible in your jurisdiction, removing the orange tip may give your imitation gun an even more authentic appearance. Nevertheless, I strongly advise against removing it, as doing so goes against the very reasons why replica guns are required to have orange tips in the first place. Not only would it cause unnecessary panic, but it could also potentially jeopardize your safety.

To ensure compliance with the law and avoid any legal issues, I advise you to research and understand the specific regulations in your state or locality regarding the removal of orange tips from toy guns. Consulting local law enforcement or legal professionals can provide you with accurate information and guidance.

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