Do Orbeez Guns Damage Cars? An In-Depth Analysis

By Tavish Archer
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As my friends and I were gearing up for an Orbeez gun battle in Kieren’s backyard last week, Jeremy piped up, “Wait, guys! Is it safe to play near that car?”.

Sure enough, a car was parked outside the fence, pretty close to where we were about to play. Kieren told us that it belonged to his new neighbors, and they weren’t home, so we couldn’t really do anything about it.

Based on my experience, I was pretty sure that the Orbeez guns won’t cause any damage to the car. Erik sided with me, too, saying, “Man, I lost count of how many times I accidentally shot gel balls into our glass windows. They didn’t even leave a scratch, so I’m sure the car will be fine”.

After some back and forth, we decided to go ahead with our game. Though we accidentally shot the car several times, there was absolutely no damage – not even on the glass or paint.

Do Orbeez Guns Damage Cars

What Happens When Your Orbeez Gun Hit A Car?

Orbeez pellets hitting a car usually just bounce off or at most splatter upon contact. There’s no risk of damage besides causing a bit of paint to peel off, and even that is pretty rare. This is because gel balls are very soft and mostly consist of water, which is why they’re also known as water beads.

Their gel-like consistency doesn’t allow Orbeez to create an impact strong enough to cause any serious damage. Pellets shot from an Orbeez gun might also end up lodged inside small openings, such as a car’s radiator or air intake. Once again, the chances of this happening are very low.

That said, I’d like to clarify that it’s never a good idea to shoot at a car with an Orbeez gun, splat gun or gel blaster, even as a prank. Besides the potential (albeit low) risk of damaging the car, you might also cause its occupants to panic.

Can An Orbeez Gun Dent A Car?

Don’t worry, an Orbeez gun would never dent a car – no matter how close you shot it from. Designed for little kids to play with, these toy guns have a muzzle velocity of 90-280 FPS and do not hit hard enough to cause even the slightest damage to a car’s body.

Even the most powerful Orbeez guns don’t generate enough force to dent a car. Unlike rocks and other heavy debris and objects, gel balls are also very lightweight – they simply don’t have the momentum it takes to dent car materials.

Put it together with their soft and bouncy nature, and you’d see exactly why an Orbeez gun can’t dent a car. The same thing is applicable for all gel blasters and splatter ball guns too. So, don’t worry.

Can Orbeez Beads Break The Windows Of A Car?

The same thing goes for car windows – Orbeez guns aren’t strong enough to break them.

Think about splattering the glass window of a car with a blob of water – that’s pretty much what happens when you shoot a car window with an Orbeez gun. Besides, car windows are also made from tempered glass, which is specially designed to resist shattering and cracking.

Still, it’s best to avoid shooting Orbeez into car windows. Though they won’t damage the glass, the balls can still leave behind residues. The gel balls that splatter upon hitting the glass might get stuck there and become difficult to remove if left there to dry.

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are orbeez guns safe

What Is The Impact Of Orbeez Gun Pellets On Car Paint?

The paint of a car is pretty much the only thing an Orbeez gun can damage. Still, this is pretty rare since the gel beads don’t hit hard enough to cause the paint to peel off immediately. They damage the paint in very rare cases when the same spot is hit repeatedly for an extended period of time.

Since the hydrated Orbeez balls are mostly made of water, the water moisture may begin to seep into the paint if you keep shooting at the car for a long time. This eventually loosens up the paint, causing it to peel off.

In case the paint is already in poor condition, Orbeez shot with a powerful gun and in large numbers at a close range can also chip off the paint. So, unless you aggressively use the gun and intentionally keep raining down gel beads on a car, the chances of damaging its paint are very slim.

Factors That Determine The Damage To A Car By An Orbeez Gun

The extent of damage actually depends on a number of factors. Once again, keep in mind that I’m referring to the paint job since that’s pretty much the only kind of harm that an Orbeez gun can cause to a car.

Distance: The distance of the shot directly affects the chances and the extent of damage. Orbeez shot at a car from a very close range are much less likely to cause any problem compared to those shot from a distance.

The velocity of the Orbeez: Of course, the force of the shot is another major factor to consider in this regard. Gel beads shot from a high-FPS Orbeez gun would hit the car with much greater force than one from a gun with a lower muzzle velocity.

Condition of the paint: In some cases, the condition of the paint on the car’s body is an even bigger factor. A fresh coat of paint on a smooth surface is far more likely to peel off than a thick layer on a rough surface. The paint will also be more prone to damage if it’s old and worn out already.

Size of the gel beads: Larger gel beads hit with a greater force and contain more water, which allows them to cause more damage than small or regular-sized (7.5 mm) Orbeez.

Regardless of these factors, the damage to a car’s paint (if any) is usually minimal. So, you may rest assured that it’s safe to play with Orbeez guns near a car.

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Tips To Make Your Car Safe From Orbeez Guns

Tips To Make Your Car Safe From Orbeez Guns

Though the chances of an Orbeez gun damaging your car are next to none, it never hurts to play it safe. Here are some tips to keep your car safe when playing with those gel guns.

1. Park It At A Distance

This is, of course, the most logical solution. Avoid parking your car close to the area where you’d be playing with Orbeez guns. Though it may not always be possible to keep the car in a different place altogether, you can at least reduce the chances of damage by increasing the distance that the Orbeez have to cover before hitting the car.

2. Use Shielding Films Or Automobile Coverings

Now, I understand that not everyone has a large property and plenty of space to park. In case you must play near your car, consider utilizing a shielding film or an automobile covering. It will protect the car from both the impact of the Orbeez balls and the stains caused by the water.

If you park your car in the open, it’s a good idea to use an automobile cover at all times anyway to protect it from weather and other external factors.

3. Play Carefully

Lastly, just be careful to avoid shooting at your car as much as possible. You could work out a rule with the rest of the players to make sure that none of them would get too close to the car or use it as cover. Avoid setting up your Orbeez battlefield in any way that the car would frequently end up getting shot at.

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Conclusion: Key Takeaways

So, there you have it – Orbeez guns rarely damage cars, and it’s generally safe to play with them around parked vehicles. At most, you might end up causing a negligible amount of damage to the paint, and even that is very unlikely.

However, avoid playing at a place where your Orbeez might accidentally hit moving cars in the street. Regardless of harmless your gel balls gun might be, distracting drivers or causing them to panic is never a good idea.

Have fun!

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer is a Recreational Gamer, Author, and Co-Founder of ThrilloGaming. He holds a degree in Sports Management from Mississippi College (MC), Unites States. His experience and proficiency in the field allow him to provide winning strategies, creative ideas, and expert advice.

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