The Best Orbeez Guns To Buy In 2023 (Fast, Strong & Powerful)

By Tavish Archer
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“Hey, Tavish,” my friend Kieren began- a touch of concern evident in his voice, “my nephew’s birthday is just around the corner, and he’s got his heart set on the best Orbeez gun. But the market is flooded with countless models, I am confused about which one to choose.”

Understanding his dilemma, I assured him, “No need to worry, my friend. The key is to narrow down our options to reputable brands and crucial factors like shooting speed, power, range, safety, capacity, and accuracy!”

“Absolutely,” Kieren added enthusiastically. “I’m striving for peak performance, nothing less!”

Eagerly offering my assistance, I started exploring the awesome Orbeez blasters. On a fine morning, when everything was ready, I delved into a series of tests and analyses in my backyard, determined to find the right Orbeez gun for him.

And guess what? We ultimately decided on the Gel Blaster Starfire XL. It’s the top pick for 2023, closely followed by the UnlocX 4-in-1 modular gun and the SplatRBall SRB1200, fulfilling all our criteria for design, power, and quality.

Kieren’s nephew is surely enjoying his new toy, and now, I’m excited to provide you with this comprehensive list of the best options for Orbee shooting guns, complete with my personal experiences, pros, cons, and guidance on selecting the perfect model for your needs.

Best Orbeez Gun

Top Picks For Orbeez Guns (Quick List)

Starfire XL Orbeez gun

1. Starfire XL Orbeez Blaster (Most Powerful)

Key Features: 150-foot range, 250 FPS speed, 12 RPS rate of fire, 3 shooting modes, 1000+ rounds hopper capacity, 5000 glow-in-the-dark gel balls.

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UnlocX 4-in-1 Orbeez Gun

2. UnlocX 4-in-1 Orbeez Gun (Best Modular Design)

Key Features: 100-foot range, 200 FPS speed, 11 RPS rate of fire, 4 shooting modes, 700 rounds hopper capacity, 7000 gellets, 7.4V 1800 mAh battery.

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SRB1200 Orbeez Gun

3. SplatRBall SRB1200 (Fast Gun With Drum Mag)

Key Features: 210 FPS speed, 11 RPS rate of fire, Full auto mode, 1200 rounds magazine capacity, 5000 gel balls, 7.4V 1800 mAh Li-ion battery.

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Surge XL Orbeez Gun

4. Surge XL Gel Blaster (Best Value)

Key Features: 150 feet range, 250 FPS speed, 12 RPS rate of fire, 3 shooting modes, 1000+ rounds hopper capacity, 10000 water beads.

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UnlocX Orbeez Pistol V2

5. UnlocX V2 (Best Pistol Orbeez Gun)

Key Features: 100 feet range, 200 FPS speed, 11 RPS rate of fire, Full auto mode, 700+ rounds hopper capacity, 7000 gel ammo, 7.4V 1200 mAh Li-ion battery.

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Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Orbeez gun

6. Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast (Most Stylish)

Key Features: 85-foot range, 10 RPS rate of fire, 2 shooting modes, 300 rounds hopper capacity, 20000 gel balls, 7.4 500 mAh LiPo battery.

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Our Rating

SRB400-SUB Orbeez Gun

7. SplatRBall SRB400-SUB Orbeez Gun (Most Realistic)

Key Features: 8 RPS rate of fire, 2 shooting modes, 400 rounds hopper capacity, 10000 gel balls, 7.4V 1800 mAh Li-ion battery.

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Our Rating

Surge Gen3 Orbeez Gun

8. Surge Gen 3 Orbeez Blaster (Best Mini Gun For Kids)

Key Features: 100 feet range, 90-170 FPS speed, 10 RPS rate of fire, Semi and full auto mode, 800 rounds hopper capacity, 10000 gellets.

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Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic

9. Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic (Best UZI Gun)

Key Features: 85 feet range, 10 RPS rate of fire, Semi and full auto shooting mode, 800 rounds hopper capacity, 10000 gel bullets.

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Our Rating

Anstoy AEG AKM-47 Orbeez Gun

10. Anstoy Electric Blaster (Best AK47 Design)

Key Features: 65-70 feet range, 180 FPS speed, 5 RPS rate of fire, Full auto shooting mode, 700+ rounds hopper capacity, 20000 gel balls.

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The Best Orbeez Guns To Buy In 2023: Complete Details

1. Starfire XL Orbeez Gun

Overall Best And Most Powerful

Starfire XL


Shooting Range150 Feet
Muzzle Velocity250 FPS
Rate Of Fire12 RPS
Shooting ModesFull Auto, Triple Burst, Semi Auto
BatteryRechargeable Lithium Ion
Hopper Capacity1000+ gellets
Review Score4.9/5

Did Starfire XL Meet My Performance Expectations?

The Starfire XL Orbeez gun has taken the market by storm in 2023, and it’s not hard to understand why. With its remarkable performance and exceptional design, it brings an array of enticing features to the table based on my personal encounters.

When it comes to speed, the Starfire XL reigns supreme, blasting gel balls at an astounding velocity of up to 250 FPS. At first, Kieren had reservations about the safety of such high speeds for his fourteen-year-old nephew.

But guess what? This incredible Orbeez blaster gun has a trick up its sleeve – an adjustable muzzle velocity (or, shooting speed). With a quick adjustment, it can be set to a safer level of 170 FPS, putting everyone’s worries at ease.

Starfire XL unboxing
Unboxing Starfire XL

Now, let’s talk about the Starfire attachment – it’s a game-changer. This baby charges up the water jellies with UV light, transforming them into glow-in-the-dark gellets. This is indeed the best-selling point of Starfire XL Orbeez gun.

Imagine the thrill of nighttime battles or the adrenaline rush in dimly lit arenas as those luminous gellets soar through the air, casting an enchanting glow. In my experience, it’s like stepping into a whole new dimension of excitement!

Glow-in-the-dark Gellets with Starfire Activator

And that’s not all. This remarkable Orbeez gel blaster comes packed with a hopper holding a whopping 1000 pre-hydrated glow-in-the-dark gellets. Plus, it throws in a bonus pack of 5,000 dehydrated gel bullets for further requirements.

But wait, there’s more! They’ve included some awesome accessories too. A sleek shoulder strap for carrying style, a pair of safety glasses to keep those eyes protected, and a USB-C cable for lightning-fast charging. It’s a complete package that sets the top standard for Orbeez guns.

Get ready to unleash the gel ball adventure of a lifetime with the Starfire XL water bead gun. It’s the epitome of power, style, and illuminating fun!



Starfire XL Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 5/5

Shooting Power: 5/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.7/5

Ease Of Use: 4.7/5

Value For Money: 4.9/5


Glow-in-the-dark gellets look cool, and you get a Starfire activator attachment for free.

The stylish of this Orbeez shooter makes you stand out from the crowd.

This gun can help you take out your targets without getting in their effective range.

High hopper capacity, reducing the reloading frequency and enhancing the shooting experience.

A 250 FPS firing velocity is quite impressive and can give you a competitive edge.


Although it is good for teens and adults, the high FPS is not suitable for kids without supervision.

Why Should You Buy Starfire XL?

Overall, the Starfire XL is an absolute top-quality Orbeez gun. With adjustable velocity ranging up to 250 FPS, it offers both speed and safety. The Starfire attachment creates an awe-inspiring glow-in-the-dark effect, taking battles to a whole new level.

Besides, packed with 1000 pre-hydrated and 5000 dehydrated glowing water beads with other accessories, it’s the ultimate Orbeez adventure package.

Here is a video of the first look of Starfire XL:

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To know more about the performance of this gun, you can read my Starfire XL review.

2. UnlocX 4-in-1 Orbeez Gun

Best Modular Orbeez Gun

UnlocX 4-in-1 Orbeez Gun


Shooting Range100 Feet
Muzzle Velocity200 FPS
Rate Of Fire11 RPS
Shooting ModesRifle, Blaster, Assault, Pistol
Battery7.4V 1800 mAh Lithium Ion (Rechargeable)
Magazine Capacity700 gellets
Review Score4.8/5

UnlocX 4-in-1 Orbeez Gun: Performance And Design Analysis

Ladies and gentlemen, let me regale you with the tale of a truly revolutionary blaster. When I first held the UnlocX modular gun in my hands, I felt like holding the key to my very own starship, ready to dominate the alien enemy in a galactic battle! The futuristic modular design makes it the best automatic Orbeez gun for sci-fi fans. Its unique appearance offers more than meets the eye.

Get ready to be blown away by its incredible modular design! During testing, I was left in awe as I effortlessly transformed it from rifle to blaster, pistol, or even assault mode with a flick of the attachments. No other Orbeez guns come close to this unique modular design.

Unboxing UnlocX 4-in-1 gel blaster
Unboxing UnlocX 4-in-1 Gun

But that’s not all! This electric Orbeez gun is a force to be reckoned with. Every control is thoughtfully placed, giving me a seamless shooting experience. It became an extension of my arm, empowering me to aim and fire gel balls with ease.

It packs both semi-auto and full-auto shooting modes, unleashing a rapid hail of gel beads at an astounding rate of 11 water beads per second (RPS)– one of the most notable features. And, with a muzzle velocity of 200 FPS, it strikes the perfect balance between power and safety, guaranteeing an engaging shooting experience.

Hold on tight because the battery capacity will leave you speechless. With a robust 1,800 mAh battery, this Orbeez gun blaster can unleash a staggering 7,500 rounds of gel bullets when fully charged. That’s hours upon hours of uninterrupted fun, keeping the excitement alive with every shot.

Cable to charge UnlocX blaster
Cable to charge UnlocX Blaster

I was amazed to use the eco-friendly orange-colored water crystals with this gun. The water beads burst upon impact, ensuring a mess-free experience. This toy gun prioritizes safety, minimizing discomfort during the game.

Prepare yourself for a clean, secure, and exhilarating adventure that surpasses all expectations. Say goodbye to cleanup hassles and embrace the ultimate Orbeez gun experience.



UnlocX 4-in-1 Orbee Gun Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.7/5

Shooting Power: 4.8/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.6/5

Ease Of Use: 4.9/5

Value For Money: 4.8/5


Very unique and attractive design for science fiction lovers.

Thanks to the high battery performance, you won’t have to worry about running out of charge mid-game.

The build material and quality of this Orbeez gun are very good and last for a long time.

Enjoy long-range shooting with high velocity, frequency, and accuracy.

You may switch to the full-auto mode by simply flicking a switch and firing 11 gel balls per second.


Careful handling of the magazine is essential for its longevity; otherwise, it might wear out faster.

Why Should You Buy UnlocX 4-in-1 Orbeez Gun?

All in all, this UnlocX gun is versatile, easy to use, and ridiculously fun. With detachable parts, different modes, and eco-friendly gellets, it’s a trailblazing toy. Brace yourself for mind-blowing modularity, a hailstorm of water beads, and an epic 1,800 mAh battery- It is undoubtedly one of the best Orbeez guns for non-stop fun and laughter.

Push away cleanup headaches and say hello to an epic adventure. It is a must-have for speed, range, and pure awesomeness! Here is a take on this Orbeez gun by Big Boy Toys-

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To know more about its performance, design, and user-friendliness, read my UnlocX 4-in-1 blaster review.

3. SplatRBall SRB1200 Gun

Fastest Orbeez Gun With Drum Mag

SRB1200 Orbeez Gun


Shooting Range100+ Feet
Muzzle Velocity210 FPS
Rate Of Fire11 RPS
Shooting ModesFull Auto
Battery7.4V 1800 mAh Li-Ion (Rechargeable)
Magazine Capacity1200 gellets
Review Score4.8/5

Did SplatRBall SRB1200 Impress With Its Performance And Design?

Allow me to confess, my dear friends, that the SRB1200 is by far one of the most powerful Orbeez guns I have ever had the pleasure of playing with—IT IS AN ABSOLUTE BEAST! Prepare to be amazed as I unveil its remarkable features.

I have always had a fondness for drum magazines, as they alleviate the tiresome chore of constant reloads. This gun arrives with a large drum magazine capable of accommodating 1200 biodegradable gel balls, a capacity unrivaled by any other.

Unboxing SplatRBall SRB1200
Unboxing SplatRBall SRB1200

I felt the hydrogel beads in the box slightly hardened compared to the other gellets, and this is actually pretty good as they do not break apart easily. It also provides a foldable funnel to load the water bead ammo inside the drum mag, proving to be a remarkable addition that simplifies the whole process.

SRB1200 Orbeez gun is the best choice for adults who crave a sleek and uncomplicated design. It exudes a sense of sophistication, with illuminating blue LED lights adorning its sides—a feature typically reserved for high-end toy guns like the ones I use in laser tag.

Moreover, the detachable stock and ergonomic grip provide exceptional stability, elevating the blaster’s accuracy to new heights in an Orbeez challenge game. In my experience, the overall design of the SRB1200 is pretty user-friendly, facilitating seamless assembly, reloading, and firing.

Shooting with SRB1200 Orbeez gun
Shooting Experience with SRB1200 Orbeez gun

As soon as I started shooting, I could feel the power and speed of the Orbeez bullets fired from the barrel. SplatRBall SRB1200 boasts an impressive muzzle velocity of 210 FPS, propelling gel balls across a distance of 92-106 feet with high accuracy during my rigorous tests.

However, the real miracle occurs when the full-auto mode is engaged, resulting in a remarkable firing rate of 11 rounds per second, one of the best-selling points of this Orbeez gun. Such firepower proved invaluable to me in the backyard battles.

Ah, but there’s more to discuss—let us not forget the remarkable battery life of this blaster. Similar to the previous UnlocX gel gun, it houses an 1800 mAh battery, enabling it to unleash 5,000 rounds per charge.

Fixing Splatrball SRB1200 battery
SplatRBall SRB1200 Battery Placement

However, I must confess my slight dissatisfaction with one aspect of this Orbeez gun—the absence of semi or manual shooting modes. While the previous guns mentioned in this article offered 2 to 3 firing modes, the SRB1200 provides only one.

Yet, fear not, for if your preference lies in continuous automatic firing, this minor limitation shall scarcely affect your enjoyment. Of course, it is imperative to prioritize safety by wearing eye protection glasses—a small precaution that ensures peace of mind.



SplatRBall SRB1200 Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.8/5

Shooting Power: 4.9/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.8/5

Ease Of Use: 4.6/5

Value For Money: 4.9/5


Excellent battery life.

The drum mag of this Orbeez shooter allows you to play for long periods without refilling.

Decent accuracy over a long range.

Made from ABS and nylon composite, the toy is particularly sturdy and durable.

Since the stock is detachable, it offers a more flexible user experience.


It does not have any other shooting mode than full-auto.

Why Should You Buy SplatRBall SRB1200?

Splatrball SRB1200 is a truly revolutionary Orbeez gun with its sleek design, high capacity, and firepower. With a staggering 1200-round drum magazine and effortless reloads, it stands out among the top-rated Orbeez blasters.

It guarantees hours of non-stop fun with its high muzzle velocity and long-lasting battery. While lacking multiple firing modes, its continuous automatic firing delivers an electrifying experience that will leave you craving more. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure like no other!

Here is LordDraconical’s expert analysis, as he explores the SRB1200 in a video that highlights its innovation, performance, and sheer joy.

4. Surge XL Orbeez Gun

Best Value Orbeez Gun

Surge XL Orbeez Gun


Shooting Range150 Feet
Muzzle Velocity250 FPS
Rate Of Fire12 RPS
Shooting ModesFull Auto, Triple Burst, Semi Auto
BatteryLi-Ion (Rechargeable)
Hopper Capacity1000+ gellets
Review Score4.8/5

What Makes Surge XL A Great Choice?

Let me introduce you to the Surge XL, a classic Orbeez blaster gun with the best value for money. It showcases a stylish design, combining white and green colors with fins, rails, and other features that resemble the plasma guns from alien warfare games.

Gel blaster surge XL design
Futuristic Design of Surge XL

Surge XL is a true powerhouse in terms of performance. It shares remarkable similarities with the Starfire model (ranked 1st) in terms of shooting range, muzzle velocity, and design, ensuring an exhilarating Orbeez gun experience.

With an adjustable shooting speed ranging from 170 to 250 FPS and an effective range of 150 feet, Surge XL delivers outstanding power, making it an ideal choice for outdoor games. Would you believe it if I told you that those gellets were flying like rockets?! Let me explain.

During my extensive testing with this gun, I was thrilled to discover three distinct modes that took my game to the next level. In the triple burst mode, each trigger pull unleashes a rapid burst of three gel balls, allowing me to overwhelm my opponents with precision and efficiency.

Adjusting shooting speed on Surge XL
Adjusting Shooting Mode on Surge XL

For players like me seeking an intense firing experience, the full-auto mode unleashes a continuous stream of gel bullets at a rate of 12 rounds per second. And with the semi-auto mode, I have the control to take precise shots with ease, ensuring maximum accuracy in every engagement.

Beyond its impressive performance, the Surge XL Orbeez gun offers exceptional ergonomics. The extendable rear stock and large handle not only provide a comfortable grip but also enhanced stability, helping me to maintain control and accuracy during intense game sessions.

That’s not everything! The Li-ion battery of this blaster is powerful too. I can easily power it up it by connecting the USB-C cable provided in the box. For me, a single charge is good enough for hours of fun!

Gel blaster Surge XL battery
Battery of Surge XL

When it comes to value for money, the Surge XL truly shines. Priced $10 less than the Starfire XL, it delivers similar features without compromising performance. What’s more, it includes a pack of 10,000 gel balls, doubling the quantity available with Starfire XL and ensuring uninterrupted fun with friends and family.

With eco-friendly and biodegradable gellets, enjoy this safer alternative to airsoft or paintball. Surge XL is one of my favorite Orbeez guns and I highly recommend anyone looking for a fun and exciting way to engage in backyard games.



Surge XL Orbeez Gun Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 5/5

Shooting Power: 5/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.6/5

Ease Of Use: 4.9/5

Value For Money: 5/5


The extra-large hopper of this Orbeez gun holds more than 1,000 gel beads, allowing you to play for long periods without refilling.

With a range of 150 feet, sniping enemies from a distance will be no challenge.

Having a triple blast mode is great – it saves the hassle of switching in and out of full-auto for short bursts.

The overall product design makes it easy, safe, and convenient to use.


Despite its great design, the appearance is not very colorful.

Why Should You Buy Surge XL Orbeez Gun?

Overall, the Surge XL is an excellent choice for Orbi blaster enthusiasts who crave high performance and versatility. Its adjustable shooting speed, impressive range, and multiple firing modes offer endless possibilities for thrilling battles.

With its comfortable grip, stability-enhancing design, and exceptional value for money, the Surge XL stands out as one of the best quality Orbeez guns. Get ready to take your gameplay to new heights with this extraordinary blaster.

Here is a video guide for Surge XL by WalcomS7.

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Dive into my detailed Surge XL review to uncover an in-depth analysis of its performance and my personal experience with the toy gun.

5. UnlocX V2 Orbeez Pistol

Best Orbeez Pistol Ever

UnlocX Orbeez Pistol V2


Shooting Range100+ Feet
Muzzle Velocity200 FPS
Rate Of Fire11 RPS
Shooting ModesFull Auto
Battery7.4V 1200 mAh Li-ion
Magazine Capacity700+ gellets
Review Score4.6/5

What Are My Experiences With UnlocX V2?

When it comes to Orbee pistols, most have gravity-fed hoppers, which isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But fear not! If you share my preference for spring-powered magazines, then the UnlocX V2 is the perfect choice. In fact, it has the most compact design, and it remains my all-time favorite. Let’s explore more!

As an expert, I’ve had the pleasure of testing out numerous blasters, but the UnlocX V2 Pistol truly stands out from the crowd. It combines convenience, power, and customization in one sleek package, making it a great choice for players looking for the best pistol-style Orbeez gun.

Unboxing UnlocX V2 Orbeez Gun
Unboxing UnlocX V2 Orbeez Pistol

What immediately caught my attention was the unique bottom-fed magazine design. Not only does it add convenience, but it also cleverly doubles as a stock, providing stability during intense games. And the magazine’s capacity is nothing short of impressive—700 water marbles, surpassing many larger Orbeez guns on the market.

Don’t let its unassuming appearance fool you. The UnlocX V2 pistol may look small from a distance, but it is a powerhouse in disguise. With a muzzle velocity of 200 FPS, it stands out as the fastest electric Orbeez pistol I’ve encountered.

And if that’s not enough, brace yourself for its firing rate. This beast unleashes a rapid stream of 11 bullets per second in full-auto shooting mode, which is more than the Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast, SRB400-SUB, and Surge Gen 3 guns.

Shooting with UnlocX V2
Playing with UnlocX V2 Orbeez gun in the Backyard

One of the standout features of the UnlocX V2 is its versatility. The inclusion of T-channels and rails allows for easy customization and attachment upgrades. Personally, I opted to add a scope to my UnlocX pistol, and it has significantly enhanced my accuracy when targeting distant opponents.

Battery performance is always a concern with Orbeez guns, but UnlocX doesn’t disappoint. With its 1,200 mAh battery, it can fire approximately 5,000 rounds per full charge.

To put things into perspective, other water bead toy guns with similar battery life often require 1,800 mAh batteries. So, this gun excels in both efficiency and endurance.



UnlocX V2 Orbeez Gun Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.6/5

Shooting Power: 4.7/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.4/5

Ease Of Use: 4.6/5

Value For Money: 4.5/5


The innovative product design enhances the overall gaming experience.

The high power and fire rate of the Orbeez gun ensure excellent performance.

Enjoy hours of shooting fun with its high battery performance.

High high-capacity magazine with an easy loading facility sets it apart from similar products.


No semi-auto mode is available.

Why Should You Buy UnlocX Orbeez Pistol V2?

UnlocX V2 Pistol is a game-changer in the Orbeez gun world, combining unique design, impressive power, customization options, and exceptional battery performance. As I experienced myself and with my friends, both casual and dedicated players may find their perfect match in this toy gun.

Offering convenience, strength, and personalization, it left my competitors in the dust and set a new standard for gel guns. So, don’t settle for less—choose UnlocX V2 and experience the ultimate gel ball-blasting adventure.

Here is a video of the UnlocX V2 Orbeez gun, explaining the features and testing them. You may find it helpful to make a decision.

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6. Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Gun

Most Stylish Orbeez Gun

Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Orbeez gun


Shooting Range85 Feet
Muzzle Velocity<200 FPS
Rate Of Fire10 RPS
Shooting ModesFull Auto and Semi Auto
Battery7.4V 500mAh LiPo (Rechargeable)
Hopper Capacity300 gellets
Review Score4.5/5

How Did Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Perform In My Test?

Nerf, a renowned brand under Hasbro, has gained substantial recognition in the realm of toy guns. Before the advent of Orbeez guns, Nerf was the go-to choice for immersive real-life shooter games played at our homes.

Named after the popular YouTuber MrBeast, Nerf Pro Gelfire shines brightly when it comes to design, appearance, style, color, and performance.

Mr Beast with Nerf Pro Gelfire
Mr Beast with Nerf Pro Gelfire

Oh boy, let me tell you about this Orbeez gun blaster—it’s an absolute blast! As someone who loves competitive games with my clan, this bad boy had me grinning from ear to ear.

First things first, the sleek design and comfy grip of this gun make it a dream to wield. I mean, it feels like it was custom-made for my hands. When I squeezed that trigger for the first time, I was blown away! The hydrated rounds shot out with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy, hitting my targets like they were listening to my mind!

But here’s the best part—the FULL AUTO MODE.

Oh, baby! It’s like going into overdrive, unleashing a storm of gellets that left my opponents scrambling for cover. This Orbeez gun was pure mayhem, and I loved every second of it.

Shooting mode adjustment on Nerf Pro Gelfire Mr Beast
Shooting Mode Adjustment Knob

Now, let’s talk about endurance. This Orbeez blaster’s got it all figured out. The removable rechargeable battery keeps the fun going for ages. I’m talking about extended play sessions without any worries of losing power. And charging? Piece of cake with the included fast-charging cable. No time wasted, just non-stop action.

Now, there’s one tiny hiccup—the HOPPER.

It looks sleek, no doubt about that, but with a capacity of around 300 rounds, this Orbeez gun left me wanting more. Sure, you can refill it, but in the heat of battle, it can be a bit of a hassle. A bigger hopper or the option to attach a drum mag to this blaster would’ve been awesome.

Note: I have recently found out that, I can easily attach the hopper of my other Nerf Gun: Gelfire Mythic on the top of this one. This hopper can hold 800 water orbs, increasing its ammo capacity.

Nerf Pro Gel Fire is truly a showstopper. With its custom-built hopper seamlessly blending into its vibrant body, it’s a sight to behold. And that extendable stock? Genius. It fits snugly under my arm, ready for action.

So, if you’re looking for a stylish Orbeez gun that packs a punch, the Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast is where it’s at. Get ready to dominate the battlefield, my friend. It’s time to unleash the gel-fueled adventure like a pro!



Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.3/5

Shooting Power: 4.3/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.7/5

Ease Of Use: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 4.6/5


This Orbee shooter sets you apart with its stylish and distinct look.

You may customize it with new attachments, thanks to the tactical rails.

The streamlined design of the hopper makes it easier to handle.

Features like a removable barrel and extendable rear stock enable you to customize the gun.

It offers excellent grip.


Low hopper capacity compared to other guns.

Less shooting range and speed than the previous products listed.

Why Should You Buy This Orbeez Gun?

The Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast is a game-changer, offering a sleek design, powerful shots, and a thrilling gaming experience. Despite its smaller hopper capacity, it is best for younger players who crave adrenaline-pumping games with style. It’s time to unleash the gel-fueled battles like a pro!

In case you are looking for a good video guide for this Orbeez gel blaster, here it is-

7. SplatRBall SRB400-SUB

Most Realistic Orbeez Gun

SRB400-SUB Orbeez Gun


Shooting Range<100 Feet
Muzzle Velocity200 FPS
Rate Of Fire8 RPS
Shooting ModesFull and Semi Auto
Battery7.4V 1800 mAh Li-ion
Magazine Capacity400 gellets
Review Score4.5/5

How Was My Experience With SplatRBall SRB400-SUB?

SplatRBall is well-known for producing some of the finest splat guns in the country. While I previously reviewed the impressive SRB1200 model, allow me to introduce you to its alternative: the SRB400-SUB, the best Orbeez gun with a realistic SMG design ever!

Unboxing SplatRBall SRB400-SUB
Unboxing SplatRBall SRB400-SUB

As an avid player, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various Orbeez guns, but the SplatRBall SRB400-SUB has truly left a lasting impression due to its astonishing resemblance to a sub-machine gun (SMG). Unlike the previous high-FPS options, it is a safer choice for younger kids.

What truly sets the SplatRBall SRB400-SUB apart is its remarkably realistic design. From the moment I loaded the gel ammo into the magazine, I knew this was going to be an adventure like no other. It felt like I was clutching an actual SMG, ready to conquer my enemies on the battlefield.

Speaking from my own experience, this water bead blaster is very compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. It boasts a sleek and ergonomic build that fits perfectly into my hands, offering a comfortable grip even during long battle games.

Now, let’s talk about the performance of this Orbeez gun- its semi-automatic firing mechanism ensures rapid-fire action, unleashing a cascade of gellets with each pull of the trigger. It also has a fully automatic mode, with which, I don’t have to press the trigger repeatedly.

You can easily change its shooting mode using the switch present above the trigger as shown below.

Changing shooting mode on SplatRBall SRB400-SUB
Switch to Change Shooting Mode

When put to the test, the performance of the SRB400-SUB splatter ball gun proved to be exceptional. With a muzzle velocity of 200 FPS and a firing rate of 8 rounds per second, it covered our whole backyard, including every nook and cranny in the arena.

The accuracy of this Orbeez gun is surprisingly impressive, with the ability to hit targets up to 90-100 feet with ease. As a result, it allows for exciting battles in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Whether you’re engaging in friendly target practice or participating in a team game like me, it won’t disappoint. Cleanup is a breeze too, as the polymer gel balls are biodegradable and easy to gather up.

However, there is a compromise you’ll need to consider—the magazine size of this Orbeez gun is smaller and it holds only 400 gellets. Although a larger magazine or an extra one to swap would have been nice, it is still more than what my previous pick offers.



SplatRBall SRB400-SUB Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.5/5

Shooting Power: 4.6/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.4/5

Ease Of Use: 4.7/5

Value For Money: 4.5/5


Availability of a semi-auto mode along with the full auto mode.

You may take off the detachable stock if you prefer to hold it under its barrel.

The Orbee shooting gun delivers decent performance, with 200 FPS muzzle velocity.

Its durable body makes SRB400-SUB a great choice for kids who might drop it or crash it into obstacles while running.

It comes with an ammo bottle to help load the magazine quickly and without hassle.


The magazine can only hold 400 gel bullets.

Slightly lower firing rate and range compared to the previous guns listed.

Why Should You Buy SRB400-SUB?

With its striking resemblance to an SMG, the SplatRBall SRB400-SUB Orbeez gun takes the gameplay to the next level. Its compact, lightweight design ensures comfort and maneuverability, while the rapid-fire action and impressive accuracy make it a great choice.

Although the smaller magazine size may require occasional reloading, this is the best blaster gun for thrilling and immersive jelly ball battles, especially for younger players seeking an authentic experience.

Here is an unboxing video of SRB400-SUB, in case you want to see the package.

If you are looking for more realistic Orbeez guns, check out this fantastic collection in the Gel Tactical store.

8. Surge Gen 3 Orbeez Gel Blaster

Best Mini Orbeez Gun

Surge Gen3 Orbeez Gun


Shooting Range100 Feet
Muzzle Velocity90-170 FPS
Rate Of Fire8 RPS
Shooting ModesSemi and Full Auto
BatteryRechargeable Li-ion
Hopper Capacity800 gellets
Review Score4.4/5

What Made Surge Gen 3 A Standout Gem In My Collection?

Are you in search of a smaller and sleeker electric Orbeez gun? Look no further, because Surge Gen 3 is here to blow your mind. I’ve had experience with the Gen1 and Gen2 models earlier, but let me tell you, this 3rd generation Surge blaster takes the shooting experience, fun, and safety to a whole new level!

As a passionate player, I was thrilled when I got my hands on the Surge Gen 3. Let me tell you, this mini Orbeez blaster exceeded all my expectations with its impressive design and performance.

When unboxing and testing Surge Gen 3, I found its adjustable muzzle velocity pretty handy. By simply swapping the barrel, I could switch between 90 FPS and 170 FPS. This flexibility is a great safety improvement, especially for younger users who may need a lower muzzle velocity with their Orbeez guns.

Unboxing gel blaster surge Gen 3
Unboxing Surge Gen 3

While Gel Blaster Surge is a great Orbeez gun for kids, adults may find the muzzle velocity too low for their requirements. In that case, I highly recommend the XL variant of this one (Surge). But, it is a fantastic choice for beginners looking to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

While this mini Orby gun offers a lower FPS range, it provides a safer alternative to airsoft guns and is an ideal choice for beginners venturing into the world of toy blasters. Moreover, its compact and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to handle, ensuring a comfortable shooting experience.

I was pleasantly surprised by the effective range of the Surge Gen 3 Orbeez gun during my experimentation. It reached an impressive 97-102 feet range on several trials, which is quite remarkable. Additionally, the full-auto mode unleashes a rapid burst of 10 rounds per second, creating an exciting Orbeez battle.

Gel blaster Surge Design
Surge Gen 3 Design

In terms of appearance, the Surge Gen 3 Orbeez gun bears a striking resemblance to the Surge XL, which I had previously ranked at a higher position. The color combination and design of these two beasts are quite similar, with an appealing look.

Safety is always a concern when it comes to toy guns, and the manufacturer takes it seriously. The Orbeez balls with this blaster are made from non-toxic, biodegradable materials, ensuring that they are safe for both children and the environment.



Surge 3 Orbeez Gun Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.4/5

Shooting Power: 4.3/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.5/5

Ease Of Use: 4.6/5

Value For Money: 4.4/5


The compact size and 100-ft range of this Orbeez gun promote a versatile playing style.

You can play for up to 4 hours each time you charge the battery.

When playing with newbies, you can switch to the 90 FPS barrel to reduce the sting.

Priced at around USD 50, it is very affordable.

It is easy to pack and carry due to its compact size and lightweight.


Lower FPS and rate of fire compared to other products.

Why Should You Buy Surge Gen 3?

After thoroughly testing the Surge Gen 3, I can confidently say that it’s a must-have for any Orbeez gun enthusiast. Its adjustable muzzle velocity, impressive range, and full-auto mode create a fun and safe experience for kids and teens.

The user-friendly design, lightweight build, and portability make it the best option for under 50 dollars. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the Gen 3 Surge delivers unforgettable gelly ball games. Don’t miss out on this value-for-money blaster!

Here is the official video of Surge Gen 3, explaining the features.

Get Off Any Order, Using Coupon Code: ThrilloGaming

If you like to know more about the performance of this gun and my experience, read my Surge Gen 3 Review. It will surely help you out.

9. Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Gun

Best UZI Orbeez Gun

Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic


Shooting Range85 Feet
Muzzle Velocity<100 FPS
Rate Of Fire10 RPS
Shooting ModesSemi and Full Auto
Hopper Capacity800 gellets
Review Score4.4/5

How Was My Experience With Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic?

Listen up, folks! I’ve got some exciting news for you—prepare to have your minds blown by another Nerf Orbeez gun! Move over Gelfire X MrBeast blaster, because I’ve discovered a remarkable alternative with more than double the ammo capacity. And let me tell you, this Uzi-style gun is sleeker than most other options out there.

When it comes to performance, this blaster exceeded my expectations. It packs a punch with a fantastic firing rate of 10 rounds per second (RPS) in full-auto mode. Imagine the thrill of engaging in intense outdoor shooting games with Gelfire Mythic in your very own backyard.

Semi and Full Auto Modes on Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic
Semi and Full Auto Modes

This beauty rocks a standard-sized hopper that can hold a whopping 800 water beads. When I first pulled the trigger, it felt like scooping butter using a spoon. The Orbeez balls it shot out impressed me with their speed and accuracy. The bullets were soft but hardened, packing a powerful punch when they hit the targets.

Now, let’s talk about its design. This blaster oozes coolness and style like the previous pick Nerf MrBeast. When I tested this Uzi Orbeez gun, the durable ABS handles provided an exceptional grip, ensuring total control during gameplay – one of the best-selling points of this gun.

And guess what? It gets even better. The extendable rear stock adds an extra level of convenience, allowing for a customizable shooting experience. Oh, and did I mention the removable barrel? I’ve taken it upon myself to upgrade mine with a hop-up, enhancing accuracy and performance.

And the best part? These ammo are biodegradable, so you can have fun without worrying about harming the environment. This Orbeez gun lets you enjoy exciting and safer battles while being eco-friendly.

Gel ammo with Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic
Ammo with Nerf Pro Gelfire Orbeez Gun

But wait, there’s more! The Gelfire Mythic also comes equipped with a trigger lock and tactical rails. I’ve always had a soft spot for blaster guns featuring these rails.

Why, you ask? Because they offer the flexibility to attach new and exciting accessories, all while prioritizing the safety of users. Trust me, if you’re on the hunt for the best Orbee shooting guns available on the market, this one is an absolute winner.

So, my friends, get ready to experience a whole new level of Orbeez ball blasting. Embrace the power, the style, and the endless possibilities that await you with this good-quality Orbeez gun.



Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.3/5

Shooting Power: 4.3/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.4/5

Ease Of Use: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 4.3/5


The stylish look of this toy gun is sure to distinguish you from the crowd.

Lightweight and sleek, it is easy to carry around.

Priced at around $50, this one isn’t as expensive as the other products on this list.

It’s a highly customizable Orbeez gun with tactical rails and removable/extendable components.

It comes with a universal USB-A to USB-C fast charging cable, which can be connected to your wall charger.


Slightly lower FPS and range compared to other water bead guns for adults.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Orbeez Gun is a true masterpiece. As I experienced, its impressive firing rate and massive ammo capacity deliver unparalleled performance. The water beads were shot with precision and speed, all while being eco-friendly.

Not only that but also the sleek design offers a comfortable grip and customizable features. With its safety features and compatibility with attachments, it is a gem. To experience the ultimate adventure with it, watch this video.

10. Anstoy Electric Orbeez Gun

Best AK47 Orbeez Gun

Anstoy AEG AKM-47 Orbeez Gun


Shooting Range65-70 Feet
Muzzle Velocity180 FPS
Rate Of Fire5 RPS
Shooting ModesFull Auto
Battery1200 mAh Li-ion
Hopper Capacity700+ gellets
Review Score4.2/5

Did Anstoy Orbeez Gun Elevate My Shooting Experience?

Hello there, folks! One of my friends bought this AK47 Orbeez gun and I was excited to try it out finally at my backyard. Manufactured by Anstoy, a well-known name among toy brands, this blaster is incredibly affordable with premium features. My experience with it was an absolute blast too!

Anstoy is a renowned toy brand with a stellar reputation for delivering quality products. And let me tell you, this gun lives up to the brand’s name. Not only does it offer an incredible shooting experience, but it also comes at an affordable price, making it a budget choice.

Oh, and did I mention the color options? Unlike any other gel blasters out there, this one comes in a staggering 8 color choices. Personally, I couldn’t resist the allure of the vibrant yellow variant, but you can take your pick from the other eye-catching options available.

From the moment I picked up this Anstoy Orbeez gun up, I felt like the ultimate boss, ready to conquer the battlefield with unrivaled shooting prowess. And let me tell you, the full-auto mode took my gameplay to a whole new level, allowing me to defeat my opponents at close range easily.

Testing Anstoy Ak47 Orbeez gun
Testing Anstoy Ak47 Orbeez gun

During my experiments, I tested the effective range of this blaster, and I was pleasantly surprised. In my personal experience, it delivered impressive results, covering a range of up to 70 feet, with a muzzle velocity ranging from 160 to 180 FPS, verified with my chronograph.

These numbers are nothing to scoff at, my friends. Combine that with the sleek design and you have yourself a versatile Orbeez gun suitable for any game mode. However, it’s worth noting that the firing rate falls slightly behind, shooting hydro orbs with a modest 5 rounds per second (RPS).

But fear not! The manufacturer recently upgraded this electric Orbeez gun to the latest generation, equipped with an improved motor, stable spring, and wear-resistant gears. And let me tell you, the upgrade paid off. Its performance surpassed all expectations, delivering exceptional aim and accuracy.



Anstoy AEG AKM-47 Rating

Coverage And Accuracy: 4.0/5

Shooting Power: 4.1/5

Design And Build Quality: 4.5/5

Ease Of Use: 4.4/5

Value For Money: 4.2/5


The gun is quite stable when shooting repeatedly and delivers decent accuracy.

180 FPS speed is quite good and safer for kids.

Its compact design makes it a practical choice.

This gun comes with exceptional 20,000 dry Orbeez beads.

It is the most budget-friendly option, available under $30 in most stores.


The rate of fire and shooting range are comparatively less than the previous products.

Why Should You Buy Anstoy Orbeez Gun?

The Anstoy gun is a game-changer in the world of electric blaster guns. With its eye-catching colors, upgraded features, and price under $30, it’s the best cheap Orbeez gun ever! Brace yourself for intense games as you rage the field with its full-auto mode and impressive range of up to 70 feet.

Last but not least, this budget-friendly gun delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision, ensuring you never miss your mark. Get ready to unleash a torrent of gel balls and become the ultimate champion in the Orbeez challenge!

Here is a fantastic video review of Anstoy AEG AKM-47, that you may like to watch.

How To Choose The Best Value Orbeez Gun?

Ah, the world of Orbeez guns, where possibilities abound and choices can be a tad overwhelming. As you peruse the list above, you’ll notice an array of brands showcasing their unique designs and enticing features.

But fear not, my friends, for I am here to guide you through the maze of options and help you find the perfect blaster gun that suits your needs. Let’s delve into the key factors you should consider when narrowing down your choices, shall we?

Muzzle Velocity

Ah, the thrill of speed! As you’ve keenly observed, I’ve always held the muzzle velocity (FPS) in high regard when delving into the depths of Orbeez gun reviews. Why, you ask? Well, let me regale you with the tale of its significance.

You see, the muzzle velocity holds the power to determine the speed at which those gel beads soar through the air, ultimately influencing both their accuracy and range.

Unless you have a wee one in mind, I’d wholeheartedly suggest opting for an automatic Orbeez gun that boasts a muzzle velocity of no less than 150 FPS. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by the exhilarating results it yields!

Here is a chart of muzzle velocities of all the blasters I measured using a Chronograph device:

Measured muzzle velocity of Orbeez guns
Muzzle Velocity in FPS (Feet Per Second) of All Models Tested with a Chronograph

Shooting Range

When you find yourself playing in large arenas, the shooting range of your Orbeez gun becomes crucial. If you prefer to snipe and offer support from a distance, I suggest choosing a long-range gun that can reach 100 feet or more.

Imagine being at the back, unleashing a barrage of Orbeez balls that astonish your enemies and motivate your allies. But don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on such an impressive toy gun, a range of 60 to 70 feet should be enough for most situations, ensuring your effectiveness remains intact amidst the chaos of battle.

Here is a detailed chart:

Comparing the Shooting Range of Orbeez Guns in Feet. Two Clear Winners!

Rate Of Fire

In the midst of a heated showdown, the speed at which your Orbeez gun fires becomes the key to victory’s melody. It’s during these intense face-offs that the rate of fire holds incredible power, granting you a significant advantage.

If you’re someone who charges into enemy lines with swift and daring moves, the importance of fire rate cannot be overstated.

Through my experiences in countless battles, I’ve discovered the ultimate choice: Orbeez guns that unleash a relentless barrage of at least 10 Orbeez balls per second in full-auto shooting mode. They embody the essence of swiftness, propelling you toward triumph with unmatched intensity.

Here is a comparison of the firing rates of all the models I measured:

Rate of fire of Orbeez guns
Measuring the Rate of Fire of All Products in RPS (Rounds Per Second)

Battery And Charging System

The battery life and charging system play a crucial role in shaping your gaming adventure. A longer-lasting battery allows for extended playtime without interruptions for recharging.

Almost all electric Orbee blasters use 7.4V 1,800 mAh Li-ion batteries, although some models with 7.4V 1,200 mAh LiPo batteries also perform well.

In the past, most such Orbeez guns required removing the battery and connecting it to a charger using external wires. However, this method has become outdated.

Nowadays, popular brands have switched to USB charging, which is much more convenient. I suggest opting for a USB-C fast-charging gun for the ultimate gaming experience.

Safety Features

When it comes to playing with Orbeez guns that shoot fast projectiles, safety is of utmost importance. That’s why I’ve handpicked water bead guns that come with protective eyewear. It’s crucial to always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from any harm caused by gel bullets.

If you’re a parent buying an Orbi gun for your child, it’s essential to choose a model with adjustable FPS (speed). This allows you to lower the muzzle velocity to safer levels because kids are more vulnerable to injuries in shooting games.

That’s why the Surge Gen 3 and Nerf Pro Gelfire are the safest Orbeez guns for kids, while the other choices are great for adults.

Remember, dear adventurers, safety, and enjoyment go hand in hand, and equipping ourselves with the necessary precautions ensures that our adventures remain joyful and injury-free.

Size And Weight

Now, this is more of a personal choice, as every player has their own preferences when it comes to the size and weight of the product. A lightweight gel shooting gun is easy to carry and quick to aim, while a heavier one may offer better stability by absorbing more recoil.

Similarly, pistols and compact SMG-style Orbeez gun blasters allow for quick draws and are suitable for close-range combat, although they may sacrifice some accuracy and stability.

On the other hand, bigger gel ball guns, especially those with larger handles and rear stocks, provide a more stable grip for aiming. Keep in mind that pistols are also less powerful, so you may lose a bit of range.

If you’re unsure, I recommend considering one of the highly customizable Orbeez guns like the Nerf Mythic or the UnlocX 4-in-1. They offer a range of options to suit your preferences, allowing you to find the perfect match for your play style.

Types Of Orbeez Guns

If you’re an enthusiastic shooting gamer like me, chances are you’ve developed a fondness for Orby guns. Manufacturers are well aware of this, and they’ve crafted a variety of designs to cater to our interests.

Some realistic Orbeez guns resemble firearms like the MP5, SMG, or AK47, M416, AR15, UZI, MAC 10, P90, sniper rifles, machine guns, and desert eagle pistol, while others, like the Starfire XL, have a futuristic look straight out of a sci-fi movie or game.

Moreover, Orbeez guns can be categorized into different types, such as gel blasters, splatter ball guns (also known as splat guns), and water bead guns. While they may have slight differences, they all share one common trait: they’re incredibly enjoyable and offer plenty of fun.


Of course, nobody wants a blaster that would break after just a few months of use. It’s worth getting an Orbeez shooter made with high-quality materials and internal parts, even if it costs a little more.

That way, you’ll have a reliable companion that lasts for a long time and brings you endless fun. Keep in mind that the true value lies in having a well-made gun that you can count on, even after many exciting adventures.

Ammo Capacity

No discussion about Orbeez gel guns would be complete without talking about ammo capacity. Running out of ammunition in the middle of a game can be frustrating and put you at a disadvantage. The range of ammo capacity of the selected products is 300-1200 rounds- the highest standard.

As I mentioned before, I always prefer drum magazines because they can hold a lot more Orbeez beads compared to regular magazines or hoppers. With such a magazine, you’ll have plenty of gel bullets to keep you in the game, giving you the upper hand to overcome any obstacles that come your way. Get ready to unleash a barrage of gel ball power on your opponents!

Here is a graph for the ammo capacity of the Orbeez guns I have selected:

Ammo capacity of Orbeez guns
Comparison of Ammo Capacity of Orbeez Blasters in Rounds. One Clear Champion!


Last but not least, let’s talk about the price. Orbeez guns come in a range of prices, usually between $30 and $100. It’s important to find a balance between affordability and quality.

You don’t want to compromise on the gun’s performance by going for something too cheap, but you also don’t want to overpay for unnecessary features.

In our search, we found the Starfire XL Orbeez gun to be a bit more expensive, but its impressive performance, cool design, and extra attachments make it well worth the cost. It’s a great investment that promises exciting adventures and loads of fun.

Testing Orbeez gun

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement to use Orbeez guns?

As a thumb rule, children should be at least 9 years of age to safely play with Orbeez blasters, especially without parental supervision. However, it’s wise to refer to the minimum age requirement recommended by the specific manufacturer of your beloved toy.

Where should you play with Orbeez guns: outdoors or indoors?

I highly recommend playing with high-speed (200 FPS or more) Orbeez guns outdoors, ensuring a safe environment. Such guns (SplatRBall SRB1200, UnlocX V2, etc.) cover a long-range, which is more enjoyable outside of your home, e.g., field, backyard, and garden. On the other hand, low-speed guns, like Surge Gen 3 or Anstoy electric blaster, can also be used to play indoors (garage, basement, etc.).

How to use an Orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns work by using a spring-loaded system to shoot small, squishy, water-absorbing gel beads. To use it properly, first, soak the ammo in water for several hours until it expands. Then, load the gel bullets into the hopper or magazine, and when you pull the trigger, the spring pushes them forward, shooting them out of the gun. It’s a fun and engaging way to play, letting you shoot and watch the beads fly through the air.

What ammunition can you use with an Orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns are specifically designed to work with gel balls of 7-8 mm hydrated size, and it is not recommended to use other types of ammunition with them. Attempting to use different ammo may cause damage to the gun or result in ineffective performance. Also, refrain from using frozen water jellies for the same issues.

How far do Orbeez guns shoot?

The shooting distance of Orbeez blasters varies depending on the muzzle velocity of the specific model. Generally, they have a range of around 60 to 150 feet. However, factors such as the motor power, the angle of the gun, and the size of the beads can also affect the shooting distance.

What are the best brands for Orbeez guns?

After assessing market reputation and product quality, I think Gel Blaster is the most reliable brand out there, offering the best quality Orbeez guns on the market. However, other brands like Nerf, UnlocX, SplatRball, and Anstoy are quite reputed too.

Which is the strongest and farthest shooting Orbeez gun?

Surge XL and Starfire XL are the strongest long-range Orbi shooters I have found after thorough testing. Both of them deliver an impressive muzzle velocity of 250 FPS and a range of 150 feet. UnlocX 4-in-1 Orbeez gun is the closest alternative to these two options with 200 FPS of velocity and 100 foot range.

Where can you buy an Orbeez gun?

You may purchase an Orbeez gun at a local toy/hobby store or simply order it online. I prefer the latter option (especially from the manufacturer’s website) since it provides a much wider range of products to choose from with a better discount rate.

Conclusion: Which Orbeez Shooter Gun Will Suit You The Most?

Remember Kieren’s story I told in the introduction of this article? His nephew couldn’t contain his excitement when he unwrapped the Starfire XL. It was a dream come true for him, surpassing all his expectations. Seeing his sheer delight reminded me of the joy that comes with finding the first Orbeez blaster for myself some years ago.

While Starfire XL is the best Orbeez gun to purchase in 2023, you should also check the alternatives I have listed. I hope you’ll discover a perfect toy for yourself or your kids. Rest assured that each of the 10 guns in this article has been meticulously tested by me. Being quite selective, I can confidently say that any of these options would make a fantastic pick.

For your convenience, here I have summarized a comparison table of the top 10 Orbeez guns:

ModelBlast ModesRangeSpeed/ Fire RateRating
Starfire XL Orbeez GunFull auto, triple burst, semi-auto150 feet250 FPS/ 12 RPS4.9/5
UnlocX 4-in-1 Orbeez BlasterRifle, blaster, assault, pistol100 feet200 FPS/ 11 RPS4.8/5
SplatRBall SRB1200 with Drum MagFull auto100+ feet210 FPS/ 11RPS4.8/5
Surge XL Orbeez Gel BlasterFull auto, triple burst, semi-auto150 feet250 FPS/ 10 RPS4.8/5
UnlocX V2 Orbeez PistolFull auto100 feet200 FPS/ 11 RPS4.6/5
Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Orbee GunFull auto and semi-auto85 feet10 RPS4.5/5
SplatRBall SRB400-SUB Orbeez GunFull auto and semi-auto100+ feet200 FPS/ 8 RPS4.5/5
Surge Gen 3 Orbeez BlasterFull and semi auto100 feet170 FPS/ 10 RPS4.4/5
Nerf Pro Gelfire MythicFull auto85 feet10 RPS4.4/5
Anstoy Electric Orbeez GunFull auto70 feet180 FPS/ 5 RPS4.2/5

Remember, a mighty Orbeez gun with high FPS, power, and shooting range is an investment that truly holds its value. Fill your adventure with thrills, laughter, and unforgettable moments that will make you cherish your Orbeez gun for years to come.

May the force be with you!

Continue Learning More About Orbeez Guns:

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