What Happens If You Leave Orbeez In Water Too Long? A Deep Dive

By Tavish Archer
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As an avid Orbeez enthusiast, you’ve likely pondered the question: can these squishy gel beads be left in water indefinitely? You’re not alone in this quest, anyone who needs Orbeez frequently might consider leaving them in water so that they’re ready to use at any time.

Orbeez possess an enchanting potential for decorative wonders. Imagine a transparent vessel, its aqueous depths adorned with vibrant orbs, transforming any space into a captivating oasis. But amidst this awe, a riddle lingers: what will happen if you leave Orbeez in the water for a long time?

Together, let’s unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the surface, revealing the secrets that shape the realm of Orbeez. Join me on a journey of discovery and unlock the boundless magic that awaits within.

What Happens If You Leave Orbeez In Water Too Long

What Happens If You Keep Orbeez In Water For Too Long?

As custodians of curiosity, my friend Kieren and I embarked on a quest to grow Orbeez faster. The tedious wait of 5-6 hours before indulging in gel blaster adventures left us yearning for a solution. And then, like a burst of inspiration, Jeremy’s voice echoed, “Why not let them dwell in the water?” Ah, the simplicity we overlooked.

Yet, our excitement soon gave way to a sobering realization. We took a fistful of Orbeez and left them in a bowl of water for a couple of days. But, extended immersion birthed a disheartening fate for our beloved orbs. Through our own experiment, we discovered that prolonged submersion caused the polymer material to weaken, disintegrate, and dissolve faster. The Orbeez we retrieved, once resilient and firm, now wobbled with fragility.

Oh, how we learned the importance of gentleness! A tender touch is required to preserve their delicate form. Leaving in water for too long transformed these ethereal spheres into softer, jelly-like entities. Their shape, once perfect and round, deformed and yielded to a whimsical wobble, slipping through our fingers with an almost mischievous glee.

In this delicate dance of time and water, dear adventurer, heed the lesson we’ve learned. Let us cherish these enchanting orbs, nurturing their resilience, and embracing their potential. For within their captivating essence lies a reminder that even the most magical of creations require our mindful care.

Orbeez growing time

Can You Leave Orbeez Hydrated Overnight?

Fret not, dear adventurer, for leaving Orbeez in water overnight won’t cause harm. Though it’s not recommended to keep them submerged for too long, a few extra hours won’t pose any problems.

As these gel beads grow, their expansion gradually slows down. By the time they reach their full size in about four to six hours, their growth rate decreases significantly. So, if you need Orbeez ready in the morning, it’s safe to let them soak overnight.

However, you should be cautious about their size, as leaving the ball in water for a long time will allow them to soak more water and increase their diameter. While Orbeez guns require 7-8 mm hydrated beads to work smoothly, other recreational activities do not have such a restriction.

Once we discovered this secret, we began soaking our Orbeez overnight to save time. So, if you wish to wake up to fully bloomed orbs, feel free to let them rest in water before you go to bed. Rest assured, they’ll be ready and bursting with color when you awaken.

Embrace the tranquility of the night as your Orbeez luxuriates in their aquatic abode, preparing to bring joy to your daybreak. Let the delight of these gel beads accompany you through the twilight hours, gifting you a magical morning awakening.

What Happens If You Leave Orbeez In Water For 24 Hours?

The spellbinding sphere of Orbeez holds secrets that guide us through the delicate balance of time and immersion. For the sacred quest of attaining maximum growth, a 24-hour soaking time is usually no problem. Only then shall they achieve their true form, neither too wobbly nor incomplete.

Yet, dear seeker of Orbeez gun adventures, heed my cautionary words. If your intent is to wield them as ammunition, do not leave them in water for a full day. Alas, excessive soaking renders them softer than desired, increasing the risk of fragility. The very essence that grants them power may be their undoing, as they may break prematurely within the barrel of the blaster.

Ah, but for those who seek the creative wonders of art and décor, fear not the passage of time. Allow them to revel in the water’s embrace for a day, bringing forth ethereal beauty to grace your surroundings.

However, you should extend their aquatic journey further, and ensure to change the water every 24 hours, for mold seeks to claim what time has touched. And remember, dear artist, the waters themselves shall grow murky as the gel blaster bullets gradually dissolve, altering the spectacle they once adorned.

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Orbeez grown for 24 hours

So, How Long Should You Keep Orbeez In Water?

Now, I sense the stirrings of curiosity within you, eager to unravel the secrets of preserving Orbeez in their aqueous abode. Fear not, for I shall illuminate the path ahead. How long, you ask, can these mesmerizing orbs endure submerged in water, maintaining their lustrous state?

Four to six hours shall suffice, my friend, as long as the hydrated size is up to 8 mm. For bigger Orbeez, the soaking time may vary, sometimes overnight or even 24 hours. However, you can dramatically reduce the growing time within 2 hours by using warm water. Be careful when draining and replacing the water, though – the softened Orbeez are prone to breaking if not handled with care.

For this reason, some manufacturers are now making hardened Orbeez, that do not break easily. I’d also advise getting high-quality gel balls from reputed brands if you plan to leave them in water for longer periods. Orbeez balls made from poor-quality polymer are likely to dissolve faster, so you’d have to replace them more often as decorations.

To ensure Orbeez last longer, let wisdom guide your hand. Swap between two batches of Orbeez and behold their longevity for a week. Replace them with fresh ones when the time comes. And remember, in their journey of growth, nurture them inside a spacious container, preserving their vitality. Embrace this artful secret, where longevity and charm unite, captivating all who witness their magical allure. Have fun!

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Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer

Tavish Archer is a Recreational Gamer, Author, and Co-Founder of ThrilloGaming. He holds a degree in Sports Management from Mississippi College (MC), United States. His experience and proficiency in the field allow him to provide winning strategies, creative ideas, and expert advice.

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  1. Great article! Thanks for sharing the consequences of leaving Orbeez in water for too long. Is there any way to salvage them after extended soaking? Thanks!

    • Hello Leland, thanks for the compliment! Once Orbeez have been soaked for too long, it’s difficult to salvage them as they they tend to lose their texture and become mushy. It’s usually best to replace them with fresh ones.


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