Why Play Laser Tag? Exploring the Benefits Beyond Fun

By Tavish Archer
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As someone who’s been in the laser tag for a while, I’ve managed to dodge laser beams and score countless victories left and right. But let’s get real – beyond the exciting rush of the game, I’ve come to truly appreciate the awesome benefits that laser tag brings.

Laser tag is more than mere fun; it’s a conduit for deeper connections. It goes beyond being just an afternoon activity – it’s a way to strengthen bonds with friends and family, enrich social interactions, and boost overall well-being. But, WAIT- there’s more!

So, let’s dive into all the cool things this game has waiting for us!

Playing laser tag is beneficial

1. Learning Teamwork And Building Relationship

Inside a laser tag arena, various game modes await, allowing players to play individually or team up. Each game is built on communication and collaboration, making the difference between winning and losing.

Whether strategizing with teammates or having each other’s backs during gameplay, laser tag has an incredible perk to enhance teamwork skills and develop deeper connections with fellow players. In fact, that’s how I met my friend Erik – we’re clanmates now!

Even if you’re not familiar with your team, working together is essential for triumph. This aspect has even helped some of my more reserved friends break out of their shells – that’s why several of my laser tag buddies have gone on to become standout sales or marketing managers in well-known companies.

2. Relieving Stress From Daily Schedule

The thrill, the adrenaline, the pure excitement – laser tag activities are amazing stress reliever. It offers a break from the pressures of work, the blues of personal life, and the weight of other worries. Whether you’re playing with friends or teaming up with coworkers at a facility, the social buzz and physical activity sweep away the everyday struggles.

Moreover, the adventure and adrenaline surge during the game can cultivate a sense of achievement and contentment, dialing down stress levels even more. I vividly recall my high school’s final exam period – we were on edge for weeks. Once it was over, we hurried to our local laser tag facility and played until midnight – it was an utterly enchanting experience!

3. Laser Tag Is Fun For All Ages- None Can Deny!

Laser tag holds a special charm: it’s a game that can bring smiles to all ages: kids, parents, and even grandparents. It’s a wonderful choice for family gatherings, birthdays, and even bachelor parties.

Blending strategy, hide-and-seek excitement, and pure fun, it creates a distinct shooting experience that tightens family bonds and forges deeper connections between friends.

And the best part? With running and jumping not allowed, it is easy for both the young and old to join right in. So, why not gather your family and friends? Embrace the laser tag adventure – who knows, it might just become your new cherished tradition!

4. Improving Physical Fitness

In the arena, I’m all about dodging, ducking, and mastering secret moves for victory. It’s an engaging game that puts my entire body into action, giving me a proper workout and elevating my endurance. The rush of excitement sends adrenaline coursing through my veins, revving up my blood flow.

Remarkably, even a short 8-minute game burns around 200 calories, as noted by my activity tracker- another great advantage. But it’s more than just numbers – laser tag is a lively and enjoyable path to staying active and boosting fitness.

5. Developing Critical Thinking

In the game zone, leadership skills shine alongside quick thinking, strategic planning, fast decision-making, and adept problem-solving. It’s like a mental workout that sharpens cognitive function, nurturing critical thinking. As players, we challenge ourselves, acquire fresh abilities, and boost our self-assurance by unraveling complex puzzles.

This journey indirectly guides me even in the realm of career and education choices, providing a clearer path. Be it laser tag or pursuing career dreams, the ‘survival of the fittest’ principle – whether in mind or body – remains a guiding light.

6. Upgrading Hand-Eye Coordination

Laser tag is like a secret training ground for making your hands and eyes coordinated . You need to move your hands super fast while keeping your eyes on the target. It’s all about aiming and shooting at opponents, and each game goes on for around 6 to 30 minutes.

In the heat of the action, I have improved my skills – reacting lightning-quick when the other players shoot at me. It’s like I can instantly adjust my aim in the blink of an eye. This trick not only gets my hands and eyes in sync but also sharpens my quick thinking.

And guess what? This power-up isn’t just for laser tag – it actually made me better at other physical activities too!

7. Laser Tag – A Non-Violent Shooting Game

As someone who’s been in the laser tag game for a while, let me assure you – it’s the safest shooting game you’ll find. Unlike traditional paintball or airsoft, there’s no physical impact when a “shot” hits you. Here players wear vests with sensors that detect hits using harmless infrared light emitted from the gun. (Note: always play with top-quality sets to ensure safety)

This means no bruises, no welts, no injuries. And the best thing? The no-contact rule and the ban on running or jumping make sure the game stays safe. So, if you’re searching for a thrilling and secure way to enjoy competitive gaming, give laser tag a shot!

8. Indoor & Outdoor: Multiple Options For Playing

The FAANG giants have a strong grip on today’s youth with their gadgets. Pulling kids away from their constant companions – video games, social media, and OTT series – can be quite a challenge for parents.

But there’s a solution: laser tag, where parents can join the fun with their children. In fact, my father introduced me to this game. It’s like diving into real-life excitement, a realm that mirrors Sci-Fi movies and FPS games. The best part? Those games can adapt to any setting, indoors or outdoors.

Commercial arenas offer the ultimate indoor setup, but even your basement can turn into a play zone. And if arenas are out of reach, outdoor laser tag is a cool option too. Personally, I’m all about the pitch-dark indoor arena vibe – that’s where the real fun gets cranked up!

The Takeaway

Laser tag is a treasure trove of benefits that ensure a fantastic time for everyone, no matter their age. It’s a mix of thrilling exercise and stimulating challenges, all while enhancing fitness, teamwork, and communication abilities. Plus, it’s a haven of secure and controlled fun, where friendly competition takes center stage.

And that’s not all – it goes the extra mile by boosting confidence and dialing up social interactions. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to have a blast with your pals and family. That’s precisely why I’m a die-hard fan of laser tag!

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer is a Recreational Gamer, Author, and Co-Founder of ThrilloGaming. He holds a degree in Sports Management from Mississippi College (MC), Unites States. His experience and proficiency in the field allow him to provide winning strategies, creative ideas, and expert advice.

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