How Accurate Are Laser Tag Guns Over A Long Range? Unveiling The Key Factors

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As an trainer and expert in the world of laser tag, I’ve been asked many times about the accuracy of laser tag guns over a long range. It’s a valid question that comes up often, as precision can play a huge role in the outcome of a game. After all, what’s the point of playing if your shots don’t register well?

“Accuracy, range, and skillful execution; there is no other secret sauce!” — I confidently replied to a junior in a warm-up session at the waiting room of our local laser game arena in Mississippi.

In this blog post, I’ll be delving into the intricacies of laser tag gun. I’ll also explore the various factors that affect the firing distance, such as the type of gun, the environment you’re playing in, and even the player’s stance and aim. I’ll also be discussing the different ways that laser guns register hits and how precise those methods are. So, let’s dive in.

Laser tag accuracy and shooting range

What Is The Shooting Range Of Laser Tag Guns?

You can typically engage targets with a laser tag gun within a range spanning from 30 to 300 feet, contingent upon the specific blaster and the game’s parameters. Children are usually limited to a 200-foot range in most lasergame venues. However, professional players can wield laser guns with a remarkable 1000-foot distance outdoors and 500 feet indoors.

Certain laser tag guns offer adjustable power settings that permit users to fine-tune the gun’s range. It’s worth mentioning that expanding the span can enhance performance in open environments but should be approached with caution, considering safety implications.

Practice is the key to improve accuracy in laser tag

How Accurate Are Laser Tag Sets?

Laser tag guns are generally accurate, but the level of precision can vary depending on several factors such as the quality of sensors used, power of the laser, distance between players, lighting conditions, shooting range, and reflective surfaces.

At the end of a lasergame match, you can see your accuracy level on the scoreboard, given as a percentage that varies from 0% to 100%. As I encountered, beginners have a lower accuracy of 20-40% and experts can reach beyond 90%. For me, it is usually is in the range of 85-95%.

I started the journey with a laser tag set at my 8, and have seen the revolution of those blasters for almost two decades. When I had my first experience, the accuracy was 22% to 26% for almost half of the year, and my nickname was ‘Maximus’. Just imagine a peculiar moment when Mr. Maximus was struggling to improve this precision for 6 months to reach beyond 90%!

At my friend Erik’s birthday party, I fired a total of 244 shots with my laser tag gun, but only 53 hit the target, where 29 shots hit me back. I stood 9th out of the 17 kids’ gang. However, the first-day experience, a thrilling adventure in the dark arena, was beyond words; for me, it was beyond my first love!

Infrared light emitted by laser tag guns

Important Factors That Affect Firing Range

The precision of laser tag guns depends on several factors explained below. Players should be aware of these factors when playing and adjust their gameplay accordingly.

1. Quality Of Sensors

Laser tag guns use infrared sensors to detect when the gun’s infrared beam hits a target. The accuracy and shooting range of the gun depends largely on the quality of the sensors and their ability to detect the infrared beam. A high-quality sensor will be able to detect the beam from a greater distance and with greater precision than a low-quality sensor.

2. Position Of Sensors

The position of laser tag sensors on the gun and the player’s body can also affect the accuracy of the gun. If the sensors are not positioned properly, the gun may not register a hit even if the beam hits the target. Players should make sure that the sensors are positioned correctly before playing to ensure engaging gameplay.

3. Power Of Infrared Beam

The power of the infrared beam can also affect the range of the gun. A more powerful beam can travel further and be more precise at longer distances. But it can also be more prone to interference from reflective surfaces. A weaker infrared beam may not travel as far but can be more on target at shorter distances.

4. Distance Between Players

The distance between players can affect the accuracy of laser tag guns. This is because the infrared beam emitted by the gun will spread out as it travels, making it wider and less concentrated. This spreading effect is called “beam divergence”. As the distance between players increases, the beam will become wider and less intense, which can reduce its effectiveness.

At closer distances, the beam will be more concentrated and easier to aim, resulting in higher accuracy with more chances to win the game. However, at longer distances, the beam will have a wider spread and may be more difficult to aim, resulting in reduced range.

5. Lighting Conditions

The lighting conditions in the play area can also have an impact on the precision of the gun. In brightly lit environments, the infrared beam is more difficult to see, making it harder to aim on the target. Similarly, in darker environments, the beam is more visible, making it easier to aim properly. For this reason, I always prefer playing in dark laser quest arenas.

6. Reflective Surfaces

Reflective surfaces in the play area can cause the infrared beam to bounce and interfere with the accuracy of the gun. For example, if there are mirrors or other reflective surfaces in the play area, the beam may bounce off of them and hit unintended targets.

7. Indoor Vs Outdoor

The playing environment can also affect the range of laser tag guns. In an indoor environment, there may be more obstacles and reflective surfaces that can interfere with the accuracy of the gun. On the other hand, in an outdoor environment, the beam may be affected by sunlight, rain or other environmental factors.

8. Size and Weight of Laser Tag Set

The size and weight of the laser tag set can also affect its accuracy. A gun that is too heavy or bulky may be difficult to aim precisely, while a gun that is too small may be difficult to grip and control. Players should choose a gun that is comfortable for them to hold and aim.

Laser tag gun range

How Can You Improve the Precision Of Your Laser Tag Gun?

Improving the accuracy of your laser tag gun can make a big difference in your performance during gameplay. Here are some tips to help you improve your precision:

Buy A Set of Accuracy Scopes

Some laser tag guns may have the option to attach an accuracy scope, which can help you aim more precisely at your target. These scopes usually have crosshairs or other indicators to help you line up your shot.

Choose The Right Laser Tag Set

Make sure you choose a gun that is comfortable for you to hold and aim. If a gun is too heavy or bulky, it may be difficult to aim accurately. Look for the best laser tag set with a comfortable grip and a weight that you can hold steady for extended periods of time over a long range.

Aim And Shoot Properly

Using proper aim is crucial to hitting your target when playing lasergame. It may seem obvious, but many players tend to rush their shots or simply point and shoot without taking the time to properly aim. It’s important to keep your gun steady and use the sights to aim at your target.

When aiming, keep your eyes on the sights and take a moment to line up your shot before pulling the trigger. Avoid jerky or sudden movements, which can throw off your aim and decrease your accuracy.

Practice Shooting

The more you practice shooting your laser tag gun, the better your skills will be. Try to practice in different environments, and experiment with different power settings to find what works best for you.

Pay Attention To The Distance Between Players

As we mentioned earlier, the distance between players can affect the range of the gun. Try to get closer to your opponents to increase your accuracy, or adjust your aim at longer distances.

Keep Your Sensors Clean

If your gun’s sensors are dirty or covered, they may not register a hit even if the beam hits the target. Make sure to clean your sensors before gameplay to ensure better gameplay.

Play In Competitive Events

Participating in competitive laser tag events can help you improve your accuracy by forcing you to adapt to different gameplay situations. Some events may have unique rules or obstacles that require more precise shooting. This can help you develop your aim and reflexes.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, I can say that laser tag guns can be highly accurate over a long range depending on a variety of factors. The design and quality of the gun, the type of sensors used, the position of the sensors, and the distance between players are all important factors that can affect the precision and effectiveness of a set.

While laser tag guns may not be as precise as real firearms, they offer a fun and safe alternative for competitive play. With proper training and practice, players can improve their aim and become skilled players.

By choosing a high-quality gun, maintaining it properly, and practicing proper aim and techniques, players can enjoy hours of exciting gameplay while sharpening their accuracy skills- just like the way I did!

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