Blast Into Fun: Laser Tag Party Ideas For Families And Friends

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Are you ready to take your party game to the next level?

Picture this: laser tag, the thrilling activity of strategy and skill, as the centerpiece of an unforgettable celebration. It’s undeniably awesome, but I’ll be honest, pulling off an epic laser tag party isn’t child’s play. From my years of experience working in the gaming industry, I’ve seen countless families dive headfirst into birthday party planning, only to find themselves overwhelmed.

LET’S BE REAL – putting together a get-together party with laser tag takes some thoughtful preparation. But fear not! With the right approach, it’s entirely doable and worth every bit of effort. Drawing from my passion for this game and experience as an instructor, I’m here to provide you with a comprehensive guide on throwing the ultimate get-together.

Get ready to dive into the exciting exciting world of laser tag, where I’ll share insights that will ensure your celebration is a resounding success and a memory to cherish for years to come.

Laser Tag Party Ideas

1. Choose The Venue And Decorate

First things first, it’s time to prepare your laser tag battleground. While indoor settings work just fine, for a truly thrilling party, you’ll want to up the ante. You’ve got two fantastic options: craft your custom arena or pick a venue and deck it out to your heart’s content. Let the excitement begin.

Making Your Own Facility At Home

Let me share my experience on what it takes to build an arena for a laser tag party at your home. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Ample Space: Your ideal arena should preferably be outdoors, like a backyard, lawn, or park. However, if outdoor space is limited, indoor options like a basement, garage, or a spacious living room will suffice. Ensure there’s enough room for players to employ various tactics such as flanking and ambushing opponents.
  2. Cover Structures: To ensure an exciting laser tag experience, construct a variety of cover structures. If possible, add temporary walls to prevent players from easily shooting each other from their starting positions. In a birthday party I helped my friend Erik organize, we even built a maze using these inflatable obstacles, enhancing the fun and challenge.
  3. Theme (Optional): For an extra dose of excitement, consider designing the arena around a theme that suits the occasion or one that everyone will enjoy. For instance, at Erik’s laser tag party held during Halloween, we spookified the arena, and trust me, it elevated the games to a whole new level. Feel free to brainstorm theme ideas with others and plan the décor accordingly.

Playing laser tag at home isn’t overly complicated, especially when you have all the necessary elements in place. If you’re starting with an empty space, strategically plan the layout to maximize excitement. Ensure that walls and cover structures are strategically positioned to provide an exhilarating and dynamic experience for players.

While creating the layout, give players ample opportunities to employ various tactics. However, remember to maintain fairness; neither team should have an unfair advantage due to an asymmetrical layout. This ensures that everyone has a fair shot at enjoying the get-together to the fullest.

Playing laser tag in the basement

Renting A Laser Tag Arena

When it comes to selecting the perfect venue for your laser tag party, you have a few options. While you can rent almost any sufficiently large space and transform it into a playground, the ideal choice would be a dedicated arena. These venues are purpose-built for laser games, complete with the necessary cover structures and thoughtfully designed layouts, often featuring intricate mazes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you pick the right location for your party, ensuring you get the best value for your money:

  1. Compile a List of Options: Begin by identifying all the reputable gaming facilities within a reasonable distance. Online research should simplify this task.
  2. Assess Arena Size: Ensure the venue you choose is spacious enough for your event. Most laser tag arenas offering party packages specify the number of participants they can accommodate, providing a helpful estimate.
  3. Explore Arena Design and Features: Seek out arenas with captivating layouts and distinctive features. Some of the top venues even offer multi-level playing areas, though these might come at a slightly higher cost.
  4. Compare Pricing: Once you’ve shortlisted venues based on size and features, compare the pricing of the packages they offer. Generally, expect to budget around $8 to $15 per person per game session. However, prices can vary significantly depending on the arena and the specific package.
  5. Review Arena Rules: Since you’re planning a party, it’s essential to clarify certain rules with the arena. Confirm whether you can decorate the space to suit your occasion or chosen theme. It would be disappointing to discover on the day of the event that decoration is not allowed. Additionally, check if you’re permitted to bring your own food or inquire if the arena provides food and beverage arrangements.

Once you’ve chosen a laser tag venue and secured your booking, the process of decorating it will closely resemble setting up your own arena. Adorn the venue with décor that aligns with your chosen theme.

As an example, for a Star Wars-themed laser tag birthday party, consider incorporating cutouts of Star Wars spacecraft, stormtroopers, and Jedi Warriors- MY FAVORITE. You could even enhance the atmosphere with LED lighting, illuminating spaceships and lightsabers. It is a great option for adults!

In the absence of a specific theme, standard decorations will suffice, especially for kids’ birthday party without a particular theme in mind.

Here is a good collection of party ideas on our official Pinterest handle:

2. Make An Invitation List

Now that you’ve selected a venue, the next exciting step is to send out invitations! Start by creating a list of individuals you want to attend the laser tag party, considering the possibility of inviting their family members or other close associates you’d like to include in the fun.

Personalized invitations add an extra touch of excitement, especially if they align with your chosen theme. Don’t hold back on your creativity when crafting these invites – this is your chance to craft an invitation that promises a truly memorable experience.

I use these beautiful invitation cards with envelopes to invite my friends to my parties.

3. Organize Laser Tag Goodie Bags

Distributing laser tag party favors is an excellent strategy to build excitement and ensure that your epic celebration remains etched in everyone’s memories for years to come. These small gifts are quite akin to traditional goodie bags but adorned with laser tag-themed designs.

To put them together, simply purchase the required quantity of party favors and pack them with treats like candies or other delightful gifts. For an added touch of uniqueness, consider including special goodies such as flashing wristbands and glowing centerpieces. These extra touches will surely enhance the overall experience for your guests.

Here is my recommendation: 16 Pieces Laser Tag Goodie Bags

4. Food Arrangement

Much like any other gathering, a laser tag party would feel incomplete without some some lip-smacking food options. If you’re hosting the celebration at home, you have several choices: prepare homemade dishes, order delivery or takeout, or even host a post-party barbecue for added fun.

If your laser tag event takes place at a dedicated arena, you might have the option to enjoy food right at the venue. Many larger facilities come equipped with their own food and beverage services. However, if this isn’t the case, you can always bring your own food, provided it’s permitted by the arena’s policies.

Now, considering it’s likely a birthday celebration or another special occasion, cutting a cake is probably on your to-do list. Once again, it’s essential to confirm with the arena whether they allow cake-cutting, as some venues may prefer to avoid any mess. If possible, organize a table to facilitate the ceremony. Ensure that the cake’s design harmonizes with the chosen theme of the birthday party.

Given the energetic nature of a laser quest party, it’s essential to provide refreshments. Consider offering a variety of options, such as juices and energy drinks, along with some snacks, particularly if children are attending. This thoughtful arrangement will help keep the vibe going smoothly, eliminating the need for frequent breaks to eat in between the laser tag excitement.

birthday cake for laser tag party

5. Choose Proper Outfits

Now, let’s tackle the important decision of choosing the right laser tag outfit. If you’re hosting a themed party, it’s a fantastic opportunity to arrange outfits that align with the chosen theme. If possible, go the extra mile by providing costumes that resemble beloved characters from the theme.

However, when you’re considering custom clothes for everyone, ensure that measurements are taken accurately to ensure a proper fit.

For birthday parties without a specific theme, I consider providing laser tag T-shirts for all participants. The key goal here is to ensure that everyone is dressed similarly, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. It’s worth noting that procuring special outfits and costumes can demand both financial investment and effort.

However, if you’re working with a tight budget, you can always opt for a simple solution by requesting that everyone follows a specific dress code. This way, you can still achieve a cohesive and coordinated look for your laser tag party.

6. Prepare The Laser Tag Sets And Accessories

If you’re planning your laser tag party at a dedicated arena, obtaining the necessary gear is typically a straightforward process. These venues are well-equipped with the requisite gear tailored to accommodate the number of players (kids and adults) they host.

However, if you’ve chosen to host your event at home or another venue, you’ll need to arrange the laser tag gun sets and accessories yourself.

Don’t worry; home laser tag sets are quite affordable and typically consist of 2 to 6 pairs of guns and vests. It’s crucial to ensure that all your equipment is fully charged before the party. This step is of utmost importance for me; even a single gun running out of charge midway can potentially disrupt the fun and excitement of the game.

Alternatively, you can explore the option of laser tag set rentals available in your vicinity. This can be a preferable choice, particularly if you anticipate hosting events infrequently.

Preparing laser tag sets

7. Select Party Games

You don’t have to limit your family celebration to the classic team deathmatch; there’s a wide array of laser tag game modes to explore. It’s a good idea to decide on them in advance, ideally planning the event to incorporate a variety of settings. Here’s a quick overview of different laser games you can consider:

  • Team Deathmatch: This classic game mode is perfect for players who love intense laser tag battles. In team deathmatch, the team with the highest number of eliminations emerges victorious. If you’re seeking an adrenaline-packed laser tag experience, this mode is an excellent choice.
  • Protect The King/VIP: It offers a blend of action and strategy. One player on each team is designated as the king or VIP, and the objective is to safeguard them at all costs while engaging in combat.
  • Capture The Flag: Upping the tactical element, Capture the Flag game involves teams infiltrating enemy bases, seizing their flags, and returning them to their home base. This mode offers opportunities for clever flanking, flag-bearing, and flag escorting strategies.
  • Solo/Free-For-All: In this straightforward mode, there are no teams; every player competes individually. The participant with the highest score when the timer runs out emerges as the victor. Free-for-all is ideal for smaller groups or when you want a more relaxed game mode with less emphasis on teamwork.
  • Last Man Standing: Similar to free-for-all, this mode may have no respawns or limited respawns. The last player remaining after eliminating all others wins the match.
  • Juggernaut: In this unique mode, one player becomes the “Juggernaut” with increased health points and more respawn opportunities than others. The Juggernaut’s goal is to eliminate both teams. If the Juggernaut is defeated, the team with the most remaining players claims victory. To play this mode, you’ll need at least one laser tag set with special health and respawn settings, making it ideal for odd player numbers.

Apart from these, I also tried other exciting modes, such as King of the Hill, Bomb Defusal, Supercharge, Freeze Tag, and more. Keep in mind that some of these modes may require specific props and may only be available at certain arenas. Experimenting with different game modes will add variety and excitement to your laser tag party.

8. Start Playing And Have Fun

Now that you’ve settled on the games to play, it’s time to kick off the birthday party with your friends. Laser tag can be highly exhilarating, but it’s essential to remember that it’s all in good fun. While it is generally safe, I always adhere to some safety guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are a few important safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid Physical Contact: Never engage in shoving, hitting, or any form of physical contact with other players, even if it’s a gentle push to gain an advantage. I always respect personal space and boundaries.
  2. Hands Off Opponent’s Gear: Refrain from grabbing or attempting to interfere with your opponent’s lasergun. Respect the equipment and rules of the game.
  3. Mindful Movement: Be cautious when running and moving within the area. Avoid sudden or reckless movements like jumping or climbing obstacles, which could lead to accidents.
  4. Secure Your Laser Tag Vest: Before the match begins, ensure that your laser tag vest is securely fastened and properly fitted to your body. A well-secured vest ensures accurate scoring during the game.

By following these safety recommendations, you can enjoy the excitement of laser tag while minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. Laser tag is all about having a thrilling and enjoyable experience with friends and fellow participants.

9. Declare Winners

If you’ve chosen to host your laser tag party at a venue you’ve reserved, it’s essential to plan the schedule carefully. Ensure that you conclude the match with enough time to spare for other activities, such as declaring the winners of the game, prize distribution, cutting the birthday cake and savoring the food, without feeling rushed. This allows everyone to enjoy these additional elements leisurely.

Conversely, when hosting the party in your own backyard or at a laser tag arena equipped with a dedicated food and beverage area, you can offer participants some well-deserved relaxation time before transitioning to the meal or other planned activities. Balancing the timing ensures that the laser tag experience is both enjoyable and unhurried.

Laser tag celebration

10. Conclude The Party

It’s time to savor all the delicious laser tag party food you brought. Be careful, though, especially with the birthday cake (if any) – you wouldn’t want to spill anything, especially when hosting the event at an arena. In case you booked a venue that does not allow any food, you can always visit a nearby restaurant and enjoy a good time.

So, that covers every ideas you need to know about arranging a party. Be it for your kid’s birthday or any other occasion, I hope your celebration will be a blast. Just make sure to pick a suitable theme and research your options carefully when choosing the arena. From the game modes to food, cover all aspects when planning the birthday party to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of the fun is laser tag parties.

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