What Is A Splat Gun? Unraveling The Playful World

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As someone equally passionate about gaming and outdoor activities, I’ve always had a special liking for toys that help simulate gaming experiences in real life. That said, it’s no surprise that I fell in love with splat guns the moment I saw one for the first time.

I mean…who wouldn’t? Those toy guns do a great job replicating the shooting action from video games – just a notch lower than airsoft guns. I had already played paintball countless times by then, but the Splat R ball gun was something very different.

The first time I tried out a splat ball gun was when Jeremy invited me, Erik, and Kieren to the local arena for a gelly ball party to celebrate his new job. Oh boy! I’ll never forget how much fun we had that day, shooting each other with the water-filled beads.

What Is A Splat Gun

What Exactly Is A Splat Gun?

A splat gun, also known as a splatter ball gun, splat ball gun, or a Splat R Ball gun, is a toy gun designed to shoot water-filled squishy gel beads. The ammo is made of SAP polymer that expands and gains a jelly-like spherical texture when soaked in water. These tiny balls burst against surfaces creating a ‘splatter’ sound, which is the reason behind their name.

Most Splat R ball guns work very similar to gel blasters, except they share certain distinctive features. These toy guns usually have a gravity-fed and spring-operated magazine at the bottom, which feeds the ammo to the barrel. Those guns always have a bright color on the body and an orange tip at the end of the outer barrel, distinguishing them from real firearms.

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How Fast Does A Splat Gun Shoot?

Besides their unique looks, the first thing about splat guns that grabbed my attention was their shooting speed or muzzle velocity. While splatter ball guns can pack a punch with an impressive speed of 200 to 210 feet per second (FPS), or 60 to 76 meters per second, I’ve seen a few gel blasters that shoot even faster.

Picture this: during the vibrant party mentioned earlier, my splat balls soared through the air, finding their mark on my best friend Erik nearly 100 meters away, accompanied by resounding splatters (Oops, sorry, Erik!). It’s a testament to the unrivaled power and precision that make these toy guns revered in the world of gel bead shooting as a recreational activity.

Speaking of firing speed, I should also mention that automatic splat guns have a high rate of fire. I personally used the SRB1200 gun, which can spit out 11 balls per second in full auto mode. However, even the smaller guns can deliver up to eight balls per second. Nothing beats the fun of raining down a hailstorm of Orbeez beads on your opponent – wouldn’t you agree?

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Range analysis of splatter ball gun

Do Splatter Ball Guns Hurt?

Do you know the main reason why I prefer splat ball over paintball? It’s because the former doesn’t hurt as much. Unlike paint balls, they don’t cause any bruising or welts unless they hit particularly soft and sensitive areas like the eyes or face. The water-filled beads are very soft and simply break apart upon impact. There’s no need to worry about serious injuries as long as you wear eye protection.

That said, the splatter balls can still sting if they hit you in a sensitive area or from a close range. I’d always advise wearing protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible. Also, just be reasonable and avoid shooting anyone in sensitive areas such as the neck or the face. Set rules and boundaries with your friends before you start playing.

Remember, eye protection is non-negotiable with splat guns. While the gel balls are mostly harmless, a shot to the eye can result in severe ocular damage. So, never aim a splat ball gun at someone without proper safety glasses. Although splat balls share similar properties and shooting speeds with gel blasters, it’s crucial to prioritize eye safety at all times.

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Are Splat Guns Legal?

These harmless toy guns are legal almost everywhere. However, before buying one, it’s still smart to check your local laws. This will save you the unpleasant surprise of discovering that you aren’t allowed to use the splat gun after you’ve already spent your money on it.

Since splatter ball guns are much safer than airsoft guns and impossible to mistake for real firearms, there aren’t a lot of legal restrictions on them. In fact, such Orbeez guns were first manufactured to get around laws banning airsoft guns in certain countries. However, these toy guns might still be banned in certain public places, such as parks and beaches.

Thankfully, my state has embraced the joy of splat guns with relaxed regulations, allowing enthusiasts like myself to indulge in playful battles without worry. As long as we exercise responsible behavior and refrain from randomly shooting people, there is no cause for concern.

Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that rules can differ from one state to another, and some states may impose limitations on the use of these toy guns within city limits or other public areas.

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Splat R Ball gun set

Exciting Games To Play With Splat Ball Guns

From simple target practice to intense battles, there’s a lot you can do with these modern toy guns. I personally prefer team-based games, but here are as many things to do with splat guns as I can think of.

1. Free For All

As the name clearly indicates, this splat gun game mode involves everyone fighting for themselves. The individual who scores the highest ‘kills’ is declared the winner. Free-for-all battles are extremely intense since each and every player is an opponent, and you need to watch out for attacks from all sides.

This beginner-friendly game mode is a good choice when you have an odd number of players and can’t form two teams of equal strength.

2. Last Man Standing

This splat ball game mode is very similar to free-for-all all, with players battling individually to secure the win. Unlike free-for-all, Last Man Standing doesn’t allow players to respawn – which means the battles are much shorter and more challenging.

To win a game of Last Man Standing, you must survive till the very end, regardless of how many points you score. In this game mode, players often work in pairs to take out their opponents and finally battle it out between themselves if they both survive till the end.

3. Team Deathmatch

Ah! The classic team-based splat gun game- my all-time favorite. You likely understand the concept of team deathmatch already. The players are divided into two teams, whose only goal is to score more kills than the opponent. The winner is the team that reaches the target score first or has the highest score when time runs out.

4. Capture The Flag

If you play a lot of multiplayer shooting games, you might be very familiar with this game mode. This is another team-based splat ball gun game, where each team has a flag placed within its “base”. To score, your team must secure the opponent’s flag and successfully carry it back to your base.

This game mode carries excellent strategic elements. You must defend your flag and protect the teammate who captures and carries the opponent’s flag. It pays off to plan beforehand and set specific roles for different team members.

5. VIP Or Protect The King

This interesting splatter ball gun game mode shares similarities with Capture The Flag, except the flag is replaced by a player marked as VIP and every team has one of them. To win, both teams must try to take out the opponent’s VIP while protecting their own.

Like Capture The Flag, this game mode isn’t about being trigger-happy. Both teams must plan well, position their VIPs in a well-protected place, and assign offensive and defensive roles to each player.

6. Target Practice

Lastly, you could just take a splat gun and use it for target practice. The fun lies in the simplicity and satisfaction of hitting the bullseye. Besides, it helps improve your accuracy and, in turn, improves your performance in every game mode.

Splatter ball guns often come with electronic targets for practice, but even cans and bottles would suffice as targets. If you want to make it a bit more fun and challenging, you may also set up moving targets.

While these targets use electricity to work, those toy guns have a rechargeable battery inside. Usually, 7.4-11.1 V Li-ion batteries with 500-1800 mAh power are present inside the gun. All you need to do is charge the splat gun well (don’t overcharge, though) before playing. Each charge can help you shoot gel balls 3000-6000 times.

In the thrilling world of splat ball guns, players become fearless warriors armed with vibrant ammunition. It’s an artful explosion of joy and adrenaline—a game where every step and shot creates a mesmerizing masterpiece.

Splatter ball games are a blend of strategy, agility, and creativity that unleashes your inner child. It forges bonds, fosters camaraderie, and fills the air with laughter. So, grab a splat gun, immerse yourself in this kaleidoscope of color, and let it redefine your idea of fun!

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer

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